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Whatcom County PUD 1, District 2

Public Utility District No. 1 of Whatcom County, formed in 1937, has countywide authority to supply electric and water services. It also is involved in local environmental, fisheries and utility issues. Its service areas include Cherry Point and around Grandview Road. It is governed by a three-member nonpartisan board of commissioners who serve staggered six-year terms. District 2 covers northeast Whatcom County with boundaries that match those for the Whatcom County Council. Commissioners are paid $1,300 a month, as set by state law based on water sales.One candidate will win election in the Nov. 6 general election.
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Under state law, the Whatcom County Public Utility District has broad potential power to deliver a wide range of utility services within the county. Do you see any need to expand the PUD's role in the next four years, beyond its current role serving Cherry Point industries?

Does the PUD have any potential role to play in providing utilities to Gateway Pacific Terminal, if that project gets regulatory approval?

Is there anything the PUD can do to encourage more industrial development at Cherry Point or elsewhere in Whatcom County?

Several years ago, a PUD attempt to become a provider of fiberoptic cable service ended in failure. Do you think the PUD could revive this idea to provide improved data transmission to underserved areas of the county in the future?

Does the PUD have any potential role to play in encouraging development of more alternative energy sources in the county, such as manure digesters or wind power?

If you are elected -- or re-elected -- what would you like to accomplish during your upcoming term of office?

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