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State Representative - Second Suffolk District

The House of Representatives, the lower house of the bicameral state Legislature, is composed of 160 members elected from 14 counties, each divided into single-member electoral districts. Each member represents about 40,000 residents; their districts are named for the counties they are in. Representatives serve two-year terms with no term limits. In the current session, there are 127 Democrats and 33 Republicans. The current Speaker of the House is Democrat Robert DeLeo of the 19th Suffolk District (Winthrop). The majority leader is Ronald Mariano of the 3rd Norfolk District (Quincy). The Republican minority leader is Bradley Jones Jr. of the 20th Middlesex District (North Reading).
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    Charles F. Klauder (GOP) Systems engineer

  • Eugene L. O'Flaherty (Dem)

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The MBTA is in crisis. This year, we saw both a fare increase and a reduction in service as a result of the agency’s fiscal problems. By common agreement, either the T’s debt obligations will have to be reduced – perhaps by having the state or another agency assume some of them – or its funding will have to increase. Please describe your favored approach to putting this vital transportation agency back on stable footing. If you favor more funding, please specify where it would come from, and what taxes or fees you would support for that purpose.

Massachusetts’s new healthcare cost containment law limits the growth of healthcare spending to the growth in the state’s economy and shifts from fee-for-service care to global payment models. Do you believe these measures will protect healthcare choices while preventing rapid increases in costs?

Many parents are looking for educational options for their children. It’s very hard to get expanded day programs in districts like Boston because the teachers’ union believes its members should be paid for the extra time they work. Charter schools offer longer days and longer school years at the same per-pupil cost, and there are more than 35,000 children on waiting lists statewide. Do you support raising the cap on charter schools? If yes, under what conditions?

The Patrick administration has imposed so-called Project Labor Agreements on three large construction projects that require that anyone working on them must be members of a labor union and firms must abide by union work rules. Non-union shops say those requirements effectively exclude them from bidding. Several studies show that projects done under PLAs or with only a small number of bidders cost more than projects that have more bidders. Unions, however, say the PLAs insure higher-quality work and offer a guarantee against strikes or other labor strife. Do you favor or oppose PLAs? Why?

Do you think further changes to the state employee pension system are necessary?

Cite any votes (if an incumbent) or positions (if a challenger or newcomer) you have taken that disagree with the stance taken by your party’s legislative leadership.

Incumbent No
Age 42
Family Wife Jennifer; children Charles, Eleanor, George, and Theodore
City / Town Chelsea
Education Bachelor of science in geology, Wheaton College, Illinois
Experience School Committee representing District 7 in Chelsea
Why are you running for this office? I believe our state needs to return to its founding principals of limited government. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

That personal freedom in social, spiritual, and economic spheres is our right. I will fight to return freedom to the people wherever possible. To provide a choice to the residents of the Second Suffolk and to encourage everyone to vote as we will determine the future of our state and nation by our actions or lack thereof.

I want the next generation to receive from us at least as much freedom and opportunity as we have received from those who came before us.
Campaign phone (617) 797-0278
The T system is a very good system that costs too much.The first place to look to reform is the labor costs.If the T is to be provided public funding, that funding should be proportional to service. Thus Boston would pay a large part of the public funding, followed by other communities based on their proportional benefit.
No. Government should get out of the health care business and should not be forcing consumers or providers into relationships that they would otherwise not choose.Health care should be a positive sum game with an exchange of services based on value and choice.
The education of our children is of the utmost importance for our communities.I believe that we can have an excellent public system, but that competition is the best way to drive innovation and value.
I oppose PLAs.We should allow all vendors who are able to meet the obligations of a contract to bid in order to provide the best value to the taxpayers who are funding the work.
I have not come across any areas in the Republican leadership that are outside my general stance.My opponent did not support the bipartisan Ethics Reform bill, which I support.
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