U.S. House of Representatives, District 3

New urban district strongly favors Democrat By Joe Hallett THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH In a new congressional district wholly contained in Franklin County, the Democratic nominee, Joyce Beatty, has a significant advantage over her Republican opponent, Chris Long, because the district has about a 65 percent Democratic voting index. Beatty, 62, and Long, 54, are vying to represent the 3rd Congressional District, which was wrought from the process last year of paring 18 congressional districts to 16 for the rest of this decade as a result of Ohio’s population stagnation. The district includes most of Columbus along with the cities of Reynoldsburg, Gahanna, Whitehall and Bexley. Also running are Bob Fitrakis, 56, of Columbus, an attorney and professor at Columbus State University, seeking election as the Green Party candidate. Richard Ehrbar, 30, of Columbus, a student, is running at the Libertarian Party candidate. The 3rd District has a 29 percent African-American voting population, giving it the state’s second-highest percentage of black voters behind the Cleveland area’s 11th District, represented by Rep. Marcia Fudge, who is heavily favored for re-election. If Beatty and Fudge win, it will mark the first time Ohio has had two African-American members of Congress. Beatty won the nomination in March against three other well-known candidates, helped by an endorsement from Columbus’ popular mayor, Michael B. Coleman, who raised money and did TV and radio ads for her. Beatty is former minority leader of the Ohio House and vice president of outreach and engagement for Ohio State University. She is a strong supporter of President Barack Obama’s policies, including the 2010 health-care law he championed, and she has become close to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California. Long, a Reynoldsburg City Council member since 2010, defeated Upper Arlington businessman John Adams in the Republican primary election, 58 percent to 42 percent. Long’s experience includes serving as assistant vice president of finance for iQor, a global technology and services company, and on the Reynoldsburg Board of Zoning and Building Appeals. Long is on record as opposing the federal health-care law and defense spending cuts and has said he is “deeply troubled” by the direction the country is headed.
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    Joyce Beatty (D) Small Business Owner

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    Richard Ehrbar (L) Student at Ohio State University

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    Bob Fitrakis (G) Political Science Professor

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    Chris Long (R) Councilman At Large - City of Reynoldsburg

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What are the three best things the federal government can do to improve the economy and promote the creation of good jobs?

Do you support President Obama’s health-care law, or should it be repealed? If you favor repeal, do you have a plan to cover the many people who would then lack health insurance?

How would you reduce or eliminate the federal deficit? Are you willing to end the Bush tax cuts, or significantly reduce spending on entitlements such as Social Security or Medicare?

Do you support the Obama administration’s plans for defense cuts? If not, how would you pay for averting them?

Are you willing to use military force to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon?

Why are you the best candidate for the office you are seeking?

What else would you like to say to voters?

Age 64
Education B.A. Central State University M.S. Wright State University, University of Cincinnati (doctoral program)
Experience Administrator, Montgomery County, Human Services Levy; Professor, Sinclair Community College; Joyce Beatty and Associates, Owner; Pieces for Wear, Owner, Small Retail Boutique; Democratic Ohio House Leader, Ohio House of Representatives; Senior Vice President of Outreach and Engagement, The Ohio State University
Family Attorney Otto Beatty, Jr., former legislator and businessman
Religion Baptist
We need to stop the partisan bickering, cooperate, and begin to move America forward with long term solutions not short term fixes. Congress needs to continue investments and tax credits to small business and large employers for infrastructure improvements and hiring. Investments in small businesses will spur hiring and grow our economy faster. Large corporations need to hire not only from the existing job pool but from our unemployed workforce. Incentives included in the federal Jobs Act allow both small and large businesses to hire and invest in growth; thus, putting more money into the economy and getting the American people back to work. Our employers need to keep jobs here at home and not ship jobs overseas. With today’s advanced manufacturing technology, our facilities can be built to compete and out perform their foreign competition due to shipping costs (fuel), tariffs, and import taxes. It’s time to set aside partisan party ideologies and develop a long term solution.
The President’s healthcare law decreases the number of uninsured Americans, will reduce the overall cost of health care, and save lives. It provides incentives for coverage including subsidies and tax credits to employers and individuals and allows young adults to continue coverage until age 26. Additionally, the healthcare reform improves in healthcare outcomes, covers individuals with preexisting conditions, and will streamline care delivery. In Ohio, the healthcare law expands coverage to underinsured and uninsured, lifts lifetime caps to 4.2 million Ohioans, 3.1 million Ohioans already have access to preventive care, and 643,000 children can no longer be denied access to care due to a preexisting condition. Healthcare will become more affordable for Older Ohioans by eliminating co-pays, investing in preventive care, and increasing prescription drug coverage. Yes. I support the President’s healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act.
I believe that reducing the deficit is a combination of reducing the amount of government spending and closely monitoring the amount of money it collects. Congress needs to examine and reduce the amount of discretionary spending in the federal budget. In order to help pay down the deficit, I support ending the Bush era tax cuts on the top income brackets. The federal government needs to protect Social Security and Medicare for our seniors and disabled who bought into our current system. The government spends nearly 74% of its revenue on defense, Social Security, and Medicare; 8% devoted to interest payments, and 18% on programs ranging from scientific and medical research, education, environmental protection, and infrastructure projects such and roads and bridges. I will work with Democrats and Republicans to balance the budget, reduce the deficit, and implement policies that will promote job growth.
I think the nation has a profound responsibility to all military people who put their life on the line for America. We owe them full support and equipment to get the job done and to care for them and their families when they come home. Three years ago, we had almost 180,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, we have cut that number in half, and as the transition in Afghanistan continues I support our troops continuing to come home. I grew up during Vietnam—when our military was left ill prepared for the future, so I would support asking our military leaders to develop a comprehensive defense review to guide our priorities, spending and cuts over the coming decade and ask as we end today’s wars, if our military can be leaner, while leaving the U.S. in a position to maintain our military superiority, national security, and readiness.
This is one of those vexing foreign policy challenges. I believe in democracy, freedom and supporting Israel and other strategic allies. With the differences of opinion in the international intelligence community on the diplomatic solutions, timing and economic sanctions I support war being our last option. However, I would take no option off the table to ensure that Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon, including supporting that the United States would be compelled to use military force if Iran’s use is for mass destruction.
I believe I am the best qualified candidate for this office because I have a proven track record in leadership, building coalitions, understanding of public policy, and political experience. I spent almost a decade in the Ohio House and was elected by a diverse body of Ohioans as the first Democratic female to serve as House Leader. As Democratic Leader, I made tough decisions and provided leadership to deliver a 56 billion dollar balanced budget. I worked across the aisle to pass major healthcare legislation to fund lifesaving cancer screenings for women, brought the deciding votes to establish STEM education in Ohio, secured first time capital funds for the MLK Performing Arts Complex. I have served as an advocate for small businesses, women, and middle class families. My experience as a businesswomen and former senior VP at The Ohio State University prepared me for the tough domestic and international issues ahead.
I want to be a New Voice in Washington and represent the 3rd Congressional District. I value and respect your support and will not forget the people of the 3rd District. I have a track record of getting things done and working with diverse groups. I have been endorsed by a wide representation of individuals, organizations, religious leaders, labor unions, LGBT organizations, business associations, and healthcare groups. I am invested in this race and over the last few months I visited Washington, met with Leadership, members of the Ohio Delegation, and reviewed the upcoming issues. Roll Call wrote “Beatty has the temperament to reach across the aisle” and Emily's List stated “Joyce is ready to get to work on what matters for Ohio families.” The nation is tired of the partisan bickering. We have a lot of work to accomplish and I want to make you proud that Joyce Beatty will serve your Congresswoman. I am Joyce Beatty and I am asking for your vote.
Age 32
Education Bowling Green State University 2006-2009 (Telecommunications) The Ohio State University 2010 - 2011 (Strategic Communication)
Experience Precinct Leader for Ron Paul 2008 Campaign (Bowling Green, Ohio) President of WFAL Falcon Radio (2008-2009) Individual Rights Advocate (2008 - present)
Family Mother: Carolyn Ehrbar Father: Richard Ehrbar Jr Sister: Christine Ehrbar
Religion None
Respecting private property rights is the primary objective:

1. Promote a level playing field for all entrepreneurs by eliminating bailouts for banks, corporations, and those who are committed to special interests. Bailouts reward failure and collusion with government, while penalizing the productive and honest.

2. Protect an individual's right to keep all of their earnings and increase potential rates of savings and investment by ending the Federal Income Tax for all individuals, no matter their income level.

3. Consistently reduce and eventually eliminate burdensome regulatory constraints as well as capital gains and income taxes on corporations and businesses.
I advocate for a free market in healthcare - no individual mandates. A mandate to purchase government approved health insurance destroys the right of the individual to determine what is in their best self interest.

I would also advocate for:

Allowing the purchase of healthcare across state lines,

Providing tax credits for all medical expenses,

Allowing Health Savings Accounts and ending regulations that seek to harm an individual's ability to possess one,

Ending the increased momentum by the FDA and the FTC to regulate and potentially ban already-proven and beneficial dietary supplements,

End medical licensing requirements and allow for voluntary accreditation agencies if healthcare providers find value in such accreditations.

The combined efforts would serve as a starting point in efforts to decrease costs while increasing supplies; thereby making healthcare more affordable and accessible to all Americans on a voluntary basis.
To eliminate the debt, I would start with - as I mentioned earlier - the rejection of any idea that advocated for bailing out banks, corporations, and/or special interests. Bailing out failures is immoral and destroys their honest and solvent competitors.

I would support any future legislation/efforts that would call for full audits of the Federal Reserve System's domestic and foreign monetary dealings. This would promote transparency and increased certainty in the market.

I would immediately end all foreign aid and use the savings to reduce our debts.

I would help us save tens of billions of dollars per year and greatly reduce our nation's prison population by ending the Federal War on Drugs. More importantly, this would promote a moral approach to decreasing drug dependency and crime; one based in voluntary treatment for the sick, not violent force and imprisonment.

I would end the current wars abroad, saving us hundreds of billions of dollars.
No. I don't support decreasing defense spending. I believe in a strong national defense that protects individuals here at home from external threats. However, I support decreasing spending on militarism abroad. Current war spending to be precise.

We must make a commitment to bringing our troops home from all of our current combat engagements and to reassessing our plan to combat those who plan us harm. The War on Terror has cost the taxpayers trillions, while providing results that aren't commensurate to the level of commitment in lives and treasure. I believe it is time to bring our troops home, cut war spending and use a portion of the savings to pay down the national debt as well as to increase the quality of healthcare and life for our returning veterans.
America and Iran have a difficult historical relationship. However, I reject historical determinism and believe that Iran could be a free and peaceful nation. I believe they are a nation capable of producing vast individual wealth and morally protecting the rights of its individuals. However, for this to occur, I call on the young of their nation to reject Theocracy and collectivism. To embrace individual rights and to respect women and children. In doing so, nations wouldn't be threatened by heinous rhetoric from its leaders and they also wouldn't be weary of engaging in commerce and voluntary relations.

However, if intelligence objectively identifies an imminent attack from Iran, I will strongly take into effect the parameters of a Constitutional declaration of war.

Force may oust a regime, but a philosophical revolution based in the proper defense of individual rights is what Iran and the world needs to reverse the tide of tyranny that all are witnessing from government.
Politicians on the "left" or "liberals" many times reject force on social issues, but then in the same breath advocate for taxing individual earnings and redistributing those earnings to bureaucrats in Washington who eventually dole out a microscopic pittance to the poor. Then they call it charity. It's actually theft from force.

You also have many politicians with a "conservative" moral paradigm which says that it's okay to be free economically - even though they don't reflect it in their legislation - but if you disagree on social issues then they will advocate against your right to live free from unjust force.

I am the best candidate in this Congressional race because I am the only one who has a moral paradigm that is rooted in a fully integrated respect of mind and body for the individual. I am the only candidate who 100% advocates ending the initiation of unjust force from all human relationships.

I am the only 3rd District candidate who fully defends individual rights.
Do you want to balance the budget and restore the economy?

Do you want to bring our young women and men home from war and back into the arms of their loved ones?

Do you want someone who will fight to end the Patriot Act and restore our Constitutional rights?

Do you believe that all individuals are the owners of their own mind and body and therefore the government has no role in defining whether their intimate relationships are legitimate or not?

Do you believe you have the right to keep all that you earn from jobs and investments?

Do you want to live free from the unjust initiation of force by our own government?

So do I.

Vote Libertarian in 2012. Vote Richard Ehrbar for Congress in Ohio's 3rd District.
Age 58
Education B.A. Political Science and History, Grand Valley State Colleges M.A. Political Science, Wayne State University Ph.D. Political Science, Wayne State University J.D. Ohio State University
Experience Near East Area Commission, 2003 - present Co-Chair, Ohio Green Party, 2010 - present Taught American government, international relations, comparative politics, and political theory - 30 years Authored/co-authored 13 political books Publish/edit the Columbus Free Press and freepress.org Testified before Congress 2004 and 2005 on election irregularities
Family Married, 13 years to Suzanne Patzer.
Religion Christian
1) Cut the military budget in half. I would forgive student loans and use the money saved from cutting the military budget to provide free tuition for public universities in the U.S. 2) Legalize marijuana and tax it. We need to end the drug war, particularly to stop the prohibition of marijuana and the industrial use of hemp. Hemp can be used as a sustainable. natural fiber for food, fuel and clothing that could lead to an entrepreneurial renaissance in the Buckeye State. 3) Invest in a Green New Deal, putting people to work retrofitting houses and working in the area of renewable energies such as solar and wind energy, and building high speed rail throughout the country.
I would repeal it, and enact single-payer health insurance keeping the hospitals, doctors and health care providers private, cutting out the bureaucracy and the insurance companies. This would be universal health care for everyone. Instead of paying 22 cents on the dollar to administer a bloated health care system and allowing insurance companies to rake off record profits, we would pay 5% administrative costs, saving hundreds of billions of dollars a year.
I would repeal the Bush tax cuts that favor the 1%. I would not reduce spending on Social Security or Medicare. I would cut the military budget in half removing troops from Germany, South Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, and the 160 or so other countries the U.S. has no business occupying. I would legalize and tax marijuana. I would impose a 1/10th of one cent tax on all stock transactions and currency speculation.
I would make much deeper defense cuts. The U.S. has 4% of the world's population and spends more than half of the money on the planet on defense. We have a choice to make between being a republic or an empire. We need to dismantle the military industrial complex and curb the war profiteers. I would repeal President Obama's unconstitutional policy of assassinating U.S. citizens without due process. I would repeal President Obama's National Defense Authorization Act ruling that allows Americans to be held indefinitely in detention without due process.
No, I would not use military force against Iran. I believe we should be using diplomacy to rid the entire Middle East of nuclear weapons including Israel and Pakistan. Iran is not the problem. An aggressive, out of control U.S. military based on neo-conservative ideology is creating havoc in the world. I would specifically fight to repeal the policies of the U.S. government stated in the document "Joint Vision for 2020" -- the stated U.S. policy of "full spectrum dominance" needs to be repudiated. I support Bishop Desmond Tutu's recent suggestion that George W. Bush should be prosecuted for human rights violations for his illegal attack on Iraq. He waged an illegal and aggressive war in violation of the principles of Nuremberg and the UN Charter.
I am the best candidate because I am honest, frank, forthright and willing to be direct on the great moral issues of the day. I would put people before profit and would not coddle the 1%. I would work to restore democracy in our country and faith in the ability of people to govern themselves. I would work to overturn Citizens United because I don't believe money equals free speech. I also support Move to Amend, the constitutional amendment to overturn the ludicrous political ruling that declared corporations are people.

I would work for a sustainable economy and fight against the toxic and polluting fossil fuel industry. I oppose all fracking and close all nuclear plants in the U.S. I would put Americans to work building back up our crumbling infrastructure in sustainable ways instead of investing in imperial wars of folly all over the globe. The U.S. would invest in American manufacturing for a high tech society.

My farm policies would subsidize organically grown local food.
We need to dismantle the prison industrial complex. With 4% of the world's population we're locking up nearly a quarter of the people on planet Earth. We're becoming a police state that spies on its own citizens without warrants and is supplying local police forces with surveillance drones. I would repeal the repressive Patriot Act.

We need to re-enact the Glass-Steagall Act and stop the world's largest casino known as Wall Street. I believe we should audit the Federal Reserve and create a monetary system that isn't controlled by private banksters.

I would automatically register all U.S. citizens at age 18 to vote and would outlaw any voting machines that are non-transparent and support the return to hand-counted paper ballots at the precinct level. This is needed because it is the only acceptable way to verify votes and will prevent election fraud and stealing of elections. I would outlaw vote counting by foreign-owned companies like Spain's SCTYL or Dominion.
Age 56
Education Reynoldsburg High School - Class of '76, Eastland JVC - Class of '76, University of Chicago, (Air Force Extension Program): Business Degree Oriented Studies,
Experience City of Reynoldsburg, Councilman At Large, January 2010 to Present, Finance Committee – Chairman, Safety Committee – Vice Chairman, IQor, Assistant Vice President - Finance, 2006 to 2009, LICENSES CURRENTLY HELD, State of Ohio Life, Health, and Variable Products, State of Ohio Property and Casualty Products, MILITARY United States Air Force (1976 to 1980)
Religion Catholic - Christian
We need to be proactive in removing the cloud of uncertainty Washington has placed over the heads of our small business owners. 1. Review and consolidate all burdensome regulatory agencies that are harmful to business growth and/or slow the progress of business growth. New business regulations brought on by the Obama Administration have added an estimated $40 billion in additional costs to our businesses, and add significantly to the time required to expand current facilities or bring new facilities “on-line”. 2. A reduction in the Corporate Income tax rate to at least 28% allowing our small businesses to compete at a global level. An immediate implementation of expanded tax credits for the purchase of new equipment and/or capital improvements. 3. Implement a responsible American energy policy that will promote development and acquisition of proven, viable energy sources and create jobs.
I believe the ACA should be repealed. (10th Amendment, US Constitution) There are very real issues (pre-existing conditions and uninsured college grads) that should be directly addressed. While the number of uninsured in the United States is an estimated arbitrary number, an estimated 9.1 million individuals can afford their own private insurance but choose not to purchase it. I would propose a tax credit incentive to individuals who purchase their own healthcare insurance. There are also an estimated 12 million individuals who qualify for healthcare benefits but are unaware of their benefits or don’t have ready access to a healthcare facility. I would encourage individual State Agencies to develop Education Programs assuring individuals are fully aware of the benefits they qualify for. I would propose a tax credit for Healthcare Providers who develop and implement Community Outreach Clinics giving those individuals who qualify for benefits easy access to the healthcare they need.
I would support making the “Bush Era Tax Cuts” to individuals permanent. The last thing our citizens need during this sluggish economy and time of high unemployment is tax increases. The most effective way to spur economic recovery is to increase the incentives that drive growth of private business and industry. President’s Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton and Bush 43 ALL reduced taxes resulting in increased revenue to the National Treasury. I would support a “Balanced Budget Amendment” to the US Constitution. I would support a specific line item in the budget directly paying down our National Debt. I would support the dismantling of many of the Federal Bureaucracies that have been put into place. Most highway, education, and economic development programs should be left in the care of the states and local governments, which have the flexibility to tailor local programs to local needs. We MUST honor the commitments made to our seniors. Reworking programs to make them financially solvent.
I do not support the proposed cuts to our Defense spending. We need to remain prepared and ready to respond to present and future threats. And to aid our allies Israel, Japan and others in time of need. There are very real and clear dangers facing our military personnel abroad. Any proposed cuts at this time would put our brave men and women currently serving in harm’s way. As a US Air Force Veteran I fully understand the importance of adequate training, modern equipment and proper manning levels. Many of our weapon systems deployed are out of date and are costly to support. On average, major U.S. military platforms are now more than 25 years old and are wearing out much more quickly than planned. Billions could be saved by continuing and expanding select efficiency initiatives undertaken by former administrations. To include expanding the use of public–private partnerships for performance-based logistics, modernizing base operations and the maintenance and supply systems.
Only as a last resort. Military force must be used judiciously and with clearly defined, obtainable objectives understood by Congress and the American People.

The partisan political bickering on critical issues in Washington MUST STOP!! My business experience in dealing with conflict resolution and working on common goals will enable me to come to the table and effectively work toward solutions to the many issues present in today's society, both at home and abroad. Only when we decide to put our differences aside and come together as Americans will we be able to thwart the present dangers in the world today. It is time to return to doing the work of and for the people of America.
My #1 goal is to get the Federal Government out of your life. I bring to the job over 20 years of Private Sector Business experience. I've created budgets, hired employees and have always worked very hard at reducing expenses and improving efficiencies. I am an elected official for the City of Reynoldsburg and the Chairman of the Finance Committee. I believe in the sanctity of and will defend The Constitution of the United States of America. I live my life on the Principles of God, Country and Family. I am Pro-Life. I am Pro Small Business – The economic backbone of this Country. I am deeply troubled as many Americans are about the direction our country is headed. I will work tirelessly to deal with the many issues facing ALL Americans. Together we can face the burdensome issues facing the American people today. The changes we need in Washington start here at home in the 3rd Congressional District. And with your help I know we can restore America to its original greatness.
My wife Sandy and I have made the conscious decision to continue to make Reynoldsburg our home. My commitment to our community runs deep. I give you my word that the same level of commitment will be shown to ALL of the communities within the 3rd Congressional District. Most Constituent Offices are reactive to citizen issues. I’m proposing the creation of the Congressional Community Council. This Council will be proactive in helping ALL communities within the 3rd Congressional District. Each community within the District will have a seat on the Council. Included will be Bexley, Blendon Twp, Canal Winchester, Clinton Twp, Columbus, Franklin Twp, Gahanna, Grandview, Grove City, Groveport, Hamilton Twp, Jackson Twp, Jefferson Twp, Madison Twp, Mifflin Twp, Minerva Park, New Albany, Norwich, Obetz, Plain Twp, Prairie Twp, Reynoldsburg, Sharon Twp, Truro Twp, Urbancrest, Valleyview, Westerville, Whitehall and Worthington. I humbly ask you for your support. And God Bless!! - Chris Long
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