U.S. House of Representatives, District 15

Athens attorney hopes to oust Stivers By Randy Ludlow THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH Freshman U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers, R-Upper Arlington, is seeking a return to the House against Athens Law Director Pat Lang, a Democrat, in the radically configured 15th Congressional District. The Republican-leaning district encircles much of suburban Franklin County and then stretches south and southeast to take in Athens County and other parts of Appalachia. Stivers, a one-time consultant and small-business owner, served in the Ohio Senate for six years prior to his election to Congress. Stivers is an Ohio Army National Guard colonel who received a Bronze Star for his service during a deployment to Iraq. He serves on the Financial Services Committee, which oversees banking, insurance and other industries. Lang’s elective service began at a young age as he won election to Athens City Council while an Ohio University student. He returned to Athens County to serve as an assistant prosecutor after receiving his law degree from the University of Cincinnati. Related story: Polite debate offers no surprises (Oct. 25)
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    Pat Lang (D) Law Director, City of Athens

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    Steve Stivers (R) Colonel in the Ohio Army National Guard with 27 years of service; Congressman for Ohio’s 15th Congressional District

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What are the three best things the federal government can do to improve the economy and promote the creation of good jobs?

Do you support President Obama’s health-care law, or should it be repealed? If you favor repeal, do you have a plan to cover the many people who would then lack health insurance?

How would you reduce or eliminate the federal deficit? Are you willing to end the Bush tax cuts, or significantly reduce spending on entitlements such as Social Security or Medicare?

Do you support the Obama administration’s plans for defense cuts? If not, how would you pay for averting them?

Are you willing to use military force to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon?

Why are you the best candidate for the office you are seeking?

What else would you like to say to voters?

Age 36
Education Alexander High School, Albany, Ohio B.A., Ohio University, political science J.D., University of Cincinnati
Experience City Law Director, 2008-present, Assistant County Prosecutor, 2004-2008, Athens City Council 1998-1999
Family Wife, Jenny
Religion Catholic
More than one year has passed since Congress failed to take any action on the jobs bill. Partisan gridlock has completely paralyzed Washington. I would vote to support the jobs bill, and to protect our critical investments in infrastructure, innovation and education. I would fight against cuts in education and student financial aid programs which help ensure that our young people can acquire the skills necessary to compete for the jobs of the future. Finally, we must continue to address the high cost of health care in this country, which continues to hold back small business.
The health care law is not perfect, but it does many good things including ending the practice of discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, closing the donut hole for seniors and allowing children to remain on their parents' policies until age 26. We should be working together on ways to improve the health care law instead of threatening to turn the clock back.
I do not support the extension of Bush-era tax cuts on millionaires and billionaires. We can't afford them.
The war in Iraq has ended, and we are continuing to bring the war in Afghanistan toward a close. As we do so, we must make sure that our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines get everything they were promised, both during their service and after. I support further savings in expensive, unnecessary weapons systems which the military doesn't even want, but we must make sure that our troops and their families get the support they deserve.
I will support the President, whoever that may be, in efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. The potential threats of a nuclear Iran are far too catastrophic to ignore, or to allow.
The middle class is getting left behind and Congress isn't lifting a finger to fix things. They have taken no action on a jobs bill that would benefit people who are desperately looking for work. Big banks and Wall Street got their bailout, and the middle class ended up holding the bag. I will fight to reduce wasteful spending, but to do so in a way that protects our critical investments in infrastructure, innovation and education. I will not support extending the Bush tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. I will fight efforts to privatize Medicare and Social Security.
Congress is broken, and our current Congressman is part of the problem. Now is not the time to be supporting incumbents. To change Washington, we must change the people we're sending there. I will work in a truly bipartisan fashion to fix the the problems facing our country.
Age 49
Education Earned both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters in Business Administration from The Ohio State University
Experience State Senator, January 2003 through December 2008
Family Wife, Karen and children, Sarah and Sam
Religion Methodist
Getting Ohioans back to work must be our number one priority. I don’t believe that it is the role of government to create jobs, but rather government can create an environment that is favorable for businesses to create jobs.

To that end, I support legislation to create jobs by providing certainty on: 1) taxes, 2) regulation, 3) health care and energy costs.

I have also introduced legislation which would expand U.S. offshore energy production and use the profits from lease sales to create thousands of American jobs repairing our roads and bridges. This legislation will create jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and lower the price of gas at the pump. Additionally, I sponsored legislation to help veterans get jobs.
I support a repeal of the health care law. Without question, America has the best medical care in the world. Unfortunately, affordability is often an impediment to receiving high-quality care. I believe all Americans deserve access to quality health care at an affordable cost, but the bill passed last Congress was not a responsible plan. I voted to repeal “Obamacare” because it kills jobs and hurts businesses, further increases the out-of-control national debt, and expands federal bureaucracies and programs. Moving forward, I am committed to continuing my efforts to eliminate the portions of the bill that stifle job creation and hurt small businesses. In replacing this bill I would expand consumer choice, support FDA and tort reform, and allow more free market forces into the health care system. The American people deserve better than the plan passed last year and I’ll continue to work to find solutions that fit the needs of the families I represent.
We need to do everything we can to cut spending first, before we talk about increasing taxes. Over the years Washington spent money it did not have and borrowed money it could not pay back and because of that our national debt currently stands at more than $16 trillion. The current debt crisis our nation faces is a direct result of out-of-control spending. In fact, the best way to raise revenues is get people back to work. We have to be thoughtful in the way we reform Medicare. Unfortunately, Medicare will be bankrupt in just 12 years if we take no action. Congress must act to save it, because promises made must be promises kept. We must preserve Medicare with real options and competition to ensure the program is still in place for future generations. We should also remove waste, fraud and abuse from the Medicare system. The chief actuary for Medicare has said that as much as $150 billion in the program is wasted yearly. Allowing fraud and abuse to continue is unacceptable.
I support cutting defense spending, but not the way the Obama Administration is talking about doing it. I would rearrange force structure, get rid of bases in Europe, focus our funding on where the threats lie today, and harness the technology of tomorrow to enable our military to do more with less.
I don't think we should take any options off the table on this issue. A nuclear Iran would hurt American national interests. I would look at every diplomatic, military and economic asset we have available to ensure Iran does not successfully develop a nuclear weapon.
As a new member of Congress I have been focused on creating jobs, reducing out-of-control spending and lowering the deficit and I believe these are the priorities of Ohio’s 15th Congressional District.

I have worked in both the private sector, as well as in state and federal government. Through my years of public service, I know how to work with people on both sides of the aisle to get things done.

My 27 years of military experience have given me a first-hand understanding of the issues facing our troops; from ongoing conflicts overseas to how to best address pending military budget cuts. I believe I have the background and experience necessary to tackle the tough issues facing our nation today, and I’ll work hard to make you proud.
As a new Member of Congress, I am focused on the issues that most matter to voters like jobs and reducing wasteful government spending.

Jobs: I have sponsored three jobs bills and voted for more than 30 jobs bills to help get Americans back to work.

Reducing Spending: From small steps, like voluntarily returning $700 from my own pocket each month to go toward paying down the national debt, to large steps like joining my colleagues in passing a budget that cut $6.2 trillion in spending, I will continue the fight to end the runaway borrowing and spending of the past.
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