Ohio State Board of Education, District 6

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    Michael L. Collins (N) Founder and President, Promotions One, Inc., Event and Organizational Marketing and Promotions Firm

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    Kristen E. McKinley (N) Attorney, Auctioneer, and Current District 6 State Board of Education Representative

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    John P. Stacy (N) Executive Director of The Autism Society of Ohio & The St. John Learning Center

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Why are you running for the state Board of Education, and what makes you the best-qualified candidate?

Are you confident of the integrity of the attendance data reported by Ohio's school districts? If not, what reforms are needed to make sure the data are correct and reliable?

What should Ohio be looking for in its next state school superintendent?

What else would you like to say to voters?

Age 64
Education B.S. Degree, Education, Miami University (Ohio); M.A. Education, Ball State University
Experience Education: 11 years of service; Local School District, State Department of Education, National Education Organization (located @ Ohio State); serving in Director or Administrative capacities in all settings. Business Owner: Founded or Directed some of Columbus' largest events; Columbus Marathon, Race for the Cure, Red, White & BOOM!, First Night, etc...as well as numerous marketing clients.
Family Wife:Julie,Director,Grady Hospital;Daughters:Megan, Director,Ronald McDonald House,Kylie,Student;Son:Ryan,Teacher&Coach
Religion Presbyterian
I'd like to continue my public education service, including: 11 years in the field, 7 years on the Westerville Board of Education (2 as President), 4 years on the State Board (Comm.Chair 2 years, Exec.Comm. 4 years), as I participate in building Ohio's educational future. This service coupled with my 30 years of business ownership provide me with unique experiences that will assist with my Board leadership. Additionally, my extensive contacts in the educational, governmental, organizational, and business communities at local, state and national levels allows my to bring a variety of resources to this position unequaled by any other candidate seeking this office. I want to continue to be a voice for students (first), educational and organizational stakeholders and the general public and ensure the separation of real educational reform from the political bantering that clogs most of our media outlets and legislative hallways. I'm looking forward to serving the voters for the next 4 years
I believe some attendance data in some locations is seriously questionable and I look forward to working with the State Auditor (SA) and Ohio Department of Education (ODE) in identifying the problem areas, and insuring the retribution of those inappropriately involved. I will support the implementation of the SA's recommendations, ODE's and school district's compliance w/ such, and the strengthening/revamping of ODE policies and procedures that apply to this responsibility. Furthermore, the State Board (SBOE) and the Education Standards Board need to work w/ the legislature to develop and adopt state policy and legislation that clearly sets forth the responsibilities of those w/ attendance gathering and reporting of persons and positions at both the state and local level. I look forward to offering my services to this effort.
As the SBOE fulfills its constitutional responsibilities of hiring our next State Superintendent, some of the qualities and characteristics will include: Integrity, Intelligence, Experience, Charisma, Confidence, Facilitation Capacities, Listening Skills, Personal and Professional Strength just to mention several. As a current member of the SBOE Executive Committee and the Board's screening committee, I'll also be looking for a very strong professional who exhibits knowledge, political skills, speaking and communication experience, real leadership skills and educational experience. As I apply these to my participation in the search and selection process I am well aware of the of leadership skills needed in the educational, governmental, business, parental and public arenas and there are a small # of persons that possess these characteristics and qualities. I welcome this challenge and look forward to representing the children and voters of the 6th District fairly and appropriately.
I want to thank all who gave me the opportunity to participate for the past 4 years as their representative in the "old" 9th district of the SBOE. It has been a pleasure and I hope I've served you we'll. I need your vote on November 6th and your support and communications going forward so I can continue to be a conscientious and effective representative. I'd welcome an opportunity to bring my experiences forward and finish this outstanding experience for 4 more years. As I'm hopeful for your vote, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your vote...may God bless the children of Ohio, all of you and guide us all in moving the educational agenda of the future.
Age 44
Education BA Economics Indiana University of Pennsylvania JD Ohio Northern University
Experience Currently representing District 6. Capacity, Advocacy and Outreach, Budget, and Appointments Committees. National Association of Boards of Education Board of Directors and Government Affairs Committee. Currently represent employees who work in the public schools so I am familiar with the challenges faced by schools, students and parents.
Family Husband, Michael, four step-children and four cats with a possible fifth that was recently rescued by my husband
Religion Broad Street Presbyterian church, member and Deacon
I am running for re-election to this seat because we are at a critical time in education policymaking & I want to continue the work that I have participated in on behalf of District 6 for the past 4 years. I want to be part of improving the education system in Ohio so that our students can compete in a global economy. Education is the key to success for our youth whether they are college or workplace bound upon graduation. I was the first one in my family to go to college and I have been able to achieve my goals because of my education & family support I am the best-qualified candidate because I have demonstrated my concern for education and the schools, teachers, parents and students that are part of the system by being non-partisan and fair, focusing on the issues and policies at hand and advocating for what is in the best interests of the children/students in the State of Ohio. If re-elected I will continue to advocate for what is in the best interests of the students that we serve
Given the ongoing investigation, I am not confident of the integrity of the attendance data that is reported by Ohio's school districts. I do not believe that a majority of school districts are misreporting their data but the fact that any school district would "game the system" when reporting their attendance is disturbing. Because of this incident, tighter controls will need to be put in place to insure that data reported is both correct and reliable. This may mean more oversight by the Ohio Department of Education regarding this data. However, with budgetary and staffing cuts, I am uncertain how this could be accomplished. The Department is already doing more and more work with less and less staff. Once the result of the audit by the State Auditor's office is completed, the Board and the Department should have a better understanding of how this happened and we can begin to consider ways of preventing it from happening again.
Ohio needs an educator that is respected by both the education and business communities. Someone who is regarded as an expert in education and can translate that experience into advocating for and implementing policy as it relates to education in Ohio. He/She needs to be an independent thinker who understands Ohio's educational priorities and is willing to articulate his/her education expertise when discussing education policy and will not simply carry out directives without meaningful input and discussion. An educator that can relate to all parties involved in education: administrators, teachers, students, staff, parents and employers.
I have been consistently committed to bringing a thoughtful legal perspective to all discussions that I have participated in as a Board member for the last four years. I respectfully request to be elected to represent the citizens in District 6 for another four years. I value everyone's opinions and perspectives and am always willing to speak with anyone who contacts me. For more information go to kristenmckinley.nationbuilder.com. Thank you for your consideration.
Age 47
Education Master's of Science, Marketing & Communications - Franklin Univesity; Bachelor of Business Administration - Mt Vernon Nazarene College; Marion-Franklin High School, Columbus Public Schools
Experience Over twenty years’ experience in a variety of educational settings: as the Executive Director of two nonprofits focusing on marginalized populations (high school dropouts and special need students), adjunct faculty member, governing board of two inner-city public charter schools, crafted education policy as a legislative aide for the Ohio House Education Committee and staff at Ohio School for Deaf
Family I am a lifelong resident of Central Ohio. Jennifer and I have been married for 17 years and live in Northland area.
Religion Christian - Member of Vineyard Columbus Community Church
I understand how our education system works because I have over 20 years’ experience in a variety of educational arenas. I know how to make a difference for our students and taxpayers. I am the Executive Director of two nonprofits focusing on marginalized populations. The Autism Society of Ohio helps families with special need children access the educational support services they need and the St John Learning Center helps high school drop-outs earn their GED certificate. For 3 years I have been an adjunct instructor at the University of Phoenix teaching college writing courses. I have served for 5 years on the School Board for 2 urban public charter schools. I worked for over 15 years as a Legislative Aide in the Ohio House of Representatives, including 2 years as the Senior Aide for the House Education Committee where I attended the State Board of Education meetings as designee for the chairman. Lastly, I worked for three years as a recreational aide at the Ohio School for the Deaf.
Absolutely not. We have a system where school districts are able to game the system to look better on the state report card and fool taxpayers into thinking that they are improving when they are obviously not. As graduate of Columbus Public I am personally offended by the shenanigans these school administrators have done. Those administrators have failed in their stewardship of these schools and must be removed from these positions of public trust.

The state Board of Education must clearly define when edits to student enrollment data may be permitted. They must only be allowed when the student obviously left the school and not to manipulate attendance scores. While the Ohio Department of Education should still collect data we need a third party like the state auditor to review it to ensure that integrity is maintained. As a member of the Board of Education I would insisting that such a change in statute be included in our recommendations to the Governor and the State Legislature.
First and foremost we need a state school superintendent who can inspire confidence that the Ohio Department of Education is run ethically and well managed with the funds allocated by the legislature and governor. I would prefer someone outside the educational arena who has demonstrated a track record of success dealing with entrenched bureaucracy with innovation and energy.

One of the main issues I have with our schools is that they are run by professional educators and not those with varied management experience. Teaching is a hard job and I have a lot of respect for those that dedicate themselves to that task. Administration and management require a different skill set and we need to infuse our schools with leaders and managers who can work with the resources they have to create something that we can be proud of. Our schools are not designed to promote students success but to perpetuate a bureaucracy. I want a superintendent committed to reform and innovation of our system.
Times are tough, and it’s time for some common sense leadership on the State Board of Education. On Nov 6th, you can help by electing John Stacy as your voice to:

* Trust parents to make the right educational choices for their child whether it’s a district or charter public school, voucher program, private school or homeschooling option.

* Make sure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and have the money follow the student.

* Focus on making sure every child has a pathway for success based on their needs, skills and gifts.

* Only allow school levy votes to be held during a fall general election. Only one bite at the apple each year – no more wearing down the taxpayer.

* Tougher standards for those who teach our children. Give them to tools to be successful and weed out those who are not.
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