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Seven people are contending for three seats.
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    George A. Hellinger (N) Service Management, SumTotal Systems

  • Robert Hoffman (N)

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    Teri M. Owens (N) Legal Assistant and Office Manager

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    Terrie A. Price (N) Retired

  • Carolyn Kaye Riggle (N)

  • Jeff Rike (N)

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    Kent H. Shafer (N) Self employed. Retired Columbus Police Commander (33 years with CPD)

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Berlin Township has suggested forming a joint economic development zone with a nearby city to levy an income tax on businesses in certain parts of the township. Would you support the city of Delaware partnering with Berlin in that way? Why or why not?

Should the city contribute more, less, or the same amount to complete the Sawmill Parkway extension? Why or why not?

What other important issues does Delaware face, and what would you do about them?

Why are you the best-qualified candidate for the Delaware City Council?

What else would you like to say to the voters?

Age 55
Education Master of Business Administration, Ashland University, 2008; Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, BGSU, 1981
Experience Chairman, Delaware City Planning Commission, 2012-2013; Delaware City Planning Commission, 2007-2013; Delaware City Wayfinding Committee, 2013; Delaware City Income Tax Review Committee, 2002
Family Married Brindi L. Hellinger, 1988; Daughters: Georgia Rose (DHHS 2011), Jennifer Grace (DHHS 2013)
Twitter @HellingerForYou
We must evaluate the impact that an economic development zone with Berlin Township provides. The southeast section of Delaware will be developed; the question is how can the city maximize the value of the infrastructure that is in place. The viability of an economic development zone agreement depends on the details. Identifying and analyzing the projected growth rates, development demands, and cost and income streams for short term (5 yr), medium term (10 yr) and long term (20 year) periods will provide the facts and figures needed to guide this decision.
Sawmill Parkway must be completed as originally planned. Delaware's airport is an economic development engine for Delaware County that will be engaged once Sawmill Parkway opens the area for additional development. The county commissioners must remember that the city is not removed from the county but, rather, the city is the heart of the county. Ideally, Sawmill Parkway within the city limits should be funded one-third by the city and two-thirds by the county.

The city and county both agree that there is value in completing Sawmill Parkway. What needs to be identified is how the long-term benefits accrued from this project are able to offset the near-term costs. The city and county must identify the finance and development tools that collectively provide the value that allows this critical project to proceed.
Delaware must continue to build a strong, diversified tax base. Commercial development is key to long-term viability. Developing the airport as an air park with resources to support offices serving the needs of growing, dynamic companies should be a primary commercial development focus. The city must continue to partner with the business community to create an environment that supports businesses of all sizes while acknowledging and being sensitive of the needs of residents.

Maintaining and growing existing employers is also a priority. The continual revitalization and re-purposing of existing properties and infrastructure ensures that areas retain their property values and creates an environment that nurtures future success.

The city's needs for improved roads and infrastructure can only be accomplished with development. The city does not build roads; developers build roads. The city's staff works with developers to create win-win agreements that build business and strengthen Delaware.

Development is guided by the city's Comprehensive Plan that acts as a flexible blueprint for land usage that defines the future vision of the city. This voluminous plan is overdue for a review and update. When elected, I will enjoin council and staff to see an update to the comprehensive plan occurs in 2014.
In my professional life, I specialize in process improvement - creating policies, processes and procedures to drive value. Planning is my key strength. These skills and strengths are necessary for city council to guide the city into the future. We must ensure that the decisions made by the city are fundamentally sound and capable of standing the test of time.

I feel it is my duty and responsibility to serve my community. My goal is to help our hometown become the best it can be. By serving on Delaware city council, I can contribute my skills and abilities to assist in the ongoing success and bright future of Delaware.

My commitment to Delaware is demonstrated through my involvement on Delaware's planning commission. I have attended and actively participated in every meeting since being appointed in January 2007. I have also participated on other city committees since 2002.
I am well aware of the demands of city council; both my parents served as elected officials in Ontario, OH for over thirty-eight years. Their service instilled into me a sense of civic duty that I have demonstrated as an active voter and community participant. Residents can be assured I will work tirelessly as a member of city council to help Delaware continue growing in a manner that embraces its charm and small-town feel while providing an environment conducive to growth and development

While there are no easy answers, the right answers are out there. I cannot increase services and reduce taxes - no one can do that; however, I will work with residents to define a balance between services and costs that maximizes the value to Delaware residents.
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Age 39
Education Bachelor of Arts from Capital University, Post Graduate Legal Training at Capital University Law School
Experience 15 years of operations management involving contracts and budgets. Leadership in civic and community service organizations.
Family Husband, Robert and Son, Kessler
Religion Christian
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I generally advocate and encourage government entities working together to solve problems in a fiscally responsibility way. Some elements of proposed area JEDZs are concerning to me, so I would have to thoroughly study any contract presented to the council and solicit the input of city residents and businesses.
The city’s offer to pay 25% of the portion of the roadway within its corporate limits is based on a study finding that only one-fourth of the traffic on the roadway would be city generated.  This amount does not reflect the long term economic impact of the extension and may need to be higher.  I believe that infrastructure improvements which relieve traffic congestion and stimulate economic development must be a priority in the budget.
Delaware has a significant debt burden for ill advised expenses such as the "road to nowhere" on the southern part of the city.  I will work to devise a plan that pays down the debt and allocates our limited resources to truly expand revenues from being the best place to work and live. I also believe Delaware faces a constant challenge with parking in the downtown area that doesn’t seem to be headed for resolution. I would advocate that council make a priority of exploring this problem and seriously work to solve it.  
I’m a wife, mother and business woman who has lived and worked in the city of Delaware for more than a decade.  This enables me to better understand the issues facing businesses as well as residents in our city.  I’m a proactive problem solver with the courage to stand up for what is right and make the tough decisions required to act in the best interest of the city and its residents.  
I love the city and want to see it be a thriving place to raise families and start businesses.  On the city council I will work to address ongoing problems and inefficiencies while supporting policy that keeps taxes low and improves the quality of life for all Delaware residents.  
Age 58
Education K-11 Delaware city,12th Glenville,Cleveland,Ohio where I graduated from,2year technical school,Columbus,Ohio
Experience Life long resident of Delaware,Husband,father,small business owner,34 year distinguished career as law enforcement officer,multiple awards,commendations, decorations for service,President,Stratford Wood Homeowners Association.
Family Marcia my wife of 36 years,father of three,Brandon,Meredith and Trei. Grandfather of two,Julian and Sophia
Religion Christian
Campaign email
A joint economic development district could bring possible benefits to both entities. As I understand it,in this plan,the city would act as a collection agent for income taxes levied on township businesses in the district,which the township is prohibited from doing under current law. I feel that the voters in the township and the city should be making this decision.
The Sawmill Parkway extension is a significant need for Delaware's citizens and businesses;to have another north-south corridor will not only encourage a more vibrant economy for Delaware,it will also make the city a more attractive place to live and work. I believe it is the responsibility of city council to work diligently to make sure that this is completed,and to work in partnership with other entities involved in order to get this accomplished.
Public safety is a main concern of mine. Having enough manpower,equipment and proper training for our safety forces is a key focus. Balancing the budget and looking ahead into the future for the City of Delaware's proper growth will take officials who are willing to look at what has been done in the past,and make key changes to ensure a better future. We need to work on infrastructure to improve commuting in and around the City of Delaware. Properly maintaining our parks so all the citizens of Delaware may enjoy them is also high on this list.
I strongly believe in middle-class America. I want to work to ensure that our neighborhoods in all parts of the city have input on planning and decisions. I would like to review and improve policies to help our neighborhoods be safer. I believe our long-term planning strategies will determine whether our children and grandchildren will be able to live and raise their families in the community.
I want the City of Delaware to be a model city,one that people would like to move to,and raise a family in. I want to help Delaware become that vision.
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Age 60
Education Asso. Electronics Engineering, Ohio Inst. Tech; BA Business Administration, MVNU; partial MPA Public Administration OSU
Experience 33 years with Columbus Police, 18 as Commander. 27 years public safety consultant.
Campaign website
I am not opposed to examining such proposals to see if they truly benefit the citizens of Delaware. I would only support such a proposal if the benefits for Delaware were clear and it was sound ethically for all parties involved. Generally, I am not in favor of such an agreement for the City of Delaware.
I think the extension of Sawmill Parkway is important to the citizens of Delaware as part of our overall traffic infrastructure, and for economic development. To determine what is the proper amount for the City of Delaware to contribute to the portion within the city limits, Council needs to consider not only the data on usage, but the overall long-term economic impact for the city. I think with some additional dialog and collaboration, we should be able to work out a mutually satisfactory agreement with our County Commissioners to complete the Parkway.
In talking with business owners, I’ve heard repeatedly that it is difficult for them to do business with the City of Delaware. They feel that unreasonable regulations, inconsistent enforcement, and lack of timely communication impede their ability to conduct business within the city. Our economic development depends on all of our departments operating efficiently, effectively and cooperatively with potential business partners. I hope to meet with city officials and business persons to address how we can be a better partner to business and maximize our potential for economic growth.
I have been a public servant for over 33 years, moving up through the ranks of the Columbus Division of Police. I now want to use my skills and experience to serve the community where I live and spend my time by serving on Delaware City Council. I have experience working with government agencies, elected officials, unions, and citizens. My previous assignments include experience in budgeting, strategic planning, and organizational improvement. My educational background includes public safety, business, and public policy. In over 18 years as a commander, I have proven track record as an effective leader.
I believe that good financial management of its citizens’ tax dollars and providing exceptional service are the top priorities of city government. To be effective, elected officials must be proficient at collaboration and problem solving. These are skills I have developed and used throughout my successful law enforcement career. I look forward to the opportunity to put my talents, energy, and enthusiasm to work for our great community in Delaware.
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