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  • Andy Andrews II (N)

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    Ronald D. Ball (N) Prairie Township Trustee

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    Steve E. Kennedy (N) Self Employed (Steve's Country Drive Thru)

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Age 66
Education Graduate of SWCS, certification from Grant Hospital Medic Program, numerous fire and emergency medical certifications.
Experience Currently serving my fourth year as a township trustee. Prior to being elected, I proudly served the residents of the Township for 37 years as a firefighter/ paramedic.
Family Wife of 34 years, Laura and 4 daughters, 6 grandchildren.
Religion Christian
Campaign email
I am currently serving my fourth year as township trustee. During my four years of service, I have established excellent communication and relationship with the Sheriff's office, which I will continue to build and grow. As a township trustee I have attended numerous meetings regarding township business and have gained a thorough knowledge and understanding of the processes, rules and regulations that govern our township. I have, and will, continue to work diligently to ensure the concerns and issues of the residents are heard in a timely manner. I will continue to be the voice of the people and will work to keep a balanced budget and accountability within the township. I will work with all departments; administration, fiscal officer, zoning, road, fire, senior center, ensuring that the taxpayers dollars continue to be spent wisely. As a retired public servant, if elected I will continue to be available to the residents in a full-time capacity and will work to ensure that the township residents continue to receive the high level of public services that they deserve.
1) Water and Sewer Rates: Continue to pursue all avenues with water suppliers to ensure residents are getting the best available rates. 2) State Budget Cuts: To address state budge cuts, I will contact state representatives to address the issue of the state budget cuts that have affected township revenues. 3) Recreation Center: I will continue the work toward the building of a Prairie Township Recreation Center the residents can be proud of, ensuring that all deadlines are met and project costs are within budget. 4) Keeping a Balanced Budget: I will diligently watch over the taxpayers dollars, ensuring they are spent wisely. 5) Attract New Residents and Business’: Project the township as a place you want to do business, live, raise a family, and be a part of a community you are proud of. This can be accomplished through road improvements (i.e. West Broad Street) and overall township improvements and services. 6)Township Website: Improve the township website to ensure that it is user friendly and provides accurate and up-to-date information that is relevant to our residents, including community events, registration for classes once the community center is open, community links, economic development information, township regulations, applications for various permits, etc.
If elected, I will continue the momentum of making our community one that we can continue to be proud of, keeping in mind the needs of our residents and efficiently utilizing resources available. In the last four years as trustee, I have been involved with many projects to improve the township including: 1) Increasing the Sheriff patrols within the township from 19 patrols per week to 35 per week 2) Updated various parks with equipment, paths and shelters 3) Electric aggregation 4) Rebuild South Grener Avenue (including partial reroute) 5) Demolished Hometown Inn (where the new McDonalds is at Grener and Broad) 6) Reestablished the leaf pickup program 7) Established tree limb pickup/chipper program 8) Established JEDD and JEDZ 9) Received AA rating from the Standard and Poors bond sale 10) Prepared plans and purchased land for the community recreation center 11) Completed plans for the 2014 West Broad Streetscape Project 12) Worked with Garden heights neighborhood and ODOT to receive approval for the Garden Heights sound wall along I-270 (to start in 2014) 13) Galloway Road park land was purchased 14) Purchase of a new fire truck, rescue tools, and new heart monitors 15) Updated fire stations 16) Maintained public service levels in the face of deep state funding cuts 17) Established traffic calming policy and purchased a speed trailer. Vote Ron Ball!
Age 59
Education Westland High 1974
Experience Prairie Township Trustee 2006-2013, Franklin County Townhship Association President, Mid-Ohio-regional planning Commission current board member, Executive board member of Emergency Management & Homeland Security, current chairman of Prairie
Family Married 39 years to wife Karen. Son Marcus Kennedy Daughter Lindsey Kennedy
Campaign email
I have experience and broad knowledge of all issues facing the Township. The Township voters have supported me in the last two elections and with almost 8 years in this office, I believe my knowledge of the issues involving the Township is extensive. I am anxious to use my experience to continue serving all of the residents. Some important issues in the Township are: legal use of Township funds and other resources; construction and completion of our Community Center; fair and proper handling of real estate nuisance cases, fair treatment of Township employees, continued support of infrastructure improvements, proper maintenance of Township assets, and many others.
Major issues I would face are overseeing construction and completion of our new Community Center and the upcoming West Broad Streetscape project. I will accomplish this by having timely discussions with contractors and responsible Township supervision which is very important. It will also be important to continue to work with the JEDZ Board to oversee of our Township "Joint Economic Development Zone", by meeting regularly with those responsible for tax collections and timely remittance to the Township, and assuring that funds collected are used for appropriate Township purposes and improvements. We also need to continue making road improvements. I would use my knowledge and experience in obtaining financial grants to assist the Township in moving forward in this important area. Financial responsibility in the use of all Township funds is always an issue. I will assure that Prairie Township remains in a strong financial position by continuing to apply common sense leadership.
I believe I have represented our residents fairly and competently during my almost 8 years as a Trustee. Prairie Township survived the economic downturn and we are in excellent financial health. I will continue to work diligently for all residents by providing leadership and by being available to talk to or meet with any resident to discuss Township issues that may be of concern to them. Your vote is very important and I hope I have provided appropriate leadership in areas of importance to you during my term in office. I would appreciate your continued support.
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