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Whitehall residents will choose between two candidates to fill the Ward 1 seat on City Council.Read more:Whitehall council race: All four city wards offer ballot choice
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    Gerald Dixon Server/Actor

  • Chris Rodriguez

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Do you approve of the city's recent development decisions, including plans to replace the Commons at Royal Landing apartment complex with new apartments and retail space, and to allow Heartland Bank to build its headquarters on former Whitehall Community Park land?

Do you agree with the decision to require tickets to this year's July Fourth festivities in an effort to reduce crime and turmoil during the event?

Is the city doing enough to maintain its infrastructure?

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Age 56
Education WYHS '80 Many classes related to my career in acting and voiceover. Avocation in sociology, city planning and psychology
Experience Union Shop Steward, NYC. Sought change in Whitehall government through protest and writing. Attended innumerable council meetings. Saw changes made due to my actions.
Family Single. 2 brothers, sisters-in-law, several nieces, nephew and grand nieces and nephew.
Religion No religion
Campaign website http://www.votedixon.com
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Whitehall has been in some rough straits now for years. While I believe development unchecked at the cost to the community's spirit and identity, in terms of socio-economics and principles, can be troublesome, something has to be done and I applaud those in charge in their efforts to turn the city around. I would like to see more investment and focus on the organic spirit that exists here with more innovation and creativity to bring that spirit out. Less corporate, less multi-million dollar business developments. As well, Whitehall Community Park is a difficult two-tiered parcel of land in an out-of-the-way location. I believe the new bank HQ and the proposed offices at its base on Broad will provide a built-in group of park-goers to enjoy its amenities and in doing so, lend interest for others to visit it outside of its current and usual barren state. While I may have objections ethics-wise or opinions on this or that, my general attitude is one of understanding and cautious approval.
While I did not take part in these negotiations, I understand that the problem and its solution are a sticky wicket. I imagine no matter what was decided there were going to be some who were dissatisfied one way or another. I'm certain there were several ideas thrown around and I trust that, barring any others that were superior, this was the best concluded. As such, I support it and will allow time itself to reveal its success or failure.
There have been plentiful use of grants and such to bolster various parts and aspects of the city. I believe they do a superior job in the service department in keeping up with the various demands. Repaving and re-curbing every street in Whitehall is a very expensive proposition, one I believe they're constantly pursuing. A .5% increase in city tax was voted in a couple years ago to address infrastructure issues and it would be my interest as the people's voice to be certain every penny of that increase is being used for, and only for, its intended purpose. Given that, I have seen sufficient work on our infrastructure in the last couple years to warrant a positive belief that they are doing what they're able with the funds available.

I believe Whitehall is beginning a rebirth into its newest phase, one of promise and excitement and possibility. I believe that what makes up the heart and soul of the community are its people. I don't want Whitehall to be anything other than the best of what it is. Putting our heads together and with the sky as our only limit, what can we together dream up and make realities here in our community? Not dull standardization dreamed up in a corporate boardroom by professionals overly concerned with profit but rather, the multi-hued bright and shining individuality that already exists here among its true talent; the citizens. That which, using our curiosity and zest, with innovation and creativity, can be tapped into and realized for all our glorious benefit. That same spirit another group of innovators brought to 5 square miles of Truro Township seventy-some years ago.
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