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Heath residents will choose between two candidates to fill the 1st ward seat for city council.
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    James Roberts Civil Engineer

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Age 56
Education BSCE Civil Engineering The Ohio State University
Experience Have served 16 years on the Heath Board of Education, 21 years on the Heath Board of Zoning and Building Appeals, 22 years on the Licking County Board of Building Standards, current member of the Licking County Planning Commission.
Family Wife Tammy, married 33 years. Son Aaron is 28 and a Civil Engineer. Daughter Kelly is 25 and a Financial Analyst OSU.
Religion Christian, Elder at the Heath Church of Christ
Campaign email jroberts@hullinc.com
I have been an active member of the Heath Community for most of my life. My 16 years on the Heath Board of Education, 13 of which were as president, have proven my ability to address challenging issues with fairness and impartiality. I have been a member of the Heath Board of Zoning and Building Appeals for many years and have cast many votes in the best interests of the City of Heath. I have been a member of the Licking County Board of Building Standards for many years and am also a member of the Licking County Planning Commission. I was a staff member for the Newark City Engineers Office for 8 years and served as City Engineer for 3 years. All of this experience will prove invaluable for me to be an effective member of City Council. I will have no learning curve and I am already aware of and engaged with current issues and challenges for the city. I also know the current city leadership and will be able to work very effectively with them.
The city is in generally good shape, and with the recent increase in the Income Tax, is well positioned to move forward in a positive manner. The most significant issue currently facing the city in my opinion is the upgrades to Thornwood Drive and Central Parkway to improve access to the city and the commercial district as we move forward. These two roadway projects would open up well over 300 acres of land for new development, which would be a boon for the city in many ways. I am already involved with helping the city and other agencies pursue the funding for these projects, and this effort will continue as a councilman. Another less visible issue is the pursuit of the World Heritage status for the Great Circle Mound. This can provide a great opportunity for Heath it handled correctly. My involvement already will allow me to help work towards this exciting project that will bring tourism and a unique economic development opportunity to our city.
It has been a pleasure to serve the Heath community in many ways over the past 30 years, and I look forward to continuing this contribution as a member of City Council. I have mentioned several key issues and projects that I will address, but there are other areas I will be able to serve quite effectively. Our infrastructure has been maintained fairly well over the years, but recent budget challenges have put us in a position of needing to catch back up. I will work with the administration to get us back ahead of projects with the new Income Tax money. I am also quite experienced at helping secure outside funding to help stretch our local dollars much further. I and my firm have helped Heath secure over $25 Million over the past 20 years for infrastructure projects. I recently won an award for Citizenship from the Ohio State University Alumni Association for my involvement at the local level. This is another piece of evidence of my commitment to my local community.
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