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Four candidates are running for three open seats on Bexley City Council in the Nov. 7 general election: incumbents Lori Ann Feibel, Deneese Owen and Richard Sharp and newcomer Monique Lampke.Read more:Bexley City Council candidates state goals at forums
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    Lori Ann Feibel Educator

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    Monique Lampke Attorney

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    Deneese Owen Business Development/Communications

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    Richard E. Sharp Small business owner

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In recent months, City Council has been debating what to do with a parcel now known as the Schneider Park athletic fields in the Ferndale Place/Mayfield Place neighborhood in southwest Bexley. The city has been interested in revitalizing the area, but officials have concerns with the cost involved in creating the athletic fields on what was a former landfill -- in addition to the crime issues in the area. Do you think the project should move forward? Do you think the city should look at other ways of revitalizing the area?

The city has been discussing balancing recreational and passive uses at north Bexley’s Commonwealth Park with the creation of a master plan. City officials and a steering committee have been looking at ways to reduce wear and tear on the park, manage parking needs and meet the desires of those who visit or live near it. What things would you like to see happen with the park?

Bexley has been considering various environmental issue initiatives. The city is exploring the creation of a special improvement district to encourage residents to install energy-efficient technology in their residences. A Green Team of local residents continues to develop a Zero-Waste Plan for the city of Bexley to achieve a 90 percent reduction of materials deposited in landfills by 2040. Do you support these efforts? Do you have suggestions for programs to be implemented?

What else would you like to say to voters?

Age 48
Education Both undergraduate and masters degrees are from The Ohio State University.
Experience Elected to City Council four years ago, I have served as Chair of the Recreation and Parks Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee.
Family My husband, Jonathan, and I have been married for 22 years and we are proud parents of Adelaide, Annabelle, and Julius.
Religion While I am Roman Catholic, I warmly embrace and celebrate my nuclear family's Jewish traditions.
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The Southwest area of our city has been a priority for me for the past four years and will continue to be a focus of my energy moving into the future. This area of our community requires more police attention then any other part of our city. The affordable housing in South West Bexley allows parents with financial challenges to live in Bexley and thus their children to gain the benefit of Bexley’s fabulous public schools. However these children are exposed to traumatic events that are not healthy for their mental wellbeing. Believing that developing athletic fields in this area would be a positive first step for our city in reclaiming this area, I advocated for the idea from the start. My work as vice-chair of the SouthWest Bexley Framework Plan, a member of the City Improvement Corporation, and Council Strategic Committee Chair has pushed city leaders to prioritize and reimagine this area as a vital, thriving gateway into our city.
Commonwealth Park is a gathering space for citizens of all ages. As a frequent observer of the happening on this special Bexley green space, I have given witness to toddlers kicking their first goals, teen defenders checking with their sticks, adults learning the proper golf swing, and even families, mine for example, performing the perfect touchdown dance during a Thanksgiving pick-up game. Our limited city green space insists that we enjoy and share the space we have. Together we must strategize solutions for these concerns. Continuing to listen to our community to better understand how our citizens can share and enjoy this “common wealth” is what I want to see for this park. A community is built stronger by creating opportunities for shared experiences. I will continue to attend meetings and community workshops so as to listen to the wishes of those who share an interest in our city’s special park.
On September 26th, I gave my vote to a resolution affirming Council’s support of the Zero Waste Plan created by Bexley’s Green Team. This resolution made Bexley the second city in the state to approve a Zero Waste Plan. Council furthered its approval of the plan by establishing a commission to continue the work of the Green Team as an official advisory group for our city. This commission will be charged with creating initiatives that will move the Zero Waste Plan forward. I am very exited to support the efforts our future commissioners.
A Bexley citizen for over 22 years, I am proud to say that I have lived in South, Central, and North Bexley. My husband and I choose Bexley to be our home when we married in 1995, and have since welcomed three children into our lives. While my family is the center of my attention, I love sharing my time and energy with my community. Whether strategizing city planning, chairing the Main Event, or rallying volunteers for Splish, Splash, and Dash, I work hard at strengthening our city’s sense of community. The greater Central Ohio community also benefits from my determination to make a difference in the lives of others. For the past two years, I have been chair of the board of St. Vincent Family Center. This large non-profit “makes good kids better” by helping them deal with the challenges they have in the areas of behavioral and mental health.
Age 46
Education I received my Bachelor's degree from Stanford University and my law degree from The Ohio State University.
Experience Bexley resident - 17 yrs. Experienced lawyer, teacher, and advocate in the public, private and academic sectors, including Ohio Attorney General's Office, Porter, Wright Morris & Arthur, Capital Univ. and Univ. of Dayton School of Law.
Family Two children ages 12 and 14.
Religion Christian.
The current Bexley City Council recently voted to move forward with the Schneider Park athletic fields. If elected to Bexley City Council on November 7, I will work with the City to promptly complete all environmental testing that is needed to ensure that the former landfill does not pose any environmental risks and to remediate any test abnormalities. From my ridealongs with our police department and as an informed Bexley resident for 17 years, I am aware of the challenges that this area in particular presents. I will work to develop a long term strategy with our police department, current residents who live near the future athletic fields, Livingston Avenue business owners, and other community partners to ensure the safety of those living in the area and all residents who will be using the athletic fields. Such strategy would also incorporate business development and reshaping the Livingston Avenue gateway into the City of Bexley in a further effort to reduce crime in that area.
As a parent whose children have participated in many of our City’s recreational programs over the past 17 years including those held at Commonwealth Park, I support as many recreational opportunities for our residents as possible. Our limited green space and a landlocked city presents many challenges, including limited parking and overuse of existing facilities. If elected on November 7, I will work alongside the Commonwealth Park steering community while listening to the input of our residents, city partners, and architects on creating a longterm vision for Commonwealth Park and to revitalize park amenities, including possible park benches, creating additional greenspace, grass maintenance, and making Commonwealth Park a nature destination for all residents.
I support Bexley becoming as green as possible and if elected to Bexley City Council on November 7, I will support a long term effort to recycle and reuse as much as possible while exploring outside funding and grants. I want more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible efforts that protect our environment and sustain our resources for future generations, including my children. I’m proud that Bexley uses renewable energy to supply the power to its facilities, traffic lights and streetlights. Bexley’s recently approved Bexley Zero Waste Plan will reduce the amount of solid waste that goes to landfills. If a block has at least 75% of its residents willing to sign up for the Food Waste Recycling Program, they can do so by visiting Program participants will place food waste receptacles at their curbside on Monday mornings which are then emptied and replaced with clean ones while the food waste is recycled into reusable composts.
I am the only candidate running for Bexley City Council who is not currently on Council and if elected, I pledge to bring a fresh, new perspective to our City’s government. As an attorney and teacher, who has worked in the government, private and academic sectors, I thrive on being a strong advocate and finding long term solutions to everyday problems, implementing smart financial practices, prioritizing business development strategies, and providing useful and efficient services to our community. As a Bexley resident for 17 years and parent of two children who attend our public schools, I believe that we can improve our efforts to maintain our safe neighborhoods. If elected, I will work to increase communication, awareness and training between our residents and the Bexley Police Department regarding pivotal safety and crime issues to reduce crime and keep our Bexley residents as safe as possible.
Age 37
Education BA, The Ohio State University MA, The Ohio State University
Experience -completing first term as Bexley City Council Member -strong understanding of government workings -strong partnerships with City Administration, department heads, and regional leaders -years of leadership experience -strong financial acumen
Family Daughter, Charlotte
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As a sitting Council member, I supported and voted for the project with reservations. Although I believe that the green space is beneficial for the neighborhood, I also think that green space alone will not uplift the neighborhood. Doing so with respect to the residents will require outside expertise on how to revitalize a socioeconomically and racially diverse area of the community. I have requested that Council approve funds in the 2018 budget to ensure that experts (i.e. the Kirwan Institute) are engaged, resources are made available to better connect residents of the neighborhood to City services, and that a plan be developed to ensure resident input relative to the neighborhood's needs is actively solicited. The City is not an expert in this variety of revitalization, and I think that to do so effectively will require time, outside input, greater engagement of residents, and an investment of financial resources.
The park serves a variety of both passive and active purposes for both the residents who live near it as well as those who visit it from other parts of Bexley and the wider region. Green space is at a premium in Bexley, and therefore any changes to our park spaces need to be addressed thoughtfully and carefully. Some of the conversation around the master plan has involved closing Columbia and joining the two green spaces. I think this is an interesting concept and would allow us to slightly expand existing green space. I would also like to see discreet and subtle restroom facilities permanently added to the park for recreational users, including small children. Ultimately, I trust that the steering committee and Recreation Board will make thoughtful recommendations to Council, and I look forward to further conversation.
I have voted in favor of these efforts, and I absolutely support them. Although Bexley is geographically small, we often lead the region and the State by example, and I hope that we can do so relative to environmental issues as well. Finding ways to reduce our collective impact on the environment is prudent not only for the short-term, but also for future generations. I'd like to increase the number of public trash and recycling containers located throughout the City. I'd also like to find ways to improve the City's environmental footprint (City Hall, PD, service department) by further expansion of recycling and reusing. I'm exploring ways to protect honeybees and other pollinators throughout the City through education and public policy, and I'm hoping in my next four years to be able to implement some of these ideas.
If re-elected, my focus and priorities will be on financial security, inclusion, and transparency. I will use my experience as Public Safety and Finance Committee Chairs to continue to foster efficient operations in all aspects of City government, ensure responsible spending, improve the budgeting process, and promote thoughtful economic development across the entire City. In my first term, I chaired Council’s Subcommittee on Nondiscrimination and was the principal author and sponsor of the City’s Non-discrimination Ordinance, which has become a model for other Ohio cities. I will continue to use my seat on Council to ensure that all people feel included and respected. Finally, to be an effective Council member requires independent critical thinking, a willingness to ask the hard questions, and the tenacity to insist on the best information available and data-driven decision-making. I am proud that my vote on Council matters must be earned, not expected.
Age 56
Education Bachelor of Science from Bowling Green State University, Masters in Business Administration from Capital University
Experience Council member for 8 years, past Finance committee chair, past Council President. Small business owner for 15 years, former corporate controller for 12 years, and former CPA firm staff member for 5 years
Family Married to wife Debbie for almost 30 years, son Adam (28), daughter Abby (23)
Religion United Methodist
Campaign email
The project should go forward. The SW Master Plan was adopted in 2002, Council acquired land there in 2003, 2007, 2009. For a time the site was considered as a location to relocate the service/street departments. Later part of the site was suggested by residents for a community garden. Gardeners haven’t been concerned with crime.

While the cost of remediation is high, it is important to show leadership. Change in neglected areas requires a catalyst entity, persistence and commitment. Some have decided to look at the area thru glasses tinted by fears of crime, & only look at the situation statically rather than dynamically. Crime thrives in a vacuum, & shrinks when positive attention is shown in an area. Some say the City should stop & pursue a different approach to revitalizing the area. I agree, there may be other avenues, but frequently the fork in the road ahead of can’t be seen until you get close to it, those who stop will never see the opportunities that lie ahead.
I don’t have any specific “must haves” for the park, as long as the options proposed by the Consultant and the steering committee working on the plan, bring in uses or features that add unique value to the park and/or contribute to the City’s Arboretum designation, while retaining significant field space for team oriented sports and practices, and being cognizant of the neighborhood and the park’s status as a front door to Jeffrey Park and Mansion.
Being a conservative leaning individual I am for conserving resources, & increasing energy independence. I believe initiatives should be voluntary rather than mandated. That’s one of the reasons I fully supported the Zero-Waste Plan, as the plan is flexible enough to adapt to new ideas, technologies, & budgetary constraints. The residents & City are not locked into specific solutions or required expenditures.

I’m not of the tangible benefits of a special improvement district (SID). Many residents have,, invested in emergency generators without special incentives. I believe changes to the zoning code, Council is considering, will make solar installations easier to be approved, so I am inclined to wait to see if there is positive impact from that, before committing funds to a Sid district. I, however, have been a strong proponent of allocating funds for alternative energy on City properties designed to help the City maintain emergency services & to reduce the City’s energy costs.
Thank you voters for the opportunity to serve the City during the past 8 yrs (longest serving current council member)

Budget was balanced during my tenure as finance chair. I pushed to increase City’s “rainy day fund” after years w/o an increase. I supported the redevelopment of the old City Hall & relocation of City Hall & Service/Street departs. I advocated for dialogue with Columbus for improvements & collaboration in areas next to City. Only council member to implement aspects of the City’s Alternative Revenue Task Force, by introducing the “Hotel/Motel/Bed & Breakfast tax” & by prodding the Building Dept to generate on-line advertising revenue.

I would like to remind residents, that Bexley is by charter non-partisan, so it is my goal not to interject partisan agendas in Council, or proposals for the sake of doing something. I do, welcome & listen to resident issues & concerns, & where beneficial will support proposals to address those issues. I look forward to the next 4 yrs.
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