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In the township of Blendon, three candidates are seeking two open trustee positions.
Choose two candidates from below to compare.
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    DeLena Ciamacco Realtor

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    Stewart L. Flaherty Financial Consultant

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    Jan D. Heichel Blendon Twp.Trustee, Chairman

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Age 51
Education Columbus Public schools and The Ohio State University 1984-1989 Licensed & practicing Realtor since 1989.
Experience I have been a business owner for almost 30 years. I excel at taking complex problems and resolving them quickly and efficiently
Religion Catholic
I have resided and operated my businesses in Blendon Township for approximately 20 years. As a Realtor, I have been selling homes in Blendon Township for almost 30 years. I know, and have driven on, almost every street in our township. I have heard our residents concerns and even helped address some of them over the years. My ability to lead, grow businesses, work with the public and property owners to solve problems will be well utilized as Trustee. I care about our community and want to be involved in making the important decisions necessary to ensure our future, our growth and the safety of our Residents!
I feel some issues I will encounter if elected as Trustee will include but not be limited to, making our residents feel as though they have a voice and that our leaders are working to help them. Also, utilizing the township funds efficiently and effectively and in a way that makes our residents proud to live and promote our Township. Before ever initiating a need to raise money, it would have to be my community that believes we need to do this and not just me believing the community needs it. With that being said, I have found, in the course of speaking with voters in Blendon Township, the topic of traffic was raised numerous times. This problem may warrant some additional traffic studies. If it is concluded in those studies that there is a reasonable solution, my preference would be to put a bond issue up for a vote.
If I am fortunate enough to be elected into office, my goals will include promoting smart & balanced growth for our community. I pledge to be a strong and persuasive voice for our township on the State Level. I will manage our township resources effectively and efficiently, I will help grow our economy and include the voice of our township residents when making decisions that impact all of us. I will help build a healthier community. I will do everything possible to protect our homes and families. My goal is to make excellence a priority and make our township an even better place to live and work!
Education BA Denison University
Experience 10 ½ years as Blendon Township Trustee, 13 Years on Westerville City Council, 4 years as Mayor of Westerville
Family Wife Marcia, four kids, six grandchildren
Religion Methodist
Campaign email
My years of service in local government provide the best experience for this position.
The major issues continue to be how to reinvigorate aging neighborhoods and infrastructure on a limited budget. Maintaining a balanced budget is a high priority. Continuing to explore alternative sources of revenue, without always just taxing the residents is a major challenge to be met.
Local government is the only level of government where the citizen can always meet face to face with the elected officials to express their concerns or problems. It is the only level of government where the elected officials can quickly respond to the citizens’ needs and problems. It is the only level of government where the job is viewed as public service. Experienced leadership with proven results is important in deciding on the best candidate.
Age 64
Education Graduated from Career Academy College 1974, Columbus, Ohio Associate of Applied Science
Experience I am currently a Blendon Township Trustee, Board Chairman, twice elected to include the past eight years. Professional Business Woman, retired from JP Morgan Chase Bank after 16 years.
Family Widow 2 adult children, 4 grandchildren.
Religion Member of the Westerville Community United Church of Christ.
Campaign email
I am currently the Board Chairman for the Blendon Township Trustees and have served for the past 8 years. I am a professional business woman, retired from JP Morgan Chase Bank after 16 years. I have lived in Blendon Township for over 40 years and have been involved in the Blendon community for equally as many years. By listening to my constituents, I have been given the opportunity to develop an even better understanding of the needs of my community and my record demonstrates positive changes.
One of the most pressing crime issues county wide is the opiate epidemic/drug abuse. It is a concern that affects everyone, regardless of race, gender, or economic status. The Blendon Township Police and surrounding police agencies will continue working with our partners in the criminal justice system, public health, treatment, and education to find solutions to the growing heroin epidemic and keep our neighborhoods safe.
Often times I am asked “why do you like being a Township Trustee?” My answer is easy. I want to make a difference in our community. Everyone wants a vibrant, successful, community that is a great place to live and I want to continue to be a part of making that happen. When I hear people tell me they are happy to live in Blendon Township, it tells me that I am taking the correct steps.

A Township Trustee is a public servant and the responsibilities are to the residents of the community. My goal is to leave Blendon Township in better shape than it was when I came in. I, and my fellow Board members have made great strides over the past 8 years without massive property tax increases. I want to focus on areas that still need work. My past leadership and proven results motivates me to ask our voters for their continued trust and support.

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