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Voters will choose among three incumbents and two challengers Nov. 7 to fill three seats on the Canal Winchester Board of Education.Incumbents Jon Metzler, Brian J. Niceswanger and Michael Yonnotti are seeking re-election. They are being challenged by Joan Hatley and Yulia Hoehn.Read more:Canal Winchester Board of Education: Candidates concerned about finances, growth
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    Jon Metzler Attorney - State of Ohio

  • Brian J. Nicewanger Program Administrator, Ohio Dept. Rehabilitation & Correction

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    Michael Yonnotti Lifetime Educator

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Is the CW school district benefiting enough from development in the city? Why or why not?

What are the major issues facing your school district, and what will you do about them if elected?

Why are you the best-qualified candidate for the school board?

What else would you like to say to voters in your school district?

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Age 49
Education Miami University - Bachelor of Arts, Economics, June 1991 University of Toledo, College of Law - Juris Doctor, May 1994
Experience I am the current President of the CW School Board and have served on the board for four years. I have worked for the state as an Asst Attorney General for over sixteen years. Previously, I worked as an Asst Pickaway County Prosecutor.
Family My wife, Jennifer, and I have been married for 21 years. We have three children, Cameron, 18; Cole, 15; and Ian, 12.
Religion Christian/Protestant
Recently, new development in Canal Winchester has picked up and could impact the district. Financially, new development benefits the district through tax revenue. With residential development, the district should see a financial benefit through income taxes because there is not a limit on how much income tax may be collected. We may also see additional state funding from increased enrollment. The increased enrollment will add pressure to our infra-structural and staff resources. We would need to expand accordingly and that will cause increased financial burdens. It is hard to say whether the increased financial benefits will be enough to cover the growth demands. It will be important that we remain fiscally prudent when addressing these issues.

New business development will also benefit the district, financially, through increased tax revenue, advertising, and donations. New business development would also provide new professional resources to the district.
The district must continue to be financially sound and we must address future growth. The current administration has done an excellent job keeping the district financially strong. We must balance the demands of larger enrollment numbers with fiscal responsibility. The emergency bond level will be expiring. Introducing a new emergency levy or other options must be addressed with future growth in mind. During my tenure on the school board, thanks to fiscal responsibility, the district was able to fund an addition to high school without going to the public for additional monies. We need to continue to maintain this type of fiscal responsibility to address the future growth while continuing to be good stewards of our community's tax dollars.

Also, negotiations for a new teacher contract will begin in the next few months. The district has excellent staff. It is important to retain our teaching assets. We must find a balance to appropriately compensate our teachers and managing finances.
I have devoted my entire twenty-three year legal career to public service. For the past sixteen years, I have worked for the State of Ohio and I am currently a Principal Assistant Attorney General. With two children in the school system, I want to continue my commitment to public service by continuing to represent the community on the school board. I will commit my time, energy, and experience to work with the other board members and administrators to provide our students and community with the best educational opportunities. I will take the time to educate myself about pending issues and policies to make informed decisions that would be in the best interest of our district.

I am an experienced board member, having served on the school board for the past three and a half years. I am currently the board president. I have developed an excellent rapport with the administrators and staff and desire to continue to serve the community.
As a parent with children in the district, I have a vested interest in advocating for the highest quality public educational system for our community. I will work to provide families with maximum value for their tax dollars while demanding a challenging yet practical curriculum with high academic standards.
Age 50
Education Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science, Ohio University
Experience Canal Winchester Board of Education member for eight years (Currently serve as Vice President) Seven years experience working in the U.S. House of Representatives; Nineteen years with Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
Family Married 25 years, three children ages 21, 19 and 13
Religion United Methodist
Campaign email
Tax abatements in order to encourage new development in the district are unfortunately a necessary evil in the competition to lure businesses to any community. While the school district loses out on a significant source of revenue for several years, it does see increases through local income and sales taxes from the new employees and their families who move to the district to work in these new businesses. A strong business community is vital to a quality school system and good schools attract and maintain residents who build strong businesses.
School funding and district growth are the major issues confronting CWLSD. Through conservative spending practices, Canal Winchester was able to renew our district school levy three years ago without asking for an increase from district taxpayers. By maintaining those practices, we will be able to request a renewal of the levy in two years, again with no increase. With regard to district growth, Canal Winchester is expected to grow by 1,000 homes in the next five years. That rapid growth will naturally lead to significantly higher enrollment in CW schools and the need to increase our classroom and staffing capacity. While we welcome these new residents to our community, I am concerned that such rapid growth will stretch our resources and lead to overcrowded classrooms. I want to work with city leaders to grow our community responsibly.
For the eight years I have been on the CW School Board, we have had a very conservative approach to the district's budget. We have obtained cost savings through energy conservation programs in our facilities, renegotiated favorable contracts with vendors and applied for and received state and federal education grants, which have contributed greatly to our bottom line. This conservative approach now allows us to add a significant addition to the Canal Winchester High School without seeking any additional local funding from the residents of the district. If reelected, I will continue to be frugal with district funds.
When my wife and I returned to Central Ohio from Washington, D.C. nineteen years ago, one of the factors that led us to settle in Canal Winchester was the quality of its schools. CWLSD remains a strong and vibrant school district with teachers and administrators who are committed to providing the best educational opportunities to empower all students for success. We have been fortunate to have two children recently graduate with honors from Canal Winchester High School. Our youngest is a student at CW Middle School and I want to see that he, and all CW students, receive an excellent education that allows them to achieve their fullest potential.
Age 64
Education B.S. Education-Ohio State University M.A Education-Ohio State University Continuing Ed.-Ohio State and Ashland
Experience Lifetime Educator-Teacher-Head Football and Baseball Coach-Elementary and High School Principal-District Administrator-8 years Canal Winchester School Board.
Family Wife-Valerie Sons-Paul and Michael
Religion Roman Catholic
Campaign email
The city of Canal Winchester has grown and been developed in so many ways. With new businesses arriving and setting up shop in Canal Winchester, often there are tax deferments that act as incentive to locate within the school district. These incentives bring businesses into the city and also bring students and tax payers to the district. While sometimes the incentives are not as beneficial to the school district finances as we would hope, at some point the incentives will end and revenue income to the district will increase. All in all, the community and the school district benefit. We are appreciative of the growth both in student population and in businesses that become part of the community.
The major issues facing Canal Winchester Schools and all schools, begin with student safety, creating the best educational environment that challenges each and every student to succeed, grow, and prepares students to be viable participants in any career path that they may chose. Another major issue is the fiscal responsibility and the financial policies that drive student learning and all dynamics in the teaching and learning for our students. To attack these issued, we as a school board must:

• Communicate with all stakeholders in the district.

• Investigate all areas that impact the fiscal stability of the Canal Winchester Schools.

• Be fiscally responsible in everything that we do.

• Continue to evaluate all policies, procedures and dynamics in the school system.

• Recruit top quality leaders at the district and classroom level.

• Monitor student achievement and use testing to guide instruction.

• Be accessible to any and all stakeholders and communicate with them.

I am a lifetime educator with 38 years in the public and private school system. I was a teacher at Canal Winchester for 21 years. I have experience as a high school principal, elementary principal, head football and baseball coach, special education intervention specialist and a district administrator with responsibilities in facilities, transportation, teacher and facilities evaluation, budgeting, as well as numerous other educational experiences. Education is my passion and student success and achievement is paramount for me in my career and my life. I feel with my universal experience with schools I can help evaluate programs and finances and make the best decisions for all students, teachers, and programs. Also I have two sons that have attended Canal Winchester schools. This along with my 8 years experience in the growth and successes that Canal Winchester schools has attained in all area make me a qualified candidate.
In my 39 years association with Canal Winchester Schools, I am proud to look back at the successes in all areas of the school system. Canal Winchester has wonderful facilities, a great educational leadership team and highly qualified teachers who care about students and work diligently to improve in every way. Canal Winchester has exceptional extra curricular sports, clubs and activities. I am proud of the great things that Canal Winchester has done, and look forward to the growth and improvement that is currently going on and what the future has in store for Canal Winchester schools.The district is building a much-needed addition and renovations for the high school. This is being done with no additional money from the taxpayers. This is a great accomplishment and one that the Superintendent and Treasurer have worked tirelessly to make happen. I want to do everything in my power to continue this excellence and help to make Canal Winchester Schools strive to be the best in Ohio.
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