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Dublin voters will choose between two candidates to fill one seat for Ward One on Dublin City Council.Read more:Dublin council races contested in three wards
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    Gregory S. Peterson Mayor & Litigation Attorney

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How should Dublin address commercial growth in the Historic District?

Do you believe the city has properly addressed traffic concerns at the Riverside and State Route 161 roundabout? If not, what would you differently?

What steps, if any, should be taken to ensure that Dublin and Jerome Township are more aligned on a vision for the Hyland-Croy area?

What else would you like to say to voters?

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Age 50
Education Ohio Sate University, B.A. (1985) Case Western School of Law, J.D. (1993)
Experience Dublin City Council (1997-2001; 2014-2017) Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Franklin County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Litigation Attorney
Family Wife Sonni (21 years) Tatum (16, daughter) Zachary (14, son)
Campaign website http://petersonfordublin.com
Historic Dublin is at the core of our identity and is what makes Dublin our "home town." We must embrace the past, however, without fearing the future. Incorporating new mixed use, walkable developments into our historic core will allow Dublin to continue to be a destination community. These developments, demanded by corporations and their employees, provide housing and employment options that will allow Dublin to remain competitive in the evolving market demographic. Staying competitive will ensure Dublin fiscal health through strong and emerging corporate tax base. Such development will also provide housing opportunities for “empty nesters” and exciting entertainment options for our community as a whole. Through these growing pains, Dublin must remain committed and vigilant in enforcing the high development standards that have become expected in our community.
No. Addressing the traffic concerns surrounding the roundabout will never be past tense. We must constantly gather information and monitor traffic patterns to effectively address situations as they arise. This is an ongoing and constant process. Alleviating traffic congestion is important but providing safe routs of travel is paramount. Adjusting lanes of travel, signage, driver education and experience must constantly be monitored and responded to appropriately. This is one of the most highly traveled intersections in our community that is now serviced by a relatively new system of traffic management. It takes time for drivers to grow accustomed to the new system and its design features. One accident, however, is too many. So we must continue to gather information, adjust accordingly while remaining diligent in our efforts to educate and train drivers. A safe and efficient roadway system is what our community deserves.
The undeveloped land on our western border generally, and across Hyland-Croy Road specifically, presents some of the greatest opportunities and the most significant development challenges facing Dublin. This area is located in Jerome Township with Dublin having no control over development. The high density, multifamily approved by Jerome Township along the 33 corridor is inconsistent with Dublin's philosophy that these corridors should be preserved for commercial, job generating development. The Crossroads Area Plan has been passed by all governmental entities involved, agreeing on appropriate development with the exception of Jerome Township and these parcels of property. Dublin has always been and remains open to aligning a mutually agreeable vision for Hyland Croy. The only steps necessary now are for Jerome Township to take Dublin up on its offer and reconsider its high density residential and retail development for more appropriate for a more commercial, job creation plan.
It is an honor to be considered for election to my third term on Dublin City Council. As a resident of Dublin for over twenty years, my wife Sonni and I are raising our children Tatum (16) and Zachary (14) to appreciate public service and dedication to our community. I am proud to have been involved in many of the accomplishments of our community over the past several years, including Dublin’s exceptionally strong financial health and AAA bond rating through the attraction and retention of our corporate residents, which supplies a critical tax base, investment in and maintenance of city infrastructure, exceptional city amenities, high quality development, and unequaled city services. The hundreds of acres of parkland, the miles of bike paths, the strict zoning code and development standards, city water and sewer service to every property in Dublin and the unmatched city services are what our residents deserve and to which I remain committed. Thank you for your consideration. Greg
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