Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk

The candidates for Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk are incumbent Lori M. Tyack and Aaron Schlabach.Read more:Dispatch endorsement
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    Aaron Schlabach Baker

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    Lori M. Tyack Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk

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Age 26
Education Culinary Institute of America Columbus State Community College
Experience Baker at The Ohio State University. Chef at The Greenbrier Cook at Marcella's
Family My wife teaches kindergarten, and we are expecting our first child.
Religion I am a Protestant Christian
Campaign email
I was raised to always do the right thing and to strive to be honorable and honest. The schools I have gone to, culinary or otherwise, require and attention to detail. As a baker, precision is the name of the game. As well as in my personal life, I strive to be precise and organized at all times. I am a techie, being a millennial I am always connected to tech, not only my cell phone but a smartwatch for ease of use and to make my day easier. As we move towards the future in this county it is important that we constantly update our tech in the government. Our offices are inefficient and wasteful, it is time we ended that. By welcoming the Municipal Clerks office into the 21st century, we can make it easier for all who have need to access the court office. I want government to be sleeker, faster, and, above all, cheaper.
The major issues that I would seek to fix is the lack of tech and do more for offenders. I envision a court office that almost runs itself, with the most up to date software for protection to ensure that your information is safe, unlike my opponent, no ones identity will be stolen on my watch. I will focus on Electronic Filing, which my opponent will tout she just launched, after this was an issue more than 6 years ago and the other court offices have had the program for many years, she finally instituted it. I will always seek the best option for our court system, whether it be through tech or otherwise, I am always open to new ideas. I will also work with community leaders and organizations to help combat our drug epidemic. I have seen first hand what a severe addiction can do to a loved one, and I do not wish to see that happen to anyone else. I will work tirelessly to ensure that those fighting their demons, can beat them.
I do not have a pedigree or a famous name to run on, all I have are a servants hands and heart. I have no desire to make a name for myself, only to help my community. My father always taught my to not expect thanks for helping people, as helping people is what is to be expected. I do not want to institute these changes for the sake of thanks, I merely want to help my community. I have seen what can happen to a small family if they make a mistake and are forced to pay hundreds of dollars and miss work, I want to work with the community. I have always done what I can to help my community, but now I feel the need to improve it even stronger, as my wife and I are expecting our first child in the coming months. I want to raise my child showing them what they can do for their community. I want to show my child that it is not the purpose of life to help yourself, but to serve others. I am not a rich man accumulating power, I am a poor man trying to help everyone that I can.
Age 54
Education Ohio Dominican University - B.B.A. Columbus State Community College- A.A.S. National Center for State Courts-3 Cert.
Experience Clerk of Court - 2006-Present Paralegal/Legal Assist.-Tyack Law 2003-2005 Bailiff/Judge Jennifer Brunner, Common Pleas Court - 2000-2002 Paralegal/Legal Assist. Probate-Hanley Law-1992-2000 & 2002-2005 Secretary's Helper - Owner 1984-2005
Family 6 Children
Religion Lutheran
Campaign email
Twitter @tyackforclerk3
I have more than 34 years of experience working in the legal system. Prior to taking office, I served as a legal assistant and paralegal in private law offices specializing in criminal, civil, and probate law. As a small business owner, I learned the value of personal and business relationships. My public sector experience included duties performed as a legal assistant at the Ohio Consumers' Council and as a Bailiff for Judge Jennifer Brunner in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court.

For almost 12 years, I have served as the Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk. During that time, I developed and strengthened professional and personal relationships which have helped the Clerk’s Office move forward. With assistance from staff, I studied and implemented new technologies to improve our processes and procedures. I have a proven track record of fiscal responsibility and transparency.
The FCMC Clerk's Office is working on a number of initiatives as part of its strategic goals. The top three goals include:

1. Electronic Filing–Making it easier to file documents with the court. The Clerk’s Office is already accepting electronic filing of documents for civil and environmental cases and plans to expand this service to criminal and traffic cases. In addition, the Clerk’s Office is collaborating with the Ohio Highway Patrol, The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and the Upper Arlington Police Department to accept data from electronic traffic tickets directly from law enforcement officers in the field.

2. Web Chat–An online chat system will be implemented to provide the convenience of instant communication through a web application to expedite customer service in the Criminal/Traffic Division (open 24/7).

3. Data Sharing--The Clerk's Office plans to initiate a collaborative effort with other government agencies at the City/County/State levels for data sharing purposes.
Over the last 12 years, I have worked to improve access to justice through competent customer service, communication, and community outreach. I have accomplished a lot, but there is still work to be done. I am asking for your vote of confidence to continue these efforts.
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