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In the township of Franklin, five candidates are seeking two open trustee positions.
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    Aryeh Alex Vice President of Public Affairs

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    Don Cook Franklin Township Trustee

  • John C. Fleshman Ceo at Fleshman Photography

  • Troy Justus

  • Robyn L. Watkins

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Age 33
Education University of Cincinnati
Experience Current Vice President of Public Affairs for the Ohio Environmental Council and President of the Metro Parks. Past staff at the Service Employees International Union and the American, Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees.
Family Grace Alex (wife)
Religion Jewish
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Aryeh Alex has fought his entire career for working people to have great paying jobs and live in a safe, clean place—now he wants to serve Franklin Township as their next Township Trustee. Aryeh currently works for the Ohio Environmental Council, where he leads advocacy efforts to ensure that Ohioans have clean air, water, and public lands, and has previously worked for both the Service Employees International Union and the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees. Aryeh also serves as President of the Friends of Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks, where he works to expand park access to underserved communities, creating an opportunity for individuals to experience nature for the first time, and expanding park access to all.
Franklin Township has great potential with its central location. Yet our community lacks the leadership needed to tap into opportunities for new businesses. From developing the area around the casino to recruiting new small businesses, we must be a welcoming community that creates a friendly business environment and offers good-paying jobs.

Our township has one of the number highest opioid overdose in the region. To help combat this epidemic, we need the best fire and EMS department to save lives, and a supported police department to curb the use of illegal drugs. We must also work with partners to provide education and support for those seeking or in recovery.

We need our trustees to be a strong voice for our neighborhoods and fight to protect our community, not fight amongst themselves. We must work together to build better relationships with Columbus, the county, and the state, so we can grow and receive the support and respect our residents deserve.
During a township trustee meeting several months ago, the fire chief was giving a report of the department’s activities over the past month. He noted that there had been hundreds of runs by the fire trucks and EMS units and that they had used Narcan 150 times on individuals who had overdosed on opioids. After hearing these alarming statistics, one of the trustees proceeded to call the firemen in the room clowns. I was shocked at how disrespectful our elected officials were to the firefighters who were saving lives and protecting our community and knew that I had do something about it—so I decided to run.
Age 81
Education West High School Div of Vocation Education Fire Fighting CTI Private Police Training Ohio Twp Assocation courses
Experience 12 years as Trustee in Franklin Twp Business Owner for 30 years
Family Wife Crystal\ Son Stephen Daughter Theresa (deceased) 5 grandchildren 7 great grandchildren
Religion Christian
I have lived in Franklin Township over 60 years and think of it as my home. I Iived in Prairie Township and Valley View before that. I am not new to Township life. Have lived on Clime Road 33 years where I started a cabinet mfg. business. Twelve years ago I was encouraged to run for an open Trustee seat. It has been an honor I have taken seriously for the last 12 years. My goal is the same now as it was then. I work for you.

In 1953 Franklin Township started a volunteer fire department. I volunteered for 20 years until the department went to a full-time fire department. Have also been a boy scout master, cub scout committee chairman, explorer adviser and recipient of Order of the Arrow, Prairie Lincoln Jaycees Distinguished Service Award, Hilltop Business Assoc. member, 50 year member of F&AM 493, Ohio Twp. Assoc. taking various training seminars on Township Mgt., 12 years as Township Trustee, Div. of Vocational Education fire fighting and private police training.
The major issues that Franklin Township faces are cuts from the State budget. We need to tighten our belts, live within our means and look for more grants. I have been working on a Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) for the West Broad, Georgesville, Phillippi Rd and Westland area that would also put money back to the Township for all departments and general fund. This JEDD would help the Township rely less on tax levies.
I knock on a lot doors and the most freguently asked question is "what are you doing to do for me?" and my answer is "what do you want me to do for you?". I work for you. Too many elected officials are forgetting who they work for and do it for personal gain. We have demolished five nuisance houses, two were drug houses. The county demolished four, one a drug house. We have taken possession of 10 more properties, some will be demolished. All properties will be sold at auction to pay for demolition being done. We are removing old rusted junk cars and closing drug houses. The goal is to make Franklin Township a clean safe place to live. I DO NOT ASK ANYONE TO BACK ME OR TAKE DONATIONS. I PAY FOR MY CAMPAIGN. I DON'T OWE ANYONE FAVORS AND THEY DON'T OWE ME ANY. I am not a politician. As always ITS NOT WHAT'S GOOD FOR ME IT'S WHATS GOOD FOR YOU THE RESIDENTS AND THE TOWNSHIP AND THATS MY PROMISE. Vote for experience you can trust.
Age 54
Education Westland High School OSU.
Experience 4 years as Vice Chairman of Franklin Township.
Religion Central Baptist Church
I have been a resident of Franklin Township for the past 40 years. I have served as Vice Chairman of Franklin Township for the past four years. I know our Township very well. I listen well to all the residents concerns and have a passion to serve our great community.

I have worked vigorously to keep our Fire and Police in place able and ready to serve our community. I'm proud to be endorsed by both the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) and IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters). I have worked closely with these group over the past four years and I find our Township is in a better place for it. I'm a business owner and understand what it take to run a successful business. I have been CEO of Fleshman Photography.INC for the past 30 years. In private business every dollar counts. I carry the same principal of running a successful business in my role as Franklin Township Trustee. The dollars that I work with come from you the taxpayer. I take the usage of these monies seriously.
One of the biggest issues in our Township is drugs that we are all seeing pouring into our community. We need to stay on top of the drugs houses and ask the residents' to let us know what is happening on their streets. We need to react to residents tips swiftly in a timely manner. Continue working with the Franklin County Sheriffs Dep. Sharing services and resources in a joint effort we all win. The Heroin epidemic is everywhere. We cannot ignore it, nor is it going away. We need to find a way to help people get off of the Heroin if we are going to see it stop. Working with other associations we can find solutions together to help all our communities. By working with other agencies will drastically reduce the cost of our resources. We are one of the top 3 areas for administrating the lifesaving Narcan. With the help in donations of Narcan from Franklin Public Health We have been able to do more with less. Working together we all can have a better community. A Place we call home.
I have been one of your Township Trustees for the past 4 years and what a privilege it has been to serve you as Vice-Chairman Trustee.  It would be an honor to serve again as your Township Trustee.  With your vote, this November 7, you will help me continue to represent you, and your concerns, as your Franklin Township Trustee.    During my past 4 year term with the township we have seen a lot of success within the Township.   I am happy to say that we have now secured the Police and Fire Departments, with no threats of their closing in the near future. The Police Department is currently moving back into 24 hour coverage and continuing to make our communities safer. The Fire Department is at full staff for all of your life-saving needs. The Road Department continues to be the backbone within the Township and keeps us all moving, without fail.  We, as a Township, are very fortunate to have such a great workforce serving our Township.
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