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Gahanna residents will choose among three candidates to fill the seat for Ward 1 seat on City Council.Read more:Gahanna council race: Candidates state views on top matters
Choose two candidates from below to compare.
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    Malcolm Glasgow Retired; Business Consultant

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    Stephanie Kromer Director of External Relations at the Ohio Chamber of Commerce

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    Stephen A. Renner Director, Franklin County

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A performance audit recently recommended the city consider whether maintaining two city pools is the best use of financial resources, noting that a shift to one pool could save $199,000 annually over 10 years. Would you support closing one of the pools, or maintaining what the city has now? Explain.

Gahanna is working to rebrand its image. What do you feel is the city’s biggest selling point and what do you think should be incorporated into the new brand?

Why are you the best-qualified candidate for this position?

What do you see as the city’s most pressing issue and how should it be addressed?

What else would you like to say to voters?

Age 66
Education B.A. Media Communications, Cal. U. of Pennsylvania, Magna Cum Laude Graduate work in Counseling and Special Education
Experience 30 year Gahanna resident with 25+ years business experience. Dedicated 32+ years to Veterans and the American.Legion. Proven leadership of more than 15 years at the local and state level.
Family Married
Religion Presbyterian
The city should adhere to the findings of the audit, unless they are able to find an alternative source of non-tax funding. They need to implement a financial and economic development plan that prepares for the repair of our infrastructure for our parks and recreation programs.
The city's best selling point is its proximity to downtown Columbus, the John Glenn International Airport, and the amenities and retail businesses of Easton Town Center. Gahanna's centralized location serves as a driving force and an opportunity for the city. The brand should reflect this aspect and incorporate regional location when consideration is given to attributes for the community and its branding.
Gahanna is a diverse community with great values and an excellent school district that will continue to grow with common sense leadership. I have 25+ years experience with businesses that provided products to a Fortune 100 Company and I proudly served 6 years in the U.S. Air Force. I have worked with others at the local level as a member of the Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council and with the youth and Veterans of Gahanna through services and programs of the American Legion. I have the experience, leadership, and communication skills to serve the residents of the City if Gahanna.
The City of Gahanna should focus on basic necessities such as capital projects and infrastructure within the budget and move into quality of life improvements that we all expect and support in our community.
I ask for your vote on November 7.
Age 25
Education Margaretta High School: 2010 Ashland University, Bachelor of Arts: 2014 John M. Ashbrook Scholar: 2014
Experience -Director Of External Relations at Ohio Chamber of Commerce -Legislative Aide at the Ohio House of Representatives -Project Manager at King Strategic Communications -Career Assistant at Ashland University Career Services Center
Family Spouse: Zebulon Kromer
Religion Catholic
Gahanna’s pools are some of the best recreational assets to our community. In my opinion, it is not worth $199,000 in savings annually over a 10 year span to close either one of the pools. I think there are other expenditures that the city can cut that would not have as negative of an impact on our community. The City should exhaust every scenario possible before considering closing the pools. Privatization should be considered as an option. On the west side of Gahanna there are not very many attractions for our youth and if we close our pools this would be detrimental.
Like many young professionals, I came to Central Ohio for a job, but I chose Gahanna to be my home. Many communities that surround big cities tend to emulate them and lose their identity because they believe this will attract new, young families. However, this could not be further from the truth. Many young professionals like my husband and I moved to Gahanna because of their low income tax rate, great schools, parks, and hometown feel.

I believe it is imperative to emphasize our City’s landmarks, traditions, and assets that set us apart from Columbus and other suburbs.

Gahanna is a refuge to those of us who want to escape hustle and bustle of Columbus. This is why I believe our rebranding campaign should focus on our natural assets such as the Creek and our “tree-city” status.

In 2007 we were recognized by Ohio Magazine as one of Ohio’s “Best Hometowns”; therefore, I need think we refocus our branding on those aspects that won us that title.
I believe I am the best-qualified candidate for Gahanna City Council Ward 1 because I bring a new perspective to City Council. I understand the issues that voters on the West Side care about and I am the only candidate who will speak up.

For years politicians have claimed they will work to revitalize the west side; however there has been a lot of talk and little action. I will not be afraid to stand up to my colleagues and do what I have been sent to Council to do, which is represent the west side.
I believe the most pressing issue that faces Gahanna is the over taxation lawsuit .This has the potential to cripple our city economically. I believe this pending lawsuit has contributed to the lack of new businesses moving to Gahanna. The mishandling of this lawsuit has put an even greater unnecessary burden on taxpayers. However, I believe there is a multitude of issues facing the West Side including lack of infrastructure investment, business development, and crime.

The West Side needs a councilman who will not be complacent on these issues and bring a strong, fresh perspective to the table.

If voters are looking for another member of the good old boys club, I'm not the candidate for them. However, if they are looking for a fiscal conservative who is ready and willing to stand up and fight for the west side, I'm the only candidate who fits the bill. The West Side has elected too many yes men who have followed the company line which has resulted in neglected infrastructure, non-existent business development, and multiple financial blunders. The West Side has been ignored for long enough. It is time they make themselves heard at City Hall. I hope voters join me November 7th so we can begin restoring Gahanna.
Age 51
Education Bachelor of Science in Chemistry; physics minor, from Otterbein College
Experience City Council since 2012. Director of Franklin County’s Department of Sanitary Engineering. Certified Tourism Ambassador through Experience Columbus.
Family Married 24yrs. to wife Melissa with children Liam and Callum.
Religion Non-denominational
First, I do not support closing either one of the pools. This is a service that must be maintained for all our families and the children of those families. Second, the performance audit was requested by Council in 2016 to understand where there may be inefficiencies within the City’s workflow processes. The report is very detailed in its analysis and provided 13 recommendations, with only 4 of those recommendations having a cost savings number associated for a total of $651,340 in projected savings. It’s important to note that overall, the City’s Parks and Recreation fee structure had an overall cost recovery of 93.7 percent over the timeframe within the performance audit. So, while it is important to focus on expenses and capital needs of the pools, we should also continue to view the Parks and Recreation program from a holistic approach to close the 6.3 percent gap.
The quality of life and our wonderful school system are important selling points of our community. We need to work with our partners in city to include those qualities within our new brand.
I have one mission: serve the community. Public service is a calling that is much larger than myself as I want to ensure that both the west side and the City as a whole get equal access to the resources available to help make it sustainable. Gahanna is a suburb in the Central Ohio region, and we choose to live here because it is different than the others. And I believe that difference is better. We choose to be in Gahanna for a higher quality of living, closeness of a community, and ready access to those services the City provides. For example, when we call the Gahanna Police department, they respond within minutes, not hours. When we have questions about water, potholes, or park programs, we get personable and timely service. Whether we choose to settle here to build and raise a family, or retire, it is a place we not only call home, but also where we know each other. I am the most experienced candidate in the role of service.
The City’s most pressing issue continues to be maintenance and some replacement of our infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and street lighting. We issued $10,030,000 bonds in 2015 to help pay for some of these projects. Furthermore, Council has approved approximately $1 million in the 2017 approved budget to help. Yet, that only provides for some design and overlay costs for roughly 2.5 miles of roads.
I was unanimously selected by Council to serve on the City of Gahanna’s Civil Service Commission from 2008 thru 2011. I learned a great deal about the City during that time and gained experience about the City’s governance. I attended many Council meetings, most especially when I ran for office so that I could have an in-depth understanding of the City’s issues. I have served Gahanna residents on Council since 2012, and was President of Council both in 2013 and 2016. I am a graduate of the Leadership Columbus program, Class of 2014. I serve many residents of Franklin County thru my day job as the director of the Department of Sanitary Engineering, which provides water and sewer services to unincorporated areas of the county. Melissa (my best friend and wife of 24 years) and I moved to Gahanna in 1998. We have two sons in the Gahanna school system.

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