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Grove City residents will choose among two candidates to fill the seat for Ward 1 seat on City Council.Read more:Grove City council race: City’s growth, finances on candidates’ minds
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    Ted A. Berry Vice President Global Commercialization

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    Ed Fleming Business Owner

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The city is expecting to lose nearly 1 million dollars in state funding due to Ohio’s elimination of the “throwback rule” for tax revenue related to warehouses, and a reallocation of funding from municipalities to townships and villages and toward the opioid crisis. How can the city address that shortfall without significantly raising taxes or cutting back on essential city services?

What should be the city’s approach to helping guide and shape the redevelopment of the site that was Beulah Park?

What actions or policies can the city adopt to help encourage and manage development and growth in Grove City without sacrificing the city’s small town character and appeal? What type of commercial and residential development is right for Grove City?

What can and should the city do to improve and enhance the parks and recreational opportunities available to residents?

What else would you like to say to voters?

Age 49
Education Capital University The Ohio State University Officer Training - Ohio Military Reserve Exec. Business Courses OSU
Experience City Councilman President of City Council 2nd Lieutenant - Ohio Military Reserves Dir. Of Business Dev. Ohio State Senior Budget/Policy Aide - State Senate President, BP Financial Solutions Dir. Gov. Relations -OSU
Family Two Brothers (Art and Scott) and Mother (Jo) and our four legged family members Jet and Kylie
Religion Trinity United Methodist Church - Grove City
I have over 15 years of experience in working directly with State and local budgets as a Senior Legislative and Budget Aide in the State Senate to serve as President of City Council. The problem as stated is a significant hit to our City. The one thing going for Grove City is the fact that we have two major hospitals that Council and the Administration were able to successfully negotiate to come here. Those developments will bring hundreds of jobs and construction jobs. Our 2018 budget will be a lean one, however, thanks to great investments and our economic development efforts and a small rainy day fund we should be able to squeak by without any major cuts until the hole is replaced with the income tax from the new jobs we created. This issue is a prime reason why putting people in office without public budgeting or economic development experience is scary. As a team we have spent your tax dollars wisely, expanded our job base with high-paying jobs and have cut taxes twice.
From the outset I have been against more warehouses going into the area and will fight it that to the end. I would have loved to have seen the City purchase the property and create a 210 acre park and reserve, however, the cost for the purchase, building removal, and park development was not affordable. Partnering with a private developer and insisting on a 60-acre central park funded by the developer is my goal. The City’s only control is zoning. Working with a developer we can address issues like traffic, traffic flow, types of housing, and price points. I have held a Ward meetings and surveyed residents door to door on the current Beulah proposal. As a result the Mayor and I have met with the developer to address issues brought up by residents. I am happy to say the developer is making changes as a result. Great input from residents and it's making a difference in the plan. I am looking forward to our next Ward meeting so residents can give further input on the new plan.
The City has gone through a comprehensive planning process that I co-sponsored. Grove City 2050 brought many residents together to address how we see our self in the future and how we protect what we have and plan for it. The outcomes were significant. As an economic development professional I have focused with the administration on attracting high-end medical jobs and focusing on increasing blue collar professionals and jobs. We need both. The Mayor and I worked hard on developing the higher education program to do just that. Grove City is the only community in the nation to offer residents a City scholarship to train our citizens for the labor force. Its focus is on everyone from new students to older residents wanting to learn a technical or four-year degree. Our citizens are our primary business recruitment tools. We are investing in people. We are committed to a new center of higher education for our citizens. Work, live, and play here is our primary goal.
My primary goal if elected will be a new recreational center, adult pool and add 100 acres of parkland over the next four years to our City. We need natural areas that are not programmed for sports. We are also in need of lacrosse fields, skating rink, and other amenities. All these items are attainable and affordable when we work with developers (business and residential) and ask them to partner with us in funding them. Parks, recreational areas, schools, and infrastructure are the primary reasons corporations look to move to a community and one of the reasons we all love Grove City. Working together we will continue to make Grove City a green sustainable community.
I have worked diligently every day reaching out to citizens via social media, ward meetings, neighborhood meetings and survey’s at my own cost. I cover the ward every year on foot talking to families and addressing issues. Being the best public servant I can be is a personal passion. Like all communities we do have issues that I will continue to address. The traffic to and from Columbus is horrible and I will continue putting Grove City first in front of COTA and Regional Planners and not allow us to be forgotten. I will continue to stand up against any landfill expansion and for our children and blue collar families. When I was sued by a local company for being against selling puppy mill dogs it was about creating a standard of who we are as Grove City. We are proud of our City and yes we stand up to social injustice and we take care of each other. That’s was families do and we are Grove City…A family!
Age 32
Education Graduated 2003 from Grove City High School Attended Wright State Property and Casualty and Life/Health Insurance License
Experience Executive Leadership Committee of GC Chamber Government Liaison, GC Chamber President of Noon Lions Club Risk Management Committee Lifecare Alliance/Columbus Cancer Clinic Co-chair GC 2050 Board member of Pilot Dogs GC CIC
Family Wife Alison and daughters Audrey and Caroline. Also dogs Chloe and Brutus. Fish, Elsa and Elsa.
Religion Catholic
The only way Grove City can address this issue is to delay or slow down certain planned projects. This is also a wake up call if one was ever needed, we need to diversify the type of businesses that are located inside of Grove City. The throwback rule is having a higher impact on cities with a large number of warehouses and distribution centers.

To diversify we have to first work with our administration to finally become business friendly. Far too often a new business goes through the process of submitting plans and receiving a vote of approval from planning commission only to have Council rip up the work. Time and time again I have seen the frustration in the eyes of businesses that have already changed their plans and came to compromise with the City only to have council go against the work that has been done. This must stop, we must trust in our process or change the process, but we cannot continue to ask new businesses to chase their tail when they are trying to come to GC.
My preference would have been for the city to purchase the 213 acres and then parcel it out. Larger communities take this strategy when it comes to development, it is the only way to control how a piece of land develops.

The Beulah development should be seen as a way to boost an already growing towncenter and a way to tie in Westgrove and the other neighborhoods west of Demorest. If we do not accomplish bike path and pedestrian connectivity to those two areas via the Beulah development then we will have failed.

The city can make sure the developer is finalizing their plans based on discussions with the towncenter group, Southwestern City Schools, and Jackson Township. At the last meeting for the Beulah project the developer had not had any conversations with SWCS regarding the impact on our already crowded schools. There had also not been a conversation with the township regarding fire/ems. There is a lot of work to be done on Beulah and we only get one shot to do this right
First we can look at adopting Form-based ode in our historic town center. Form based code allows us to regulate land development while achieving a desired final form. Rather than looking at parcel by parcel zoning that focuses on individual land use, form based code will let us set the tone for what we want in and around the heart of Grove City.

I think we have seen enough apartments in Grove City between what is here and what is planned. Our focus should be on homes for people to live in. Ultimately we are a community that people want to raise a family in. That means yards and space, not apartment living where we are stacked on top of each other. You come to the suburbs to spread out.
Grove City enjoys an amazing parks and rec program. Between the city and GCKA there is ample opportunity for kids to take part in great athletic programs. It would be great to see the city work on a lacrosse field as this is one of the fastest growing sports in Ohio and our nearest field is 20 minutes away.

Many of our parks equipment is starting to deteriorate. I know when I take my daughters to a couple of the parks we find the jungle gyms to be showing their age. If we could slowly phase in new equipment, or at least a refresh for the tread on the slick bridges, it would help prevent injury.
The support and response that I have received has been truly humbling. Growing up in Grove City I have always known that we are a special community, second to none. Now meeting more and more people and seeing the general excitement of finally having representation that is present and listening to citizens is energizing.

I guarantee that I am here to work for Grove City. I am running to make sure my daughters get a chance to have the same Grove City that I grew up with. We have a responsibility to the residents of Grove City to grow in a sustainable manner that will not forsake who we are as a community or jeopardize our future.

I ask for your vote on November 7th for a brighter Grove City.
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