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Two incumbents and two challengers are seeking election Nov. 7 to three available seats on the Reynoldsburg Board of Education.The incumbents are current board President Joe Begeny and Vice President Rob Truex. Incumbent Elaine Tornero is not seeking re-election.The challengers are Robert M. Barga and Jeni Quesenberry.Read more:Reynoldsburg school board race: Candidates focus on curriculum, enrollment issues
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    Robert M. Barga Attorney

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    Joe Begeny Teacher

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    Jeni Quesenberry Assistant Principal (semi retired)

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    Robert G. Truex II Sr. Network Engineer and System Administrator - Antivirus Specialist

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What can be done to equalize enrollment between the Livingston Avenue and Summit Road campuses?

Should the district consider giving more space to the more popular programs so students don’t get shut out of their preferred academy?

Why are you the best-qualified candidate for the school board?

What else would you like to say to voters in your school district?

Age 29
Education Graduated from Worthington Public Schools. BA from OSU. Law Degree from Quinnipiac University School of Law.
Campaign email
Because of the popularity of certain programs over others, it is not feasible to equalize enrollment between campuses. Instead, we should alter our system to ensure that all students get their required classes, are able to explore all of the options that our district offers, and interact with their fellow students often. Most colleges use general education credits, which have numerous common-goal classes that will count towards the same credits, but be taught in a different manner. By creating a similar, modular, system, we can teach these classes, allowing the district to spread students out over both campuses.

One of the biggest concerns I have heard during my campaign is that students don't meet each other, and we have started to segregate into different campuses. By creating these modules, we ensure that all of our students meet each other. Additionally, each student will be introduced to ideas from the other academies, allowing them to use new ideas in their own.
The district can, and should, consider additional offerings to the consistently popular options. However, while I would love to allow each students access to their preferred academy, classes, and programs, I do not believe that it is possible for the district to always do so. Since staffing, planning, and budgeting have to be done far in advance, the district is not in a position to adjust yearly to an individual class.

That said, using the modular system I described above, we can fit more students into each program. If the district uses common-goal classes as applicable to any academy or program, we can place more students into similar classes. These classes would cover the same subjects, but would occur at a different program with smaller enrollment; the credits would then be applicable to the specialized classes in the specific program the student wanted.
I am the best-qualified candidate for the board because I bring different viewpoints and experiences to the board. While the other candidates are long-term residents of our community, I am relatively new. I bring the viewpoint of an outsider, somebody looking to move to our district. This allows me to focus on the good that is here and see what changes need to be made to grow our district. With my independent vantage point and analytical mindset, I am able evaluate solutions. To me, it does not matter who proposed a solution, or what party a person belongs to, but whether the solution works and is in the best interest of our students and community.

I want to grow together, while ensuring that we learn from our past. Using my background as an attorney and negotiator, I will ensure that all state laws and regulations are followed. I will strive to have all negotiations end with both sides satisfied, and happy to continue working together for our children.
Today's politics is a harsh, uncompromising fight - I will not take part in these politics. I will examine each issue independently, without any bias or ideology, voting for those ideas that are in the best interest of our students. I will expand our skilled-trade offerings, incorporating them as an additional fifth academy instead of regulating them to the side. This will allow students to enter the workforce immediately after graduating. I will expand our internship, mentoring, and employment relationships with local companies, giving our students work experience and skills while in school. I will continue our good work towards teaching the whole student, ensuring that all students are prepared to pursue the path that they desire. Together, we can make Reynoldsburg strong!

No matter the outcome in November, I look forward to working with all of you to grow our community, and make our district a shining beacon for all others to aspire to. I thank you for your vote.
Age 41
Education Bachelors in Education from Ohio University 2004. Masters in Social Science from Ohio University 2006
Experience I was elected in 2013 and have served as President of the Board of Education since 2016.
Family I am happily married to my wife Tori for 18 years, and we have two amazing children in our district, Jonathan and Alex.
Religion Lutheran
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Twitter begenyforohio
Student’s educational needs are ever-changing, and our district must provide opportunities for all students. We need to let our students and their families know the opportunities available to them at every campus, increase their options that will meet their needs once they leave high school, and adjust our offerings based upon interest. Each campus is designed to appeal to today's students, but sometimes perception of one campus is different from the reality, and we need to address this issue. We need to actively engage our students and their families so they know all the options and find the best campus for their student’s best learning environment while they are in high school. Each campus has a different attraction, and we need to continue to revise our offerings to make sure we are meeting the needs of all of our students, whether its college or career in their future. That is what matters most, our students.
While the goal is for every student in Reynoldsburg to have a great educational experience, there have been occasions where some kids have not always had their first choice for their academy. We have been a “first choice” district for some time, and I hope to continue this philosophy in the future. Our challenges, unfortunately, deal with limited space for an extremely popular program within our academy structure. Working together with our administrators, teachers, students, and community, we will find a way to meet the needs of our students. All options should be discussed with our community, especially if any plan requires us to alter space or academy location. Our students are my first priority and we shall do whatever we can so that they have the best chance for success while attending Reynoldsburg City Schools.
As a two time teacher of the year I have firsthand experience with the demands of today’s students. I have been able to successfully use this knowledge to work with our board and Superintendent so we can develop the programs that will bring the most success for our students while respecting the taxpayers money. Having served in both good times and bad, I have the ability to look at the districts long term goals and understand the history of any issue that can come up. We have pushed to involve community members in the major decisions our district faces, including the hiring of our new superintendent, and have been rewarded with someone who is an advocate for our all of our schools. I am also Vice-President of the Franklin County School Board Members Alliance, and student advocacy group that will go to the Ohio Board of Education as well as the state house to make sure our public education schools know they are supported. We hope to find success with our legislative agenda.
Over the last four years I have served all the people of Reynoldsburg by focusing on what is best for our students and our community. Working together, our board has increased grade requirements for athletes while still increasing participation, improved communication and involvement with the community to hire a new superintendent and other major decisions, increased financial transparency with the Ohio On-Line Check book, worked to expand class offerings, reduce class sizes, we are working to keep the promise of staying off the ballot since 2010 by managing the taxpayers money with smart and efficient planning, and most importantly, labor peace. With your continued support, we can finish the job!
Age 58
Education BS in education MeD policy and Leadership
Experience Over 20 Years experience in education
Family Married to Mack Quesenberry We have a blended family of 6 children and 15 grandchildren
Religion Catholic
Campaign email
It seems that we should be surveying the students to find out what academy they are interested in. Estem is at both HS2 and Summit so we should look closely at the areas that students are interested in and match them up to that academy. We must also find a way cross categorize programs, in doing this looking at programs that meet the need of multiple studies for students.
It is something that the district should look in to. As stated above, if programs can be cross categorized, we could meet the needs of more students,
I have lived in Reynoldsburg most of my life. I graduated from here as did my children. Currently I have 4 grandchildren attending Reynoldsburg schools. I am invested in this community. I also bring an educational background. As an Administrator, I am able to see how policies that the board puts in place, may affect students, teachers and the community. I will have no problem voting against a policy that doesn’t positively affect our students.
I would like to look closely as to why the Arts program is not given equal time to all schools. We need to educate the “whole”student and the arts have that impact. I promise that I will do my best at all times to represent your children, you and our community.
Age 47
Education BA – Kent State - Geography with emphasis on Cartography - Interned at Portage Co. Reg. Planning Com as City Planner
Experience 2 Years on RCS Board of Education Elected Vice-President twice 3 years Booster Trustee Created “Triple T Scholarship” for Music Dept. at Reynoldsburg High School
Family Married for 22 years 3 children - all RCS graudates 1 - MOSAIC 1 - Eland Culinary Arts 1 - Eland Bio-Science
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We're efforting this issue right now. We've had a large influx of students this school year and enrollment is an overall issue. We're looking at all options, including but not limited to: building additions, rebuilding a campus (like Graham Rd being rebuilt), temporary structures, etc. We need to decide if we're going to continue to be a school-of-choice or if we're going to have to cap campuses. This will be a debate that the community will be involved in.
I think this goes hand-in-hand with the enrollment issues we're facing. We can certainly discuss this as there are a multitude of options.
I've been on school board now for two (2) years and have been elected as Vice-President both years.

I'm not an educator - I'm an IT professional and a parent who is heavily involved. I bring a unique perspective to the Board.

My sole purpose it to advocate for the kids, the District staff and our community. I'm all about providing options/opportunities for our students - whether it's preparing them for college, the work-force or the military - our job is to create a safe environment where the students are free to choose the options that best suit them.

I work for YOU Reynoldsburg - my goals are YOUR goals! You tell me what you want and I will continue to advocate for you!
It's been my pleasure to serve on the school Board these passed two years. Was it what I expected? No - it's been SO much more! It's very rewarding to be part of something that's bigger than and has such an impact on our community.

We still have challenges that I hope to continue to help resolve. I've always told my daughters that they have to finish what they start - and I firmly believe that - and I plan on finishing what I started! And with YOUR help - WE can make all the difference! #reynproud #voteTruex
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