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A veteran Republican City Council member hoping to be Reynoldsburg’s next auditor is being challenged in November by a Democrat who is a newcomer to city politics.Longtime incumbent Richard Harris opted not to seek another term in office. He has been city auditor since 2005, and also held the same post in 2001 and 2002.Voters will choose Nov. 7 between Stephen Cicak, who currently represents Ward 1 on City Council, and Mildred M. Johnson.Read more:Cicak, Johnson tout business experience
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    Stephen M. Cicak (Rep) Self Employed

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    Mildred Johnson (Dem) Senior Service Specialist I

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Age 51
Education Pennsylvania State University Attended 1984-1987 Management Information Systems Reynoldsburg High School Graduate 1984
Experience I am qualified for the Office of Auditor due to my training and experience in accounting, financial reporting, and fiscal matters. I have over 30 years of industry experience. My first auditing position involved commercial insurance lines.
Family Married to my wife Tricia, for 18 years. A son, Nicholas and we are Pappy and Mimi to our Grandson, Kayden age 3.
Religion Roman Catholic
Campaign email
I began my professional career in the financial industry thirty years ago. For the last thirteen years, I have owned a successful business. I have never defaulted on any loans personally nor professionally. As a councilmember and candidate for council, I have 3 years of experience studying every contract the city of Reynoldsburg has entered. I have voted on two budgets for the City of Reynoldsburg and have an innate understanding of our finances and future needs. As a city councilmember, I actively campaigned and supported the single most important issue for Reynoldsburg, Issue 11, our first income tax increase since the nineteen eighties. I have been trained in the latest redevelopment trends to help provide insight to additional revenues for our city and school district. I have kept all promises I made when I was running for City Council. I am the most qualified person for this position because of my business and public service experience.
Our most immediate issue is securing the temporary financing for our community center, and the issuing of bonds to pay for our new community center permanently. Reynoldsburg has to secure a bond rating based on factors that include planning for a recession, cash reserves legislation, and income tax collection. I will be working with our mayor, development director, and bond counsel to present a proposal to the Moody’s rating agency. Another issue is keeping the promises made on infrastructure improvements and for public safety. I will be the loudest voice in the city if there are any deviations from what was promised to the people of Reynoldsburg.
I am running for City Auditor to continue the long-standing history of financial reporting excellence provided by retiring Auditor Richard Harris and his staff, to build upon their spotless reputation and keep our elected informed and focused on financial best practices.

I am running for office because I want our city to benefit from my professional business experience. I want to be a part of making our city attractive to the next generation of working families. The next few years will be the most exciting time for Reynoldsburg in modern history.
Education Attended classes at Franklin University
Experience Project Coordinator - handling employee payroll, paying taxes and monthly Invoices. Account Manager - assist small businesses against catastrophic exposure. Presently - assist customers with maintenance of their accounts,fraud Investigator
Family Married for 23 years to Columbus Firefighter Richard W. Johnson, 1 son Johron Johnson and a Mini Schnauzer named "Ace"
Religion Non Denominational
I have over 26 years of financial experience both professionally and personally. I have a vested interest in my community as I have lived here since 2003 with my family. I am involved in my community and I would love to be actively involved in the progress of Reynoldsburg. I would like to partner with the Mayor and City Council in the growth of Reynoldsburg, actively seeking to bring new businesses to our City to increase our financial structure.
I have been approached by Reynoldsburg Residence regarding the R.I.T.A Tax.

It is my plan to review the budget and the Tax Agreement with R.I.T.A to see how much we spend using this process and do a cost analysis to see if it would be more cost efficient to hire Tax Specialist to work in-house and have Reynoldsburg handle their own taxes versus paying R.I.T.A to handle them for us.

Review the financial responsibility of the City of Reynoldsburg when hosting festivals, carnivals, kids events, and special activities and see how to partner with Reynoldsburg businesses and make it an overall larger community event and a profitable bonus to our budget.
I would like to review our financial policy and make sure that all of our community is able to read and understand it regardless to their level of education, ethnic background, race or gender. It is my goal to review the policies that are in place to ensure that we offer positive incentives for our retirement and health care benefit packages. Also I would make sure that the current process that we are using for reporting, recording, maintaining, and processing all financial transactions of the City are the up to date and current. I would like to partner with our school district and establish a mentoring program or internship for our high school students.
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