Whitehall City Council - Ward 3

Whitehall residents will choose between two candidates to fill the Ward 3 seat on City Council.Read more:Whitehall council race: All four city wards offer ballot choice
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  • Larry R. Morrison

  • Paul H. Werther Route Driver

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Do you approve of the city's recent development decisions, including plans to replace the Commons at Royal Landing apartment complex with new apartments and retail space, and to allow Heartland Bank to build its headquarters on former Whitehall Community Park land?

Do you agree with the decision to require tickets to this year's July Fourth festivities in an effort to reduce crime and turmoil during the event?

Is the city doing enough to maintain its infrastructure?

What else would you like to say to voters?

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Age 57
Education 1978 Graduate of Whitehall Yearling High School
Experience Attend City Council meeting regularly, have attended planning commission, Park and Rec. meetings, very engaged in city events.
Family Wife Jessica, Daughter Emily. Son Carl
The Apartments on Fairway were once beautiful and full of life. Unfortunately, After years of decline it was time .Its my hope they reevaluate the plan and scrape the proposed amphitheater, I don't feel we need 2 in Our town . Now the Heartland bank going in at Whitehall Community Park, I see as a win for the whole parks system ,seeing how a parks fund was set up for future parks improvements. I do hope something can be set up to prevent any future sale of park land without citizen approval .
Something had to be done, It was getting Very dangerous. My family, friends and everyone I spoke to Had a Great time. I even spoke to the Mayor that night and thanked her. I am sure they are working on ways to improve on it for the coming year, I encourage residence to give them input.
Maintain. Yes .We are blessed at having the best Police and Fire Departments around. Newer schools. Improving our infrastructure is a slow and costly process . I see the Administration going after grants to keep improvements going forward. Our aging infrastructure needs this help. I would love to see a modern city ,where all our streets have curbs and gutters , new water and sewer lines. realistically that will take a long time and lot of money. I see slow and steady improvements being done by Our City.
What I can say is this. I Love this city, Born and raised here. Raising my family here. When elected I will do the best of my ability,Bring a open mind, a willingness to learn to listen, listen to learn attitude to the Council table. And do what is best for all the citizens of Our City. I just ask Every registered voter in Our city to get out and vote. Vote for me in Ward 3 , that would be nice, or vote for my opponent ,whomever you feel would best serve you. JUST VOTE!!! Thank You! And GO RAMS!!!!
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