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Worthington Schools voters must choose from among six candidates for three school board seats on the Nov. 7 general-election ballot.The six are incumbents Jennifer Best, Marc Schare and Sam Shim and challengers Nikki Hudson, Amy Lloyd and P.R. Casey.A seventh candidate, William Scott Ebright, was certified and will appear on the ballot, but has dropped out of the race.Read more:Field of six in school board race doesn’t lack experience
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    Jennifer Best Self-Employed CPA

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    P.R. Casey Government Attorney

  • William Scott Ebright

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    Nikki Hudson Intellectual Property, Marketing and Privacy Attorney

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    Amy Lloyd sym-home, Owner (Residential Design Services)

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    Marc A. Schare Software Developer

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    Sam Shim IT Consultant

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What do you think are your best qualifications to serve on the school board?

The district's master facilities plan is shaping up, but the cost to fix aging buildings and overcrowding seems it will be well over $100 million. What should district leaders do to solve the problem and keep costs under control?

Treasurer Jeff McCuen indicated a bond issue and operating levy might have to be on the ballot next year, because expenses will soon outpace revenue, according to the five-year forecast. If you agree with him, how would you convince voters? If you disagree, what do you think should be done instead of raising taxes?

What else would you like to say to voters?

Age 60
Education B.S. from The Ohio State University
Experience Worthington Libraries Trustee 1996-1998 and 2001 Elected to Worthington School Board 2001
Family I have been married to my husband Bill for 32 years. We have two children. Jackie is is an editor and Brandon a teacher.
Religion Methodist
Campaign email jbest@columbus.rr.com
Twitter @JenniferBest
I began my 16 year tenure on the School Board after helping run a levy campaign and serving four years on the Worthington Libraries Board. While on the Library Board, I learned about being a good board member, building renovations and construction, and personnel issues. While on the School Board, I have been a member of the Treasurer’s Advisory Committee, and have served on various board committees such as finance, communication and student achievement. I have been the Board President four times, and served on the contract negotiating team three times. I attend multiple Ohio School Board Associations training sessions each year. I have worked with our state legislators on issues such as K+ and 3rd grade reading guarantee. I have had to make difficult decisions, including budget cuts and school closures. I have worked hard to be objective and fair to students, staff and community in all decision making. I will do the same as we work on our capacity and facilities decisions.
Our first step is to wait for our Facilities Task Force, made up of community members, to complete their study and submit a recommendation to the superintendent. Once the recommendation is made, our facilities personnel need to review the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) report in detail. I realize that some of the recommendations, such as bringing size of classrooms up to state standards, are generic, unrealistic, and need to be evaluated in full detail to determine what repairs and renovations are truly needed. We must first deal with the capacity issues to make sure we have a seat for every student. We also need a plan to deal with our aging facilities. Although this could be a longer term plan, it needs to be addressed so we do not leave the next generation with buildings in disrepair. After determining the steps, cost estimates will need to be made and the community educated on the advantages and disadvantages of moving forward with facilities updates.
I absolutely agree a bond issue is needed next year to deal with our capacity and aging facilities issues. Our five year forecast shows an operating levy is needed in the next two years. Due to the time and effort involved in running bond and operating levy campaigns, running both together makes a lot of sense. There are many options available; such as running an operating levy and delaying collection for a year, or running an incremental levy, with the first year being very small. We will need to reach voters via many formats – newspaper, coffees, community events, newsletters, social media to discuss the building and operational needs of the district. A grassroots campaign is desirable, with a very clear message that provides information pertinent to all segments of the community. The voters will need to know exactly what the benefits are for all members of the community and what is at stake if we choose to do nothing.
I am committed to the district and engaged in the community. I am a lifelong resident of the Worthington School District. My husband Bill and I moved to our home in Olde Sawmill thirty one years ago to be in the Worthington School District. We have two children, both WKHS graduates. I am the aunt of four TWHS graduates. This gives me a unique perspective on the district, having my kids and relatives go through every level and graduating from both high schools. I volunteer with Project More and the Libraries Homework Help Center to stay connected with the schools. My involvement with Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club and the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce help me stay connected with many segments of the community.
Age 47
Education BA - Political Science, Miami University JD - The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law
Experience Former Chief Legal Counsel to the Ohio Department of Education and State Board of Education; Member of Worthington Facilities Task Force
Family Three daughters in Worthington schools. Married 16 years to Joyce Casey
I am the parent of three daughters who are currently enjoying the benefits of a Worthington education. As a parent I been involved in the community as a girls lacrosse coach and as the head of the Worthington Y-Tribe father/daughter group. I have a combination of federal, state and local education policy knowledge which makes me uniquely qualified to serve on the school board. For five years I served as Chief Legal Counsel to the Ohio Department of Education and State Board of Education. Locally, I have served for the past year as an appointed member of the Worthington Facilities Task Force. I have the overall education policy and legal knowledge to effectively help the students of the district from day one.
As a member of the Worthington Facilities Task Force I have worked for the past year on the facilities plan. I believe we must address the capacity issues at the elementary schools as quickly as possible. For this reason, I supported the task force voting to focus on the K-5 plan that immediately addresses the overcrowding issue. Immediately moving to fix the overcrowding, however, does not mean we can ignore our aging buildings. The eventual plan must provide enough funding to ensure our school buildings are safe and secure for the district's children while not overburdening the community as a whole. I am working hard on the task force to ensure the most fiscally responsible plan possible is presented that still addresses our school district's most pressing needs.
I agree with the assessment of Mr. McCuen and support a levy appearing on the ballot next year. The only way to convince voters to support a levy is to have done your homework! Meaning, supporters of the levy must have data to support their plans and be able to easily articulate why that specific amount is necessary for the district. In order to convince someone to vote for the levy, you have to personally know and believe in the reasons for the levy and how those reasons translate into a specific amount of money requested from the voters.
I have been a public servant for for over twenty years, in short, I believe in public service. Worthington is very important to me and my family and I want to give back to the community by serving on the school board. I have the skills and knowledge to benefit the students of the Worthington school district and ask the voters of Worthington to give me the opportunity to serve on the school board.
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Age 45
Education BA, English Literature, Miami University, 1994 and JD, University of Cincinnati College of Law, 1999
Experience Co-Chair of the Master Facilities Task Force, former Member of the District Mission & Vision Committee, and former PTA President. Former Member of the Board of Directors of The Women's Fund of Central Ohio and AAF Columbus.
Family My husband, David, and I have been married for 16 years. We are the proud parents of Audrey and Amelia.
Religion Unitarian Universalist
Campaign email votehudson2017@gmail.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/votehudson2017
I have practiced law for over 18 years, both in a national law firm and, more recently, in a multinational corporation. I am a vocal leader, and trained to view matters holistically, consider different perspectives, act proactively, and make informed decisions. In addition, I have two young children in the school district. This provides me with real-time insight into what is going on in the schools and the impact of various challenges facing the district (e.g. capacity issues, testing requirements).

I am trained in community leadership and advocacy, having graduated from Leadership Columbus in 2012. Through my roles as Co-Chair of the Master Facilities Task Force, member of the District Mission & Vision Committee, and former PTA President at Colonial Hills Elementary School, I have developed a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing our district.
Having served as co-chair of the Facilities Task Force, I can assure the community that an easy, inexpensive quick fix to the issues at hand does not exist. In order to solve the aging facilities and overcrowding, and keep costs under control, district leaders should: 1) deal with all issues in phases in order to avoid over-building and asking the community for more funding than is needed; 2) prioritize the overcrowding/capacity issue; 3) in the first phase, when a majority of the funding is needed to address overcrowding/capacity, prioritize the aging facility issues that are a necessity and have a significant impact; and 4) as the district has already done, apply for potential reimbursement through the OFCC.
I agree and would ensure that voters understand the FULL picture. From a revenue standpoint, we need to understand how: 1) the phase-out of the TPP has impacted school funding (it was 11% of our budget in 2005); 2) despite growing enrollment (approx. 1,000 students over the past 5 years), we will receive less funding from Ohio and the formula for funding caps certain districts, Worthington included; and 3) despite the increase in property values, districts are generally prohibited from collecting additional revenue on existing taxes. From an expense standpoint, we have a projected increase in expenses due in part to: 1) increased enrollment (projected to further increase by 800 students over the next 5 years); 2) a projected need for additional staff; 3) junior staff which results in greater salary increases early in the staff’s career; and 4) the state of our facilities. Most importantly, it is essential that we do not sacrifice quality education as we address our facility issues.
At a macro level, I am a candidate because I believe in the value of education – education, quality education for every child, is a foundation of democracy. When so much of the educational process is mandated by state and federal legislation, I believe it is critical that our school board use its voice and advocate on behalf of our students. At a micro level, I believe we need leadership on our school board that understands what our students and teachers are experiencing in the classroom. As a parent, I have the necessary, real-time insight into the challenges facing our district. Given that the school board’s role is one of governance, that insight would position me to ask the right questions, ensure that the district is focusing on the appropriate issues, and ultimately support the superintendent and teachers in implementing the right solutions.
Age 39
Education Kent State University Bachelor of Architecture, 2001 Bachelor of Science, 2000 Worthington Kilbourne High School, 1996
Experience I have 15 years of experience in the design and construction industry and have been involved with $400+ million in K-12 construction. I have also served on the City of Worthington’s Architectural Review Board for 10 years.
Family Married to my husband, Josh, and we have three children.
Twitter https://twitter.com/AmyLloyd714
I am the only candidate with school planning, design, and construction experience, which is one of Worthington’s most pressing issues due to our increasing enrollment numbers and aging facilities. As a former employee with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC), I have encouraged the district to partner with the OFCC for free services and a resolution has now been put in place for potential future State partial funding for our school facilities.

I am a parent with children currently in the school district. I have a child with dyslexia and am aware of the challenges that both parents and school districts have with providing services for students with special needs. I have been actively involved with PTA as a board member and have organized and participated in building rain gardens at three Worthington buildings. I have also participated in the District's Wellness Committee to update the Wellness policy after starting a grassroots Wellness group.
I think the district's priorities need to be creating seats for growing enrollment in certain buildings, planning for the future recognizing that our enrollment numbers may go back down and finding creative ways to do more with less or find other funding sources to address more of our buildings now. I don't believe that some of our buildings can wait 10-20 years before we address them through major renovation or new construction. I think we need to actively seek ways in which we can do more now.

Our buildings will cost us money whether we continue to maintain the older buildings, do major renovations, add additions, or build new. We need creativity and collaboration now to make this all happen for our students. I believe partnership with the State of Ohio for potential future funding is critical as we will need that money down the road. I don’t have all the answers to the funding question, but I do have the tools and knowledge to ask the right questions
While I think the community appreciates that Worthington Schools has not been on the ballot since 2012, especially as the economy has been recovering from the 2008 recession, it will be a challenge explaining all of this to the community for the Board of Education members who are elected in November 2017. We have many pieces to this complex puzzle including operating dollars, maintaining our existing buildings and looking to the future by planning for renovated or new buildings which would require a bond issue. I also believe that partnership with the State of Ohio, the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, is important to offset some of the costs to the local taxpayers.

Our district needs to work hand in hand with the community from this day forward, maintain far better communication with the City's governance, and communicate the District's challenges and benefits to the community far louder than it does now.
I would like to continue my involvement and passion for Worthington Schools and community by being a member of the Worthington Board of Education. I am a graduate of Worthington Schools. I have encouraged the district since 2013 to begin looking at our aging buildings and create a plan for the future. I am currently serving as co-chair of the Community Led Facilities Task Force to represent our community as we plan for the future. I have participated in the District's Wellness Committee to update the Wellness policy after starting a grassroots Wellness group to bring awareness to the issue within the school district. I have participated and organized service projects through Green Apple Day of Service, a K-12 National Day of Service through the U.S. Green Building Council, installing rain gardens at three Worthington buildings. Serving on the City of Worthington’s Architectural Review Board for 10 years has given me greater insight into local government and board experience.
Age 59
Education M.S. in Mathematics: Stevens Institute of Technology and B.S. in Computer Science, College of Staten Island
Experience 30 years in Software Development and Marketing, Small Business Owner and 12 years on the Worthington Board of Education.
Religion Jewish
Campaign website http://www.re-electmarc.com
Campaign email marc9@aol.com
YouTube Video
Twitter @marcschare
My best qualification for service on the school board is experience. I’ve been a member of the Worthington Board of Education for 12 years, including 2 as its President and 3 as its Vice President. In that time, I’ve overseen periods of declining enrollment and increasing enrollment, I’ve overseen large turnover in district staffing and hired our district’s current leadership team. I’ve overseen the unique challenges brought about by changing demographics in our community. I’ve hired a Treasurer who has brought transparency and discipline to Worthington Schools’ financial affairs. I’ve served on every major committee and task force including the Treasurer’s Advisory, Curriculum Liaison Council and numerous internal committees. I’ve testified on behalf of our district in front of many legislative panels including education and finance and have represented our district on statewide education task forces. Worthington Schools are thriving and I’ve been blessed to be a part of it.
Our district needs to solve 3 distinct, interrelated problems. Enrollment projections indicate we need around 600 additional elementary school seats. Some buildings are 50+ years old and it may be more cost effective to replace them rather than continue to maintain them. Finally, we have an imbalance in enrollment between our two high schools. Balancing that enrollment ensures equitable opportunities to every student in the district. As with most major decisions, the Board will receive public input both directly and via a community task force. My view is that we need to find the most cost effective solution that addresses all 3 issues. I believe the most cost effective way to address capacity and balance is a combination of new construction or renovation with some strategic redistricting. We should deal with aging facilities on a building by building basis weighing cost of maintenance and cost of replacement. I believe the issues can be addressed for well under 100 million dollars.
Worthington is in its best financial condition in recent memory. Here are some of my efforts that allow us to enjoy this position. Thanks to effective lobbying with legislators, Worthington will receive over 24 million dollars in unanticipated revenue and as our Board promised, every dollar has gone to extending the operating levy. In addition, our previous bond issues provided technology, transportation and infrastructure at no additional taxpayer expense and overall expenses increased by only 2.3% annually since FY13. Moving forward, our financial projection indicates a requirement for new operating dollars in 2020 along with a bond issue in 2018. Only two things convince voters to raise their own taxes – trust and transparency. Our board keeps its promises. We extended the last levy to 6 years. Our district’s finances are an open book. If re-elected, I will continue to serve as a fiscal watchdog and taxpayer advocate consistent with the quality our community demands and deserves.
As a three-term incumbent, I’m running on my record in the hopes that if you like the direction our school district is headed, you will vote to retain the management structure of the district, including the Board of Education. Our district’s many accomplishments are the result of hard work by our students, teachers, parents and administrators. The Board’s job, and my passion over last 12 years, is to collaboratively exercise management oversight through policy and to represent our community in the decision making process. I’m very proud to have received the endorsements of former Superintendent Dr. Melissa Conrath, Former Assistant Superintendent Mark Glasbrenner, former director of Academic Achievement Jennifer Wene as well as 6 Former Worthington School Board Presidents as well as Worthington’s representative to the Ohio House, Mike Duffey. I like where Worthington Schools are headed academically, financially and programmatically. I ask for your vote to continue our progress.
Age 47
Education Master of Business Administration (MBA) & Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, The Ohio State University
Experience Consultant, Supply Chain Manager, Auditor, Engineer, Systems Programmer, Non-Profit Board of Directors
Family Two children attending Worthington Schools
Religion Christian
Campaign website http://samshim.org
Campaign email samshim2013@gmail.com
I currently serve as Board Vice President of the Worthington School Board. The district is in an era of tremendous enrollment growth while experiencing continued cuts in state funding. My vast experience of our school district and its operations is crucial to ensure that the best decisions continue to be made.

In addition, I have two children currently attending Worthington Schools. It is important that parents have a voice in the decisions of the school districts.

I also serve as Board Vice President of the Family Mentor Foundation (FMF). FMF is a Worthington-based non-profit that serves meals on weekends to students in Worthington and other nearby school districts. My experience on the school board has shown me how important these wraparound services are, to ensure that our students have their basic needs best, so they can thrive at our schools. The services our neediest students receive outside the school day are just as critical as what they get in our buildings.
The district should develop a new master facilities plan that maintains a sharp focus on our ABC's. A: Aging Facilities, B: Balancing Enrollment, and C: Capacity. This priority-driven plan should include the time frame for all major renovations, repairs, additions and replacements, and incorporate the recommendations of the Facilities & Enrollment Task Force. The plan must also factor in the financial reality of our limited funds. To gain support of the plan, the district must also develop an effective communications plan to all members of the community, and not just to parents of students.
I have the utmost confidence in our Treasurer's abilities and his five-year forecast. I was one of the leaders of the 2012 combined school levy/bond issue campaign. During that campaign, we promised voters that we would not be back on the ballot until 2015. It is now 2017 and we have extended the 3-year levy to at least 6 years (2018). This clearly demonstrates the fiscally responsible policies of our school district.

I would strongly advocate for full transparency to the voters. We must be very clear as to why we are asking for additional revenue. All details must be provided to the community, just as we did in 2012. A detailed communication plan of the master facility plan is a necessity, along with communicating why the operating levy is also needed. Worthington Schools has may strengths and accomplishments that set us apart from other school districts. They need to be highlighted too.
I am honored to have served on the school board for the past four years. I enjoy tackling the challenges we have faced, and I love doing my small part in making a difference to the community we live in!
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