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In the township of Berlin, three candidates are seeking two open trustee positions.
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  • Tom D'Amico

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    Steve Flaherty Entrepreneur & Sales Professional

  • Ken O'Brien

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Age 34
Education BS - Miami University MBA - University of Louisville
Experience I have been a Township trustee for the last 4 years. Between my experience in the township and working with over 200 local cities and government throughout the state, I have a vast array of knowledge of local government operations.
Family Married for nine years to my loving wife Rachel, and have 3 children: Caylee, Conner, & Kendall.
Religion Christian
I'm the only incumbent running for office and would like to continue the direction we have been heading for the last 4 years. We are in a period of growth and that takes careful planning and well executed decisions for changes to current conditions. As a business owner, I face constant decisions that affect our day to day operations as well as the future of our operations. I take the same business mentality with township operations and look for things that make sense short term and long term, are proactive instead of reactive, and are economically and financially responsible for our 7,000+ residents.
Berlin is in a period of growth and with it comes many challenges and things to manage. The key is smart development that brings desired assets with it (parks, multi-use trails, etc) but also preservers our rural character and charm. This is the most pressing issue facing the township right now and with borders being threatened by larger municipalities, we have to make sure we protect our borders, but by working together vs. against one another. By using economic development tools to control the growth and make sure that their is a financial future to maintain the growth we can manage and control it effectively.
I've had fun the last four years and we have made some real strides for securing our future and it is very bright. I want to continue that path and maintain the township as a great place to live, work, and play. I've always said, I'm not a politician, but rather a husband/father/business owner that wishes to give my time to help make sure our corner of the world keeps its quaint charm but is also secure in itself for the future, as the area changes. Fiscal responsibility is the key to financial security for the future, so my work has focused on ensuring our borders stay protected, that we have smart controlled development, and that we utilize tools available to us to ensure a protected financial future is possible. Proactive is vastly cheaper than reactive, so with proper planning and vision, we keep ourselves ready for change, but secure in our future.
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