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Four candidates are running for three seats on the board of education.
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    Jayna McDaniel Browning Social media/marketing consultant

  • Frances O'Flaherty Science Teacher

  • Michael J. Wiener

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Age 49
Education BA, Ithaca (NY) College
Experience Award-winning media executive turned work-at-home wife & mom. 20 years business and management experience at local and corporate levels. Graduate of Leadership Delaware, class of 2017. 7+ year DCS weekly in-class volunteer. Incumbent.
Family Jim, husband of 14 years; sons Ian (12) and Liam (10)
Campaign email
Our schools strive to grow healthy, confident, responsible and successful young adults. To support these goals, anti-bullying initiatives, arts programs, and physical activity are three areas of focus.

Bullying is a problem at most schools. Our district must continue to actively seek solutions to a problem that affects far too many students. I have attended multiple seminars on causes and solutions, and will continue to promote this issue in our schools.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) programming is imperative to our kids' success. While many districts have cut arts funding, research confirms that creative arts programs support positive academic outcomes. I will continue to be an active supporter.

Research also confirms that increased activity improves student learning, test outcomes, and behavior. Most of us remember daily gym class, but this is not the case for most kids today. Increasing physical activity in our schools remains an important issue to me.
During a Leadership Delaware session, we were asked to provide a word or two that best described us. I asked the people who knew me best. The three words that arose most frequently were, "smart," "committed," and "passionate." These are the qualities I bring to my work on the Board.

I am skilled at strategic planning, communications, budgeting, training, hiring, and staff management -- all of which are important to running a successful school district. I also understand the pressures of balancing family life around work, school, extracurriculars, and community involvement. Open and frequent communications between schools and parents have never been more important.

As a weekly classroom volunteer for 7+ years, I have a unique, first-hand perspective of DCS that few, aside from staff members, can claim. And as a parent to two DCS students, I have a vested interest in educational excellence at Delaware Schools. I want my kids to succeed, but moreover, I want ALL of our kids to succeed!
It has been an honor to serve Delaware for the last four years as a Member of our Board of Education and to be elected to serve as Board Vice President for two of those years. I've served as the Board's OSBA delegate for the last four years, and have dedicated more than a week each year to attend training seminars to stay abreast of changes in state law, educational trends, and ways to improve our school environment. I’ve spent time in each of our district’s schools to get to know our staff and students, and learn first-hand about their challenges and successes.

Together, we have:

- Successfully completed building projects at all seven buildings, on time and on budget;

- Added technology classes for our elementary students to prepare them for 21st century learning; and

- Raised the graduation rate to its highest level ever.

There are more challenges ahead. If re-elected, I pledge to continue to listen, learn, and lead for the good of our students and our community.
Age 56
Education BS in Science Education
Experience I have served on the Delaware City Schools Board of Education for the past 14 years. I have been a teacher since 1990.
Family Husband, Pete. Two children, both products of the DCS school system and graduates of Delaware Hayes.
Campaign email
We continue to have difficulty with low funding from the state and federal level. Our district is growing, unlike most of the districts in Ohio, and our unique population situation is not addressed by the funding rubric used for all districts. Our mission is to continue to provide the very best possible education in the very best possible environment for all of our district's students. It continues to become more difficult as our population grows, and we appreciate the amazing level of support that our community continues to provide for their schools.
I have been on the Board for the last fourteen years, and I have learned a lot about our school district in those years. I continue to educate myself on changing policies and school guidelines and obligations to remain current. I have been teaching since 1990, which allows me to share a different perspective on those occasions where it is pertinent. I enjoy representing for the Delaware community, especially for my Conger family and east-side neighbors.
I truly enjoy representing the community on the Delaware City Schools Board of Education. I welcome questions and conversation and look forward to hearing from constituents.
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