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In the township of Genoa, six candidates are seeking two open trustee positions.
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  • Kevin Gainer

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    Karl Gebhardt Ex Director Ohio Lake Erie Commission

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    Connie M. Goodman Genoa Township Trustee, OSU Retiree

  • Mark Harmon

  • Michael Irwin

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    Renee Vaughan Retail Merchandiser

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Age 65
Education MA Public Policy, BA Business Admin Franklin University , AAS Natural Resources Hocking College
Experience 45 years of working in both the private and public sectors at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Agriculture and Ohio EPA . Owner of Teater-Gebhardt & Associates for 15 years, Elected Genoa Twp Township Trustee for two terms .
Family Married to Susan Gebhardt 41 years, two married daughters, six grandkids
Religion Protestant
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I have served as Genoa Twp Trustee for two terms. I bring a combination of private and public sector experience to this position and the experience of running my own business. I am a conservative when dealing with the taxpayers dollars - and strive to make sure spending decisions are made in their best interest and service.

I attempt to be a consensus builder seeking input and weighing arguments for and against issues. Sometimes consensus and agreement cant be reach and decisions still need to be made, which I have done.

Genoa Twp is at an important cross-roads - there is an element that I believe wants to backtrack on the positive nature of the township. I believe a majority of the residents appreciate the services and programs being provided by the Trustees and the direction we are heading.
Public Safety services as we currently know them in the township could be threatened if the wrong people are in charge. Our residents ( taxpayers) have supported a full-time police and fire EMS provided by the township. There could be a threat of take-over by the county in this area which I will not support.

We need to be watchful of our general fund spending . One goal of mine is to not only reduce spending but to seek other way to provide services (grants, shared services) in order to maintain programs.

Development in and around the township will continue to be an issue. While the township is 75-80% built out the areas around the township especially to the north are in the development corridor. I don't think our residents nor am I against development that is appropriate but they also do not want it to go unabated. Looking at regional scale development and making sure the infrastructure can keep up will be important going forward.
I look forward to enhancing the programs and services to the residents of Genoa Twp. As previously stated I believe a majority of the residents are pleased with the services provided by the township and job I have done as trustee. I look forward to helping to carry out our slogan Genoa Two A Nice Place to Live. Thank you.
Age 67
Education University of Minnesota, BS Home Economics Education; Ohio State University, Graduate Studies Family Resource Management
Experience Genoa Township Trustee; Ohio State University, Assistant Registrar Academic Records, College Advisor
Family I am the mother of three grown children and grandmother to six grandchildren, ages eight months to fifteen years.
Religion Catholic
I have been an active participant in Township operations since moving to Genoa Township in 2005. Prior to being appointed Trustee, I served as Zoning Commission chair, was a member of the Board of Zoning Appeals, and sat on multiple levy committees for Police, Fire/EMT, and Roads and Bridges. In 2015, I retired from The Ohio State University as Assistant Registrar for Academic Records, having responsibility for personnel, budgeting, and processing of confidential information. Throughout my career at Ohio State, I was actively involved in both the state and national professional associations, and served as president of the Ohio Association of Collegiate Registrars (OACRAO). I was also chair of multiple committees and often presented at both state and national conferences. My leadership and fiscal background, along with a solid understand of Genoa Township operations and challenges, will give me the most comprehensive background with which to make sound decisions for our residents.
Fiscal solvency is critical for our township. If elected, I will continue to carefully assess expenditures for need and benefit, look for grants, matching funds, and donations wherever available, and strive to remain debt-free. We face a threat by a minority fraction that is working to disband our EMT and police services and turn them over to Delaware County. Response times would be slower as services would be further away at a time when needs are most critical. I will fight to retain our excellent full-time, township located safety services to insure residents have the maximum protection they deserve. Finally, a small group of residents is anti-development of any kind. I believe we need to be planful in development by respecting our Comprehensive Plan, our Zoning Resolution, as well as the rights of property owners.
I believe the majority of Genoa Township residents are pleased with the services and atmosphere of our community, and they have repeatedly indicated that as I talk with them. Our Police, Fire/EMT, roads services, and parks are top-notch and we hear that regularly. I will continue to listen to our residents regarding what they feel is important to quality of life in our township and make decisions based on input, need, and the law. My overarching goal is to continue on a path that provides desired services and amenities to our residents in the most fiscally responsible manner and keeps Genoa Township a “nice place to live”.
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Age 46
Education Bachelors-University of Cincinnati; Masters-University of Pittsburgh; Principal Certification-Slippery Rock University
Experience I have volunteered on my church board, the neighborhood HOA, and Olentangy's Attendance Boundaries Committee. I am a dedicated, passionate resident of Genoa Township who wants to serve the people.
Family I have been married to my husband, Bob, for 20 years. We have 3 boys, 17, 14 and 11. They attend Olentangy Schools.
Religion Nondenominational
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Beginning with the CVS Pharmacy’s failed attempt to build a new store and disrupt the rural environment of Genoa Township four years ago, I have been actively involved in the Township- including the adoption of the 2016 Comprehensive (Land use) Plan.

Unfortunately, I have listened to many Township residents who have attended meetings and spoken against numerous issues and then been ignored by the Zoning Commission and Trustees who voted in favor of corporate interests. This is very frustrating because Township residents are very sincere and passionate when they speak at these meetings. As a result, I have remained actively involved in the Township and am running for Trustee to represent the voices of Genoa residents. I have not accepted donations from corporate organizations, political action committees, or politicians. This will allow me to remain unbiased on all issues. Because I am not a career politician, I know I can respect and represent the voices of Township residents.
The most pressing issues in Genoa Township are development and maintaining the high standard of police and fire services. My goal is to use the Comprehensive Plan and resident feedback on any development applications. I will make intelligent, well-informed, independent thinking, fiscally responsible decisions that are always in the best interest of the Township as a whole and its residents. One of my priorities when I am elected Trustee will be to maintain the high standard of safety within Genoa Township and keep Genoa a "safe place to live.”

I feel so strongly about this that I met with both the Police and Fire Chiefs. The police department has some valid needs and I look forward to working with Police Chief Gammill. My goal is to bring their work environment up to today’s standards so they can perform their job more professionally. The police and fire departments continue to provide excellent service and both provide many amenities that aren’t offered at other departments.
Although my constituents think that the majority of residents in Genoa Township are pleased with the services and atmosphere of our community, it’s my experience that voters are frustrated and have real concerns. Residents speak frequently at township meetings about the Comprehensive Plan being ignored. Taxes have increased from school levies due to overcrowding. Our infrastructure is not being improved at the same speed as development. The fact that improving the roads has been ignored while development has continued has caused a traffic nightmare in the township for the last six months. I look forward to working with residents to make Genoa “A Better Place to Live”.
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