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In the township of Kingston, three candidates are seeking two open trustee positions.
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  • William L. Shively Farmer

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    Steve Volpe Township Trustee

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Age 53
Education Graduate of Buckeye Valley High School.Attended the Ohio State University Agricultural technical Institute in Wooster.
Experience I will have served as a Kingston Township Trustee for 24 years at the completion of my 6th term in office. I currently serve as chairman of the board of Trustees.I am a life long resident of Kingston Township.
Family I am married to my wife tricia for 11 years. I have a step daughter cindy and step son james.
Religion We attend the Kilbourne united methodist church in Kilbourne,Ohio
Campaign email
They say experience is the best teacher.I have 24 years of experience working with the residence as a trustee.I live and work in Kingston Township so I am accessible to the residents if they have an issue or concern.I have served on many township,county,and state committees.I am most familiar with the townships zoning code,cemeteries,roads and drainage systems.I can operate all of the road maintenance equipment and plow snow. I am attentive and responsive to the residents of Kingston Township.
Building a new township hall is a top priority and we will get it built with the support of the residents. The trustees will use the farmland rent to help pay for it.The 25 acres of a planned community park,bike and walking trails will also be built at no cost to the township. 2. Keeping taxes low. The trustees do everything we can to not have to go for more tax money from the residents. The township has been very successful in applying for grant money to rebuild roads,bridges and improve drainage in the township. 3.Fight hard to find a better way to calculate the current CAUV tax on farmland. The tax increase landowners were faced with was unprecedented. It has put the most hardship on many senior farmland owners. They should not have to sell off the farm because of a flawed,outdated tax system.
I want to say Thank you to the residents of Kingston Township for placing your trust and confidence in me over the past 24 years as a Kingston Township Trustee. If re-elected, I will continue to work hard keeping the roads safe,taxes low,a new Township hall built with no tax increase and help the residents with any issues or concerns they have. Please be sure to vote on November 7th! To contact me with questions or concerns please call 419-560-9127 or 740-524-2333.
Age 63
Education Ohio State University '77 B.S. Franklin University '85 A.S.
Experience Kingston Township Trustee, 8 yrs. President of the Delaware County Township Association. Treasurer of the Delaware County Local Government Association. Member BWSD Economic Development and Facilities Planning Committees.
Family Wife, Debbie, Married 40 years, Two Daughters, Three Grandchildren.
Campaign email
As a Kingston Township Trustee for the past 8 years, I am fully engaged in all the issues of the Township. I represent all township residents and work closely with many other elected officials and agencies pursuing the interests of our residents. I am the President of the Delaware County Township Association. I have been Treasurer of the Delaware County Local Government Association. I am a member of Big Walnut School District’s Economic Development and Facilities Planning Committees. In January, 2017 I was recognized by the Ohio Township Association’s Leadership Academy.

I have more than 25 years of experience in construction/project management. This is the perfect fit for the primary responsibilities of townships in Ohio. As a longtime resident of Kingston Township I am not only aware of the issues, but of the history behind the issues.
With the construction of the outlet mall, a major subdivision building out, and another getting ready to build out, traffic is a major issue for all of Kingston Township. There is a proposed traffic circle at SR 61 and Wilson Road that many are questioning. I will continue to work with ODOT, the County Engineer and Developers, towards resolving these issues, while protecting our residents.

Upgrading utilities continues to be another issue in our township. In my tenure, natural gas has been introduced and distribution areas have been expanded 3 times. Time-Warner has expanded services and service area. Other high speed internet providers are now available.

A concern for many is the condition of our present township hall. I have been working hard with architects and contractors to develop a simple low cost township hall on land presently owned by the township. What has been proposed will solve this problem without raising taxes.
I would like to thank all Kingston Township residents for allowing me to serve them for the past 8 years. You will be voting for two Trustees on November 7th. I hope I will have one of your votes. Thank you.
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