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In the township of Liberty, six candidates are seeking two open trustee positions.
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    Holly Adams Wife, Mother, Household Manager, 20 years Sales/Managment Experience, 44 years of Life & Learning Experience

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    Shyra Eichhorn Corporate Event Planner and Communications Strategist

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    Mike Gemperline Owner Medical Furnishings Group

  • Scott Lynch

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    Bryan Newell Project Manager/Transportation Planner

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    Christopher M. Shear Health and Medicare Plan Consultant

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Do you agree with the direction the township is going in terms of development?

With the 15-year CEDA expired, Powell has begun to explore the annexation of land north of Home Road for the first time. Is this acceptable, or should the township explore a new agreement?

How can the township be proactive as development begins along the new stretch of Sawmill Parkway?

What else would you like to say to voters?

Age 45
Education Bachelors Degree Marketing/International Business Bowling Green State University, 1995
Experience 20 years of success in sales and management requires excellent communication, time-management and relationship building skills with my team and customers. As Trustee I will use these skills and my strong work ethic to benefit our community.
Family Married 13 years to husband Chad. Two children, daughter age 12, son age 10. 11 year resident of Liberty Township.
Religion Christian
I am pleased with some of the plans being discussed but concerned that if the wrong people are elected, the wants and needs of the residents and taxpayers will be replaced with the wants of developers who continue to pressure the BOT to approve TIF’s for residential developments. One of the reasons I decided to run for Trustee is because I feel there are 3 candidates that have ulterior motives that that would place the residents and taxpayers at a disadvantage to developers.

I will never support residential TIFS and I am opposed to any irresponsible development that burdens our schools, traffic flow, and Fire and EMS department. I am in favor of responsible, well thought out development that brings additional opportunities to our residents and community.

Because the township has no authority over the City of Powell, as Trustee I feel joint meetings of the BOT and Council are vital to ensuring we are developing our community and servicing our community as a “whole unit”.
I am in favor of developing the area north of Home Road. Residents have also expressed favor for development north of Home Road but only if, 1) their tax dollars are not spent or tax levels increased to pay for residential TIF’s, and 2) commercial development is prioritized to residential development for at least 2 years, and 3) township zoning requirements are met. I support the Township Development/Annexation Committee to further discussions on this topic. I look forward to more discussion and input from our community and government departments to develop a successful development plan for our community. As Trustee, I plan to 1) keep doing what is working well for our township, 2) stop doing what is not working well, and 3) start doing things that are vital to a successful development plan.
The BOT and City Council need to work together, not independently of each other, and hold each other accountable for always doing what is best for the residents and taxpayers, without exception. My suggestion is that at every BOT meeting there is at least one Council member in attendance to represent and speak for their group if needed, and the same for one BOT at every Council meeting. I believe in-person communication and interaction is always best and most efficient in moving discussions and projects along. As Trustee, I will be proactive in reaching out to businesses that will bring jobs, desired products and services, and ultimately additional tax dollars to help fund our township. As a Trustee, I would proactively meet and encourage fellow Trustees to meet with BOT’s from Westerville, Dublin and other communities that our residents have told me they wish our future development plans will emulate. I have the skills and time necessary to proactively serve our community.
We need Trustees that have the time to do ALL that is necessary to protect our community from over-development and to protect our tax dollars from being wasted. Several years ago, I retired from my sales career and now have the time to serve as Trustee in a manner that the taxpayers expect and deserve. I am running to represent us, the residents, NOT developers or myself. I have no ulterior motives but to serve our community. I feel strongly that the residents in our township already pay more than enough in taxes (with revenues growing by the day) to cover the services our residents want and need. As Trustee, I will work in conjunction with my fellow Trustees, City Council and other elected officials to ensure we are working together to serve the needs of our community.I look forward to earning your vote on Nov. 7th. . If you have any questions or concerns/suggestions you wish to share, please contact me at
Age 44
Education Master of Science in Marketing and Communications Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Experience Liberty Township Trustee, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Committee Representative, Olentangy Scenic River Advisory Council, proven business record and avid volunteer within the community.
Family Married to Ken Eichhorn. Three children in the OLSD-Vincent, Annissa & Blake. Daughter of Richard and Shirley Marling.
Religion Member of Powell United Methodist Church
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What matters most is that the residents agree with the direction the township is heading in terms of development. We must protect owner property rights to avoid lawsuits, while making sure the charm of the community does not fade away. If businesses are not recruited, the residents are left with a heavy tax burden to fund community services that are unrealistic to sustain long term. However, developing to just develop is not the answer. We need to be proactive to attract desired development instead of reacting to unwanted projects. To accomplish this, we are updating our strategic and comprehensive plans, creating a resident advisory board that focuses on development and annexation, and studying other communities that have successfully executed desired development.
The CEDA was established in 2002 and a section expired in 2017 which had prohibited Powell from annexing Liberty Township land north of Home Rd. The rest of the agreement is in effect until 2052. The real issue is current legislation that makes it extremely challenging for townships to protect themselves against annexation. We continue to advocate through the OTA to change laws which would allow townships to compete with cities on the same playing field. Our relationship with Powell has never been stronger and we collaborate on projects for cost savings. However, we never like to lose Township land to anyone and we want to maintain our separate identity.
We need to position ourselves to be competitive for projects wanted by the community and have an infrastructure that can support these projects. As mentioned, we are updating our strategic and comprehensive plans, creating a resident advisory board that focuses on development and annexation, and studying other communities that have successfully executed desired development.
It has been an honor to serve as your Township Trustee for the past four years. As I reflect, I am proud of what has been accomplished - streamlined costs, consolidated departments, increased multi-use trails, implemented safety measures, strategic planning, awarded grants, collaboration with other entities for cost savings, and resolutions passed to keep this community a place we all want to live in. I take pride in striving to be the voice of the residents. I am constantly reaching out to people to understand the needs and wants of the community and seek perspectives on both sides of an issue. Thank you for all your support. I hope I have earned your vote on November 7.
Age 63
Education In 62 years I have had more education and attended more trainings and seminars and classes than I have room to list.
Experience For the past 23 years I have owned and operated Medical Furnishings Group. Serve on the Del. Cty. Rep.Party Central Committee Past President of the Sertoma Club. Have participated in twp. politics and attended many meetings over the years.
Family Married 33 years to my wonderful wife Cindy. Our daughter Jessica is 33. Our son Seth is 29 and our precious Cindy is 6
Religion Christian. Founding Member of and Finance Committee of Fellowship Bible Chapel.
I am encouraged by some of the latest development proposals and I'm very happy with the multiuse trail requirements in our newer developments. In fact, if I am fortunate enough to be trustee, I look forward to continuing the trail connectivity throughout our community especially on Jewett Rd. I oppose any irresponsible development that burdens our community, our schools, or our traffic flow and I will not vote in favor of any such development. I am concerned that developers are trying to make significant changes to our community at the expense of the taxpayers and for their own personal gains. As trustee I will make it a priority to meet regularly with Powell City Council members to come into agreement regarding how we want things to be developed so that developers will no longer be able to pit the township and the city against each other. This has happened all too many times. This is one community and we need to work together to protect it. I will never agree to residential TIFs.
Liberty Twp. and Powell are one community. I have lived here for 29 years and we have always been neighbors. Our children go to school together. We go to the same restaurants and grocery stores. There is no reason to have a legal document governing our actions. What we do need is a mutually respectful relationship for the good of the entire community. As a trustee I will make it my priority to schedule regular meetings with Powell Council members in an effort to cooperate and do what is best for our overall community. We need to agree on a vision of how we want our community to be developed, how much green space we want, and where we want to see the different types of development. I know we can cooperate and compromise and agree on a mutually beneficial plan for our community. Powell and Liberty Twp. are one and we need to protect each other, When we are divided developers win and our community loses. If I am elected I have the time and the experience to bring us together.
I think that the township and the city should consider a mutually agreed upon zoning overlay along the new Sawmill Parkway. Together the city and the township can determine how we want the Sawmill Parkway Extension to be developed. We need representatives who are willing to work together on an agreed upon plan that will keep our community beautiful, keep traffic flowing, and benefit our schools. Then we need to stand united to see that that vision is followed. Otherwise developers will continue to take advantage of our community. The township and the city have to be on the same page and have each others' backs. This collaboration will take time and we need representatives who have the free time to put into this effort. My children are grown up and I am winding down my career. I have the time and the passion to lead this effort. We have got to get together on this now and stop allowing developers to exploit our community or the Parkway will be a disaster.
I would like the voters to know that I have the time and heart to serve US, not developers or my handful of friends. I love our community and the people who live here. Our children deserve to have a beautiful community to grow up in like my children did. It is urgent during this economic boom that we have representatives that will be proactive and put in the required time to protect our community from irresponsible development that will leave us with a mess that we can't fix. I will invest the time required to do the job. I have been an advocate for tax payers for years. I have already protected your hard earned tax dollars from being wasted on unnecessary expenses and "friends" of elected officials. I will not allow cronyism in our twp. I will spend your money as if it was my own. I pledge to you that I will improve our services but I will never raise your township taxes or add new taxes in the township. I will never approve a residential TIF or irresponsible development.
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Age 42
Education BA Architecture - OSU; Master of City and Regional Planning - OSU; master's course work Transportation Engineering - OSU
Experience 18 months Liberty Twp Board of Zoning Appeals; 20 years professional planning experience; 1 year Ohio Senate
Family Wife Kristen Braden; Daughter Sidney Newell
Religion Methodist
Campaign email
Recently, it seems development is occurring mostly through annexation of Township land. I would like to explore the reasons why developers choose to annex into the city, and then address those issues with an open mind, weighing the pros and cons of possible solutions. I would like to see the Comprehensive Plan address our need for more neighborhood scale as well as service-oriented and professional businesses which would help defray the tax burden on our residential properties. We also need to begin working with the private sector to upgrade our connectivity. We are already falling behind other communities. We need to start discussing redevelopment. Our core areas are starting to reach the point where the old use is not its highest and best use. We need a master plan that includes things such as an overlay district, which contains architectural standards, building orientations/scale, and desired uses.
The part of the CEDA pertaining to annexation north of Home Road has expired, but the rest of the agreement is still in force until 2052. I am not in favor of pulling out of the CEDA because of financial ramifications for the Township. However, I am in favor of exploring strategies to preserve the land in the Township. From my conversations with residents north of Home Road, I’ve learned they like their location because of the space and rural feel, and they want both maintained even as development pressure increases. While property owners have the right to do what is best for them, it falls on the Township to find a balance between honoring the free market while also protecting the character of the area. It is not an easy situation, nor one that can be answered in a black and white way, either for or against. In most situations, there is an acceptable middle ground if we are willing to look for it, and as Township leaders it is imperative we seek that middle ground whenever possible.
As a member of the Comprehensive Plan Review Committee, I would like to see additional avenues for more public engagement implemented before the final draft is sent to the trustees for review and approval. Just as surrounding communities have done, we should be sending out surveys and holding public workshops to make sure the plan reflects what residents truly want. I strongly believe aesthetics should be considered as a key item for future development in that corridor. This may require changes to our zoning code in that area through overlays and other protections. Controlling this development is a complicated situation that needs real thought leadership, or we will continue to be put in a reactionary position. Once in that position, we will have lost all power to control our future.
As a Certified City and Regional planner, I work with communities to solve transportation and land use issues and create plans for the future. Over the years I have managed millions of tax payer dollars, including finding creative cost saving and funding options. I will use my professional experience to find ways to keep taxes low, yet still maintain the high level of services residents deserve. I am a proponent of working with other jurisdictions to leverage our joint buying power for road/trail improvements as well as equipment and supplies. I am committed to bringing technology into the Township through exploring public-private partnerships to upgrade our internet and communications capabilities. This will help manage traffic and help businesses operate more efficiently. I have been on the BZA for 18 months. Out of 23 meetings, I have only missed one. If elected, I will continue that same level of dedication to attending trustee meetings.
Age 48
Education Bachelor of Arts, History, The Ohio State University. American College, Chartered Life and Registered Health Underwriter
Experience The Development Committee, City of Powell 1/1/16-Present. President, Benefits One Consulting, Inc. 2008-Present. Wells Fargo Insurance Svc. 2004-2008. Marsh and McLennan 2001-2004. Aon Consulting 1995-2001. Prudential Healthcare 1993-1995.
Family Married 19 years to Kathleen Gauntner Shear, 3 daughters, Emma 15, Sophie 13 and Jane 11
Religion Roman Catholic
Twitter @chrismshear
Growth and development questions come up often in Liberty Township. I believe in smart, responsible development. We have the most beautiful land and properties in the State of Ohio and I want to keep it that way. I will support projects that honor and protect landowner property rights and adhere to the zoning codes. I want to attract and retain our residents of Liberty Township, and make sure our community remains a top destination spot and one of the best places to live in America. We need to maintain and improve our wonderful parks, athletic fields and structures. I will work on updating the Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan which is now 11 years old. We need a roads and parks plan that takes us forward over the next 10 years. These are the things I will work on as your Trustee.
The CEDA agreement has not expired, only parts of it have. The Cooperative Economic Development Agreement, (CEDA) is a legally binding Business Agreement adopted in 2002 between Liberty Township and The City of Powell. Its goal is for mutual benefit. CEDA sets up a development partnership between the two entities. It defines territories within Liberty Township that can be annexed into the city. The expired portion of the agreement, now allows the city to develop land north of Home Rd to Hyatts Rd. At this time I do not support spending taxpayer money to pay lawyers to change, alter or redirect the CEDA.
Liberty Township Trustees and Powell City Council members need to work together on behalf of the residents. Again, I support smart, responsible projects.
Voters will decide if Liberty Township heads in a positive direction, where her leaders work together, look for ways for collaboration, smart growth, revitalization and economic development...or continue down a path of an us/them mentality, taxpayer funded lawsuits, mismanagement, intimidation and territorial infighting. You deserve better. I will fight for the safety and security of our residents #1. We will not outsource our great firefighters and first responders. We will address the lack of police patrol cars in unincorporated Liberty Township. I am not okay with rent-a-cops when it comes to resident safety. I will work to make sure Liberty Township residents are getting the very best deals on trash, snow removal and other services. I want to hear from you and your ideas for our great community. My door is always open, and ask for your feedback and vote to keep Liberty Township a safe, wonderful place to live and raise a family. Thank you all and God bless you.
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