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Five candidates are running for three seats on the board of education.
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    Jody Denner Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

  • Brandon Kern

  • Kyle Sharp

  • Heather Boyer Younkin Customer Service/Dispatcher

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Age 45
Education -Bachelor’s Degree, Information Technology. American InterContinental U., DC. '02. -MBA Studies, Ohio Christian U., '16
Experience Twenty years of professional experience in information technology and over twelve years of focus in the cybersecurity & digital forensics technology niches.
Family I have a 7th grade daughter at ACMS and a 23 year old son who's a US Navy officer.
Religion Christian
Twitter N/A
The A-C Board of Education has been operating in a trust deficit for at least a decade and has been barely treading water this past two years due to a variety of personal and special interest agendas of current and past board members. It needs a newly elected board and a new majority with new leadership that builds positive relationships in the community with a renewed focus on academics, governance, and leadership. I intend to restore trust to this board with my platform of: Accountability, Integrity, and Transparency.

I will propose to move operational funding from our $13M “reserve” to cover the levy deficit until our school district can demonstrate trust and proper handling of public monies.

I will work with the Superintendent and new board leadership along with the ASEA and curriculum committee to insure the new curriculum we need meets the needs of ALL of our children and prepares them for a global economy. We need to produce well-educated and well-rounded students.
I have a vested interest in seeing our school district succeed – as a father, uncle, and friend of many with children in K – 12, and as a homeowner and past levy committee co-chair. I am a US Navy veteran (Hospital Corpsman, National Defense & Good Conduct ribbons, & Honorably discharged), American Legion member, a Master Mason, and a fully-vetted US citizen who is able to handle intelligence, law enforcement, national defense & security information for many Federal, State, & local government agencies. Not only have I served my country in the military, but I have also served it supporting the following government agencies past and present in my career: US Treasury, IRS, Federal Reserve, GSA, USDA, DoD, Dept. of Navy, Pentagon - Joint Chiefs of Staff; DHS - HQ, ICE, FPS, NPPD; & the FBI. I have a Bachelor's degree in information technology, some MBA studies completed, and multiple international cybersecurity and digital forensics industry certifications which are current.
I have a passion for children, education, technology, public service, and ‘paying-it-forward’ within my community and the world to make a positive impact on society with future generations. I bring a track record of success, along with attention to detail in auditing, supporting and developing policy/procedures, and execution of business operations, as well as reporting to executive boards during my professional experiences with leading Fortune 50 & 500 business engagements and projects at an enterprise level within Federal, State, and Local government agencies. I also bring to bear experience in nonprofit and non-governmental organizations and commercial entities in the healthcare and legal markets. A calling to civic duty on a grassroots level to help restore accountability, integrity, and transparency to the Amanda-Clearcreek school board of education and district is what motivates me to run for one of these openings.
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Age 46
Education HS Diploma 1 1/2 years at ITT in Youngstown - Accounting/Business Management
Experience OSBA Board Candidate Workshop
Family Husband - Joseph Younkin Sons - Devan Boyer, Schuyler Boyer, Carter Younkin
Religion Christian
The major issues facing our District are trust, transparency and a general lack of confidence.I believe that we can fix these issues by first bringing back an open dialogue between our District and Community. We need to be more accessible and responsive when someone in our Community has a concern. If they are taking the time to bring it to us, we should make the time to listen. If we have the answer, we should provide it. If there is a reason we cannot provide an answer, we need to say as much. Second, we should provide our Community with clear and detailed justification for decisions we make – especially those which will directly impact their children or their finances. There are many things that happen behind the scenes they are not aware of. These are the things that we need to share so they have a better understanding of how we came to the decisions we make.Third, we should always seek the Community’s input and ideas where and when we can. They are vital to our success.
I believe that I will bring openness, integrity and honesty with me to our School Board. I have always been one to stand up for what I believe is right – even if it means I stand alone. I will also bring with me my passion as an Education Advocate, involvement at the State level with Legislators and the State BOE as well as a commitment to always do what is right for our Students and Staff. I have made it a practice to not take what I am told or given at face value but to do my own research which allows me to come to the table better informed.
I am a Christian Wife and Mother of three boys and have lived in the District for 15 years. Over the years, I’ve watched the support from our Community erode. I’ve heard numerous concerns from the Community – many of which center around their feeling of not being heard or anyone to be their voice. I would like to be their voice. I believe that if we all work together, share ideas, and talk to each other we can overcome the issues we face and be successful.
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