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In the township of Bloom, four candidates are seeking two open trustee positions.
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    Carol Moore Supply Planner/Logistician

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    Brian E. Randles Retired UPS ,Realtor,Bloom Twp. Trustee

  • Frank A. Reis

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    Justin D. Vermillion Firefighter/Paramedic

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Age 67
Education Bachelor of Science Degree from The Ohio State University; Federal & Township Budgeting, Accounting, Contract Law
Experience Bloom Township Fiscal Officer 5 years, Trustee 8 years, 22 years in government contracts & logistics to provide supplies for our military, Fraud Investigator, Regional Planning Commission, Homeland Security, Open Meetings Law,
Family Husband, Sean Moore, retired Columbus Firefighter & volunteer/Part-time Firefighter for Bloom TWP., two adult children.
Religion Christian
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Twitter @bloomtrustee
I am uniquely qualified to serve as your Trustee because I was the Township Fiscal Officer before becoming trustee. My understanding of the budget is unmatched by any other candidate. I actively seek out opportunities to gain information on issues that affect our township so that my participation at our meetings is thoughtful and instructive, and our decisions are sound. If re-elected as your Bloom Township Trustee, I pledge to continue this same dedication and commitment for the benefit of our community.

I am the most experienced in township law & operations due to extensive continuing education from the Ohio Township Assoc. & Auditor of State. I initiated Capital Reserve Funds for vehicles & equipment & for facilities. Those funds allowed us to accumulate money over the years to buy emergency vehicles and to build our 2nd fire station to reduce response times. Seconds save lives! The Capital Reserve Funds allowed us to do all this with NO NEW TAXES and to remain DEBT-FREE.
1. Township growth: Ensure that our Fire, Road, & Zoning needs are adequately addressed as our township continues to grow. I serve on the Fairfield County Regional Planning Commission to ensure that new subdivisions are properly planned to address Fire/EMS response times, proper road construction, and drainage issues. 2. Long-range planning: Through careful long-range planning, we continue to provide the excellent services our residents expect and deserve. We must continue to bring revenue into the township in the form of grants to help fund our road improvements. I was instrumental in obtaining State grant money for Bloom Township Roads totaling almost $300,000 for next year. Through collaboration with the Fairfield County Engineer’s Office, we saved thousands of dollars for major infrastructure improvements and culvert replacements this year. 3. Citizen involvement: To encourage community involvement in local government issues, including Fire/EMS, road maintenance, & zoning issues.
I am a team player who recognizes the value of fellow elected officials and employees for their contributions, all working together to make Bloom Township a wonderful place to live. I feel strongly about providing for the safety and well-being of our Bloom Township residents. I focus on maintaining superior roads, snow removal, improving our infrastructure such as culvert replacements and road improvements and reducing emergency response times for our Fire and EMS services. My husband, Sean Moore, is a retired Columbus Firefighter with over 30 years of service. He also served over 15 years as a Bloom Township Volunteer and Part-time Firefighter. The two of us continue to volunteer every year at the Bloom Township Firefighters Association Fish Fry. We love this community and I hope to continue to serve as YOUR Bloom Township Trustee to ensure Bloom Township continues to provide for the safety and well-being of our residents while remaining DEBT-FREE.
Age 53
Education Graduate Bloom-Carroll High School (1983),Ohio University and Columbus.State Community College.
Experience Bloom Twp. Board of Zoning Appeals, Bloom Twp. Zoning Commission, Bloom Twp. Trustee 2005-present
Family Wife Amy,works for the B.C School Dist. Daughter Lark, a B.C grad attends OSU Son Max, a B.C.grad is in the Oh.Nat.Guard
Religion Christian
EXPERIENCE! Before I was first elected trustee 12 years ago, I attended every township meeting for three years to learn about the inner workings of township government. In that time I served on the Bloom Township Zoning Commission and the Bloom Township Board of Zoning Appeals. I have been privileged to serve the residents of Bloom Township as a trustee since 2005. In my first term as trustee 12 years ago I implemented a "common sense" approach to spending. The township now plans and saves for large equipment purchases and projects, paying cash and saving the residents from large loan payments and interest. As a result Bloom Township has remained DEBT-FREE since 2005.
The safety of our residents remains my first priority. Our new firehouse in the center of Bloom Township has dramatically reduced response times to our residents in times of need. I will continue to provide equipment and tools for our fire department to ensure our residents receive the best treatment in emergencies. In November Bloom Township road department will receive delivery of 2 new plow trucks for our snow warriors. This equipment will help ensure our residents and fire department have safe passage in inclement weather on our township roads.

Funding - I will continue to pursue government grant funds for road improvements and fire department needs.
My family moved to Bloom Township in 1976 and I am a 1983 graduate of Bloom Carroll High School. I will continue to work diligently and use your tax dollars wisely for the betterment of the Bloom Township residents. I am involved because I am passionate about the special place in which we live, Bloom Township. My involvement in the community is ongoing throughout the year, not just at election time. I ask for your continued support to re-elect me, Brian Randles, as your Bloom Township Trustee on November 7th.
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Age 38
Education 1997 Graduate of Bloom Carroll High School Graduate of The Ohio Fire Academy Graduate of Eastland Paramedic School
Experience 18 years experience in public service as a firefighter 10 plus years of leadership in disaster relief/ mission work throughout the country and abroad Active member of various committees throughout the community and the fire department
Family Married 12 years to Susi Vermillion 3 biological children Host children from all over the world for medical procedures
Religion Christian Members of Grace Fellowship Pickerington Global Impact Leader
I was raised in Bloom Township and I care deeply for the township and the people. I will be a good listener with the courage of conviction. I will use wisdom from my 15+ years being involved with the township. From volunteering to becoming a professional firefighter/paramedic with the fire department, being Union Vice President, Union President, and Firefighter of the Year. I have personally worked alongside the trustees for 10+ years on various township committees and plan to be an engaged voice for the township, while fostering relationships within the community.
I believe the biggest issue is to be able to listen to both sides and all involved. I plan to use my experience, knowledge and wisdom to be able to make decisions based on what is in the best interest for the township.
I am a hard worker and enjoy serving others in a township that I have been involved with for my entire life. I graduated from Bloom Carroll in 1997 and my wife and I have chosen to raise our family in this community. I want what is best for the township and vow to be a proud and strong voice for this community.
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