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In the township of Etna, three candidates are seeking two open trustee positions.
Choose two candidates from below to compare.
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    John J. Carlisle Mechanical Contractor

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    Randy Foor Regional Manager

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    Steven A. Slyh President/Owner of Capital City Recovery, LLC

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Age 60
Education Graduate of Father Wehrle High School and various Trade and Industrial Schools
Experience 16 Years Etna Township Trustee, 6 years Licking County Planning Commission, Governors Advisory Board, Licking County Health Department, West Licking Fire District Board, Four County Solid Waste District, Licking County Trustees Association
Family I have five children and 10 grandchildren. I have 8 brothers and two sisters and a very loving mother.
Religion I am Catholic and attend Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish.
Campaign email
I have had the privilege and honor to serve the residents of Etna Township for sixteen years. We have seen a lot of growth come into our community. I have lived in Etna Township for over 35 years. I have a vested interest in the community. I have a proven track record of being a fiscal conservative. Etna is a great place to live, work, worship and to raise a family. Let's keep Etna Great!
Controlling growth is a major issue. We have implemented a Comprehensive Land Use Plan. This Land Use Plan was implemented after a review of the public survey and numerous public hearings. We still have issues that crop up from time to time but we are very willing and able to address these issues head on. We are continuously reviewing our Zoning Resolution and updating it. In my opinion we have the best maintained roads in western Licking County. Maintaining our infrastructure and providing for new and innovative ways to serve the residents of Etna Township without raising taxes, such as paying for your trash for three months.
In 2010 there was $1.1m carryover from 2009. I am pleased to say that in 2016 there was a carryover of $1.8m. We have never deficit spent and have managed to save nearly $700k. We have secured over $14m in infrastructure improvement grants from MORPC, (Mid-Ohio Regional Planning), The "310 Bridge Widening Project" and the much needed "Taylor Road Widening Project". The State Route 310 Bridge Widening Construction Project didn’t cost Etna Township anything.

The County Commissioners approved a 100% Tax Abatement for the Amazon site. The income tax collected at the JEDZ2 site, Amazon, has surpassed our initial estimates. Additionally, the income tax revenue collected is more than the Township would have received in property tax. I would appreciate your support and I will assure you that I will continue to control our growth and make the developers pay so you don’t have to.
Age 50
Education 1986 Graduate of Watkins Memorial & BS The Ohio State University
Experience I have been an Etna Township Trustee for the past 8 years.
Family My daughter Emily is a sophomore & my step-son Jacob a senior at Watkins Memorial.
I am the best-qualified candidate for Etna Township Trustee because of the 8 years of experience I bring to the table. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to township government. Additionally, I bring a common sense approach to addressing and resolving any issues in Etna Township. I am part of a board that has been incredibly responsible with the finances of Etna Township. Our carryover has increased over $700,000.00 in eight (8) years while having never deficit spent.
1. Continuing to provide the basic services our residents have grown accustomed to receiving. Paving, plowing and salting of our roads, maintaining the right-of-way and handling the day to day operations of the township are the primary duties performed. I promise to continue to deliver these services to our residents.

2. Managing the growth of Etna Township. Seven plus years ago our board finalized and implemented the comprehensive land use map with the help of residents that attended our public hearings and provided their input. Our board recognizes that growth in Etna Township is headed this way and I will continue to work with the other trustees to make sure we hold developers accountable, utilize JEDDs to put money back into our township and schools while maintaining our rural roots.
I would like to thank the Etna Township voters for electing me as their trustee the past 8 years. I ask for your vote again on November 7th to Re-Elect Randy Foor as Etna Township Trustee. Thank you!
Age 45
Education Graduated from Watkins Memorial, Attended Columbus State Community College and I attended Ohio University Lancaster.
Experience I served on the Southwest Licking Local School Board and I was the Assistant Zoning Inspector for Etna Township.
Family Single
Religion I am a member of the Etna United Methodist Church, Etna Ohio.
I believe my experience as a small business owner along with my previous experience on the Southwest Licking Local Board of Education and Etna Township Assistant Zoning Inspector, I can bring a fresh approach to the way Etna Township currently handles business.

We have watched our township erode over the past four years replacing our rural landscape with box warehouses and turning safe township roads into highways for semi trucks that are entering the Etna Corporate Park.

I believe the current trustees have wasted taxpayer funds on an unfinished township garage, Taylor Rd and Route 310 just to name a few areas.

When elected I will bring a business minded approach that has worked for my own company. I will monitor each project the Township undertakes to ensure taxpayer funds are not being wasted on needless spending projects.

During my tenure as the Assistant Zoning inspector for Etna, I worked closesly with developers to ensure that Etna Township remained a rural community.
Zoning Enforcement, Tax Abatements, Property Taxes.

Over the past four years Etna Township has given away millions in tax abatements leaving property owners in the Township the responsibility of paying for road improvements to support the heavy traffic coming in and out of the Etna Corporate Park. If elected I will vote against any Tax Abatement presented to the Board of Trustees.

In 2015 Etna Township placed a road levy on the ballot that later passed, they decided to make this levy a continuous levy so that the taxpayers would not have a say in renewing the levy after a period of 5 years. If elected I will vote to end this levy and replace it from funds currently being received from the employees who are already taxed inside the Etna Corporate Park.

Finally, if elected I will hold our Zoning Inspector accountable and begin the process of cleaning up our Township and getting rid of the junk cars and abandoned buildings that line Route 40 and other areas.
Our Township faces many challenging issues and sadly our current trustees simply have failed in providing the leadership necessary in addressing our problems.

Mr. Carlisle and Mr. Foor have spent the past 4 years destroying our rural community by replacing it with box warehouses and tax breaks for the businesses they bring to Etna Township.

While Mr. Carlisle and Mr. Foor have given away millions in tax abatements they have been busy increasing the taxes on Etna homeowners. In 2015 they voted to place a levy on the ballot that increased your property tax, why should your taxes go up while companies like Amazon pay zero for the next 15 years??

If elected I will make myself available to all of the residents in and around Etna Township. I will watch your money and how it is being spent and I will make sure you have a voice at the table. I want to return Etna Township back to a rural community and end the multi million dollar tax breaks given to big business.

I ask for your vote
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