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Granville residents will choose among five candidates to fill three seats on village council.
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    Phillip C. Demarest Attorney

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    Melissa K. Hartfield Financial/Construction

  • Michelle Lerner

  • Matt McGowan Teacher, coach, small business owner-RUNOHIO

  • Dan Rogers

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Age 30
Religion Christian
My lifelong residency in Granville and professional experience equip me with unique tools to offer the Granville community, which is why I am running for Granville Village Council. I have developed a keen awareness of the many issues Council faces through my frequent attendance at its meetings. As an attorney, I have learned how to be an effective advocate who can represent the interests of others while also incorporating the wisdom of my own professional experience. I will bring common-sense, practical judgment to this position. Instead of rubber-stamping every proposal, I believe it is important to apply critical thinking to every vote on Council.
First, Granville faces some major planning and development issues in the coming decade. I believe that we should act today to plan how to best resolve those issues. Granville is blessed to be a fully funded municipality. This positions us to be able to be able to invest in infrastructure development that will benefit our residents and visitors for years to come, whether its paving crumbling roads or upgrading our pedestrian pathways. Second, Granville does not have a business outreach coordinator, so this responsibility falls to the individual members of Council. It is important that Council reach out to Central Ohio businesses that share our village values. By creating and maintaining these relationships, Granville will remain an attractive market for businesses that give our downtown that special charm.
Growing up in this community, I experienced all the benefits of the thoughtful leadership of Council. I want to put my passion into practice and participate in ensuring Granville remains the strong community it is today. Because of my intimate understanding of our local values, I can make a meaningful contribution to the issues Council faces. With careful planning today, we can anticipate the continuing expansion of Columbus and preserve our village's unique identity. I will work for you on Council to achieve these goals. I ask for your vote this November 7.
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Age 48
Religion Methodist
Experience I have served as a Council Member for 16 years and Mayor of the Village for 12 years. It has been a pleasure serving our great community and I would be proud and honored to continue my service to the community.
Education Bachelor in Public Administration, Ohio University. Master's in Business Administration, Ashland University.
I have served this community as a Village Council member and Mayor for a number of years. I have always done my best to serve this community with integrity, honesty and openness. My values as Mayor and Council member work toward representing the will of community and the values we share to preserve the quality of life while enhancing areas where we can do better. My education background is a Bachelor in Public Administration from Ohio University and a Master's in Business Administration from Ashland University. I perform financial work for a construction company as well as manage a small family business which provides me a solid background for budgetary decisions and an understanding of what other small businesses face on a daily basis. I live and work in the community, and understand the pressures and challenges we face presently as well as those in the future. I base my decisions on a well rounded understanding of the issues and a strong knowledge of our history as a community.
One of the major issues the community faces presently is balancing economic development with the preservation of our quality of life. Granville enjoys a unique sense of community that has endured from its beginning in 1805. As we look to the future, economic development needs to remain a high priority, however the type of development must match the will and desire of the community based on the comprehensive plan and the longstanding values of the community. As we have seen in recent years, development has occurred but we must remain vigilant to guard against the unintended consequences of those proposals which degrade neighborhoods with increased traffic and overburdening infrastructure. Balancing the needs of infrastructure improvements versus revenues on an annual basis can be complicated as well. The Village Council as a whole as well has been fiscally responsible, wading through reduced revenues and still maintaining excellent services and improvements throughout the Village.
It would be my honor to continue to serve the Granville community. I grew up in Granville, and have longstanding family roots and ties to the community. I care deeply about the preservation of this community, the rich history we share and maintaining the quality of life. I have always worked to keep the Village government transparent, open and in tune with community needs and values. As we move into the future I hope to continue to participate in the stewardship and care of our great community.
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Campaign Phone (740) 587-0376
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Age 61
Religion Catholic
Experience Present member of Granville Village Council, Served as Mayor of Granville for 2 years and Vice Mayor for 2 years
Education Adm. Certification, U. Dayton. M.S. Student Personnel - Higher Education, Miami U. B.A. Business Adm. Ohio Northern U.
Current Member of Granville Village Council, Served as Mayor and Vice Mayor of Granville, Member of Granville Kiwanis Club, Educator and coach, Member of Granville Chamber of Commerce, Small business owner - RUNOHIO. Business Administration and Public Administration degree
Will work to ensure that our tax dollars are spent in the most efficient and effective way, using a Business Sense approach to Government Will work to increase communication with Village residents and governmental entities and work with Granville Township and Granville School District to continue to make Granville a great place to live, work and go to school. Will work with the Granville Township and Granville Village residents to make sure the location and operation of the Fire Station and Service Department meet the needs of the residents today and in the future. Will work with the Bryn Du Commission to continue to make the Bryn Du Mansion property a jewel for the community. Will work to help preserve Granville’s small town atmosphere.
It has been a pleasure to serve on Granville Village Council and I hope to continue to work with and for the community.
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