Heath City Council - Ward 3

Heath residents will choose among two candidates to fill the 3rd ward seat for city council.
Choose two candidates from below to compare.
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    James Favuzzi (Rep) Administrator Columbus State Community College

  • Douglas M. Heffley

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Campaign Phone (740) 281-3139
Age 36
Religion Catholic
Experience U.S. Global Leadership Coalition State Leader, 14 Years of experience in U.S. Army & Army Reserve concentrated on International Governance and Infrastructure Reconstruction of failed or failing states.
Family Married to my lovely wife of 10 years, we have three boys 15, 15 and 7.
Education BA History, (SUNY) Potsdam, Masters of Business Administration, Park University Naval Post Graduate School Masters Cert
I live by integrity and have proven myself as a leader at the highest level of service. My leadership skills, planning, business and international political experiences will bring an important balance to the City of Heath that is currently absent. I believe that the local level of government is the most important and responsive level of government. I represent our most important asset, the citizens of Heath, and will ensure they have a voice within the Heath City Council.
Fiscal conservancy and responsible economic development within the city of Heath. Instead of raising residents' income taxes, let's take a look at what we can cut first. When a proposal is brought forward to procure new vehicles, the taxpayer better be getting their money's worth out of that equipment. That item needs to be carefully researched so it will stand up to the workload, while maintaining a reasonable service life. I would like attract sustainable businesses to city of Heath, employers that will be here for the long haul and provide much needed tax revenue to our city. The city of Heath has a small town charm, I would love to develop a downtown Heath Center, a place for small business to thrive and a place for it's proud citizens to come together for community events.
I am working for you to build a better future for the residents of Heath. I am asking you for your vote on November 7. Thank You, James Favuzzi.
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