Newark City Council - Ward 4

Newark residents will choose between two candidates to fill the 4th ward seat for city council.
Choose two candidates from below to compare.
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    Mark Labutis (Rep) Online recruiter

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    Michael Mangus (Dem) Senior Lecturer The Ohio State University

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Age 40
Education Bachelor in Business Administration & Master of Science in Management from Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Experience Over 14 years of management experience
Family Wife: Hope Children: Grant and Reagan
Religion Christian
I plan on utilizing my creativity in solving issues facing the city and helping the city utilize it’s resources for the maximum benefit of the citizens. I want to deliver legislation that focuses on results and solutions for the citizens of Newark.
The biggest issues facing the 4th Ward are overall safety issues and opioid use.

I would hope to be able to help decrease opioid use in our area by working closely with safety forces. I would also focus on making sure the city’s funds were used appropriately on expenditures aimed at improving the city.
I'm passionate about our city and serving others. My entire career has been based on helping others find a solution that best fits their needs. I plan to bring this mindset to the 4th Ward City Council seat, by focusing on what counts the most-the people.
Age 47
Education Ph.D. The Ohio State University
Experience I am the incumbent in the race for the Newark 4th Ward City Council seat.
Family Wife, Amy. Two daughters: Isabel and Eleanor.
Religion Disciples of Christ
Campaign email
Ever since moving to Newark in 1998, I have been extensively involved in making the city better. As the incumbent for this position, I have the experience to continue to lead. I have worked diligently to protect residents and their property values, supporting increased safety forces and strict prohibitions on the proximity of various businesses to residential properties. I have demanded that all city employees, including members of council, treat all people with respect. I also have worked hard to end partisanship in local government, having fostered strong and beneficial relationships with the Republican Administration. I also have been endorsed by the Newark Advocate and by IAFF Local #109.
Newark faces many issues. We need to prioritize increasing thee number of police officers and firefighters in Newark. We need a better paving program that focuses on repairing streets in our neighborhoods instead of just the main thoroughfares. We need less partisanship and a willingness to reach across party lines to move Newark forward. We need transportation development to assist residents without transportation options. We also need job development to provide residents with more employment opportunity. While Ohio's economy is doing better, many of these benefits have not arrived in Newark. To solve these issues, we need to prioritize these items in our budget. We need to work with other nearby cities to create attractive packages for new businesses. We need to put party labels aside and work together for Newark's benefit. We also cannot ask residents to pay more in taxes, as the economic improvements have not reached many of our residents.
As the incumbent, I hope that I have earned your vote as I have sought to work with everyone in local government to meet your needs. I have listened to your concerns and have worked hard to rectify every issue.
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