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Newark residents will choose between two candidates to fill the 5th ward seat for city council.
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    Jonathan K. Lang (Rep) Attorney

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    Chris Perry (Ind) Marketing Manager / Grant Writer

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Age 37
Religion Christian
Experience - Successful business attorney advising companies in healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, publishing and technology - Newark City Council (Current 5th Ward Councilman) - Board of directors for local church and active in many charities
Family My wife, Deborah, and I were married in Newark nine years ago and have two young children - Jacob (4) and Vivienne (2)
Twitter @jonathanklang
Education - J.D. from Case Western Reserve University School of Law - B.A. in Economics and Philosophy from Bucknell University
By Nov. 7, I will have been on the job nearly 4 months already and will have a jump start on the next 4 years.

In my day job as in-house legal counsel, I am a trusted business partner who provides clients with sensible advice on how to approach new ventures and ideas. They rely on me to distill complex legal and business issues into manageable solutions. On Council, that experience is helpful in balancing competing priorities of ensuring city government remains effective and efficient without sacrificing the excellent services that our community expects and deserves.

As a devoted husband and father, I am intensely focused on ensuring our community remains a safe, stable place for families. Newark is where my wife Deborah grew up and where we have invested our time and energy to the improvement of Newark through local charities that are making a real difference. We believe Newark is the best place for us to raise our kids and teach them the importance of family, hard work and service.
Citywide issues include a need for more parking downtown (a good problem to have, emblematic of a growing city!) and an ever increasing budget crunch where costs of services continue to rise. I have attended discussions regarding parking and will be an advocate for preserving green space on the square and looking for opportunities to add parking off the square instead. I am already working hard to familiarize myself with the budget so I can bring my experience and fiscal conservative approach to navigate those challenges.

Voters in the 5th Ward are specifically concerned with traffic at the Country Club-King-Sharon Valley Road intersections, communication between voters and City Council, lack of sidewalks connecting our neighborhoods to nearby parks and playgrounds, and the condition of roads in need of repaving. Those who have contacted me with thoughts or concerns know I respond quickly and am persistent in working with the Mayor’s administration to address these issues.
At this critical time for our City, we need leaders on City Council who understand the job and are willing to work hard to serve the interests of the voters. We need down-to-earth, principled voices to focus on practical, workable solutions. We need people on City Council who are driven not as a response to what is happening in Washington or Columbus but because they love this city. This job is about serving the people of Newark, and more specifically, our families, friends and neighbors in the 5th Ward.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve on Council the last few months and meeting so many voters through door-to-door campaigning has been exhilarating. I do not come to Council with a grandiose agenda. Instead, I approach this job simply as a hardworking dad/husband/neighbor who wants to serve my community. I can be counted on to represent the 5th Ward with pragmatism, enthusiasm and courage, and I humbly ask for your support on November 7th.
Campaign Phone (614) 565-7700
Age 49
Religion Christian
Family Fiancé: Patti Parker Daughter: Freshman in college Son:: Freshman in high school And three K9 children
Education Ohio University
Running as an independent means that I am not beholden to any political party, therefore I do not have to repay political favors and I do not have to play political games. I intend, as the only independent on Council, to hold all members, of both parties accountable.

I am confident that my fresh approach to legislating for the city of Newark will serve not only my neighbors in the 5th Ward, but my entire community as well.
City safety issues are my top priority! After meeting several members of the fire and police depts. as well as this city safety director, I am certain that I can help find a way to bridge the expectations of our citizens with the ability of our fine emergency service workers. The 2nd issue facing our community is one of infrastructure and transportation. While the city of Newark and several prominent business leaders have been successfully attacking the infrastructure aspect, working from downtown, fanning out, I have a solid plan in place, working alongside an experienced and well-connected state official to propose several transportation options up to and including partnering with COTA to connect east central Ohio with downtown Columbus and several points in between.

The 3rd issue is the creation of more jobs, better paying jobs, and the education/training required to facilitate this plan. Fortunately Newark has the perfect business incubator in form of OSU Newark, COTC & CTEC
In addition to receiving the endorsement of the Newark Advocate, I have also received endorsements from:

Cory Sickles of Safe Harbor Retirement Group CWA Local 4320 Rob Montagnese and Jerry McClain

I plan to make a four-year commitment to the city of Newark, and I'm ready to go to work!
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