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Northridge residents will choose among five candidates to fill three seats on the board of education.
Choose two candidates from below to compare.
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    Richard L. Burkholder Self-employed door, glass & lock repair & replacement business

  • James Jay Golden, Jr.

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    Doug Hart Retired Lawyer/Former CPA

  • Carrie G. King

  • Jeff Schrock

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What are the major issues facing your school district, and what will you do about them if elected?

Why are you the best-qualified candidate for the school board?

What else would you like to say to voters in your school district?

Age 73
Education Licking Valley High School, 1962 graduate
Experience Northridge School Board Member, Licking County, since 2014
Family 3 Adult children who all attended Northridge schools and graduated from Northridge High School
Religion Christian
The grades at Northridge per state testing are not good, despite the painfully high taxes we are charged to pay for the process. Apparently throwing money at the problem is not the answer.

I would like to see spending cuts made and the focus placed on the ONE SERVICE that schools must provide: a GOOD EDUCATION for every student.
I work for the voters who hired me, not the school. I want to make sure the school gives the voters of this district the best value in education for their tax dollars.
I am typical of the voters in the Northridge district: I own land, but have limited income, I have no children in school currently, but I am concerned for the future of this country when schools promote sports and political correctness instead of moral values, personal responsibility, and solid educational basics. I would appreciate your vote for me.
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Age 60
Education Graduate-Malvern (Brown Local) High School. Accounting degree-Ohio Northern University. Law degree-Ohio State.
Experience Member, Northridge Finance Committee in 2011. Northridge Board of Education, 2012-17 (Pres., 2013-Present). Jersey Township Zoning Commission 2016-Present (Vice Chair, 2017). 35 yr. law/accounting practice Active parent in kids’ education
Family My law school sweetheart, Marlene, and I have been married for 31 years. Our 5 kids are all college graduates.
Religion My strong Christian upbringing guides me daily and aids me when I face troubling issues.
Funding is our most difficult issue. Despite tax bills that are the lowest in Licking County, a bond levy has failed twice. Our buildings are old and in need of major rehab or replacement. Our voters must come together and pass a bond levy to fund a new K-6 building and other critical upgrades. If I’m reelected, I’ll work to oversee the efficient use of levy funds as we complete the projects. My job is even harder if the levy fails, as the primary is on its last legs. Transitioning to interim space will demand much from everyone, including the Board.

It is also critical that we keep improving in all of our academic subgroups for all grades and maintain our excellent graduation rate. While the State report card is a moving target, we strive for a top grade in every area. Our Board must support staff changes made this past summer to address deficiencies from past report cards. I look forward to both supporting and challenging our team as they make good on their commitments.
I don’t know 2 of the candidates at all, so how can I claim to be the best? The real question is why should folks choose me as one of the top 3?

I’m highly qualified for this position. During my tenure, the District has taken tremendous strides forward, overcoming the draconian cuts made just before I joined the Board. Our budget is now under control and the District is off the State’s fiscal watchlist. We’ve won the Auditor of State Award three years running. There’s been dramatic improvement in the relationship between school staff and administration. Our academic programs are much broader and stronger. Plus, my law/accounting background helps out a lot: often by directly saving us money and also by spotting issues early before they turn into big problems with bigger price tags.

The relationships I’ve built and the experience I’ve gained over the last 6 years are starting to pay off. Retaining me will allow the District to reap ongoing benefits from them.
We’ve made tremendous progress over the past six years, but there’s so much more to do. The frequent use of the plural “we” in this response is not accidental – there is no “I” in “board.” Accomplishments occur only through dedicated teamwork.

Obviously there’s so much more involved in being a Board member than the limited space allows to be described. No one person will bring every quality that needs to be present on a Board of Education. School districts are best severed when voters step back and look at the whole Board and vote for candidates who will complement each other and, collectively, cover all of the bases.

As I demonstrated first as an Eagle Scout and repeatedly in my legal and accounting careers, a school board member must always be prepared for anything. My commitment has been and will remain to do whatever it takes for the good of our District.

I ask our District’s voters for their votes in November to allow me to continue to help our District move forward.
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