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Buckeye Lake residents will choose among two candidates to fill the position of mayor, where two-term council member Peggy Wells is challenging one-term incumbent Mayor Clay Carroll.
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    Peggy A. Wells self-employed property manager

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Age 66
Education The Ohio State University BA in History
Experience Two elected four-year terms on village council
Family widower
Religion Christian
Campaign email pwells2@roadrunner.com
A good mayor needs to be open and willing to work with Village Council and residents. As a council member for eight years, I have experienced first-hand the frustrations and setbacks stemming from a secretive mayor. I have demonstrated an ability to work with others both on village and community projects. I also have good working relationships with the leaders of our closest neighbors, Hebron and Millersport. We can accomplish much more by working together.
Buckeye Lake Village continues to be marred by rundown, decrepit homes. I would begin an aggressive program to get these buildings fixed up or torn down. If our existing regulatory authority isn't sufficient to get the job done, I would work with Village Council to enact an exterior property maintenance code.

Storm water management is a problem throughout the village. Working with Village Council, I would speed up the development of a storm water utility to provide additional funding and develop a storm water management plan to prioritize our expenditures and guide our grant applications. Many of our streets are in poor condition. But we first need to address storm water so our street upgrades arenĀ¹t wasted. I would also work with Village Council and residents to enact a levy specifically for street repair and replacement.
Working together, we can make a better Buckeye Lake. We have the most accomplished council in our history; we need to use their experience and expertise.
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