Jefferson Local Schools Board of Education - Unexpired Term

Three candidates are running for the unexpired term seat on the board of education.
Choose two candidates from below to compare.
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    Michael Branham Internet Sales

  • Jerry Garman Retired

  • Michael Quinn

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Age 50
Education West Jefferson High School Ohio State University Urbana University
Experience National Coaches Association Board 2006-2010 Ohio State Coaches Association Board 2005-2007
Religion Christian
Campaign email
I feel financial transparency is extremely important. Our district struggles with keeping the community informed. Often major decisions are made without the input of the community or staff members that will be directly impacted by their decisions. I feel our district has become divided based on views and lack of joint cooperation. I will work diligently with fellow board members, teachers, staff and the community to ensure our district is running in a manner acceptable by all.
As a former coach that has worked in several districts, I have substantial insight of the process. I am especially experienced with the athletic departments and have a genuine concern of the hiring process in our district. I served from 2006-2010 on the National Coaches Board and 2005-2007 on the Ohio State Coaches Board. I have a passion for taking care of our former students that seek employment within our district. I am a life long resident and graduate of the school. With having children and grandchildren in the district, I want to ensure all students have the same opportunities and are treated as equals. I have worked with different administrations and have witnessed what works well and what does not.
If elected, I will be the community voice inside the district. I have heard many concerns over the years and plan to address each of them. I am cooperative yet stern to ensuing the district operates in a manner acceptable to our community wishes. With seventeen years of coaching experience and ten years of working within the school, I feel I have gained knowledge and insight to help our district move in a positive direction. I am particularly focused on ensuring we have highly qualified educators and support staff working with our children. I am absolutely against the retire-rehire program. Young people need more opportunities and allowing employees to "double dip" needs to stop. In my opinion no administrator within the district should have an income nearing $200,000 while our teachers have a starting salary of $35,000.
Age 73
Education BA Otterbein College, MBA, Xavier University
Experience Appointed by the Courts to the Jefferson Local Board of Education in January 2015.
Family Married to Leslie Garman for 50 years. Son Matthew Garman and daughter Jenny Siddiqi both graduated from W Jeff.
Religion Member of Trinity United Methodist
1. This system has not grown in the 40 years that I have been a resident. We now see a possibility of growth and we need to have a plan to address that growth if it comes. My experiences in business and finance bring a needed prospective to the planning process. 2. This system needs to get its revenue and spending house in order. I bring experience in financial planning and a philosophy that we need to demand that our schools use the taxpayers money wisely and that the tax load is equitable to all.
I do not believe there is a single best qualified candidate. The board is made up of five members of the community and hopefully each will bring a different perspective. I have no children in the system and my experiences as an educator are from 45 years ago. I do however base decisions on information and facts rather than emotions. I respect the position of others on the board and would hope that our Board of Education would be representative of our community as a whole and each would bring differing strengths, knowledge, and experiences to the whole.
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