Mt. Sterling Mayor

Mt. Sterling residents will choose among three candidates to fill the position of mayor.
Choose two candidates from below to compare.
  • William Martin Post Manager,American Legion--President of Mt. Sterling Chamber of Commerce

  • Dustin Parker Retired

  • Diane Spradlin Village Council Member

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Education Miami Trace High School Graduate
Experience Village Council 4 yrs.-- Post Manager 7 yrs.--President of Chamber 2 yrs.
Family Married, 2 children
Religion Christian
Campaign email
I am the only candidate that will insist on accountability and transparency in my community as Mayor of Mt. Sterling. I am the only candidate that has not been involved in the problems my community has suffered through for the last 10 years.
Get the respect that my community deserves and needs to move forward. To move forward with growth in business and new homes, to move forward with a infrastructure program. Get the community to see us all as one community, a vibrant and caring community. A community that anyone would be proud to live in and call home.
I will work very hard to be the kind of leader that you all deserve and want me to be as Mayor of Mt. Sterling. I will strive to hire the most qualified and competent people to lead my community into the future. If we are not moving forward, we are falling behind.
Age 63
Education 1972 High School Graduate Attended Massillon Baptist College Numerous Water and waste water courses
Experience 32 Years public service
Family Married 35 Years to Chris 3 Children and 5 grandchildren
Religion Non-Denominational
I have the experience to lead Mount Sterling into the future. I know the ins and outs of public service. I know how and where to get the help the Village may need. I will offer my energy, my honesty and my vision for the future of Mount Sterling.
Trust and reliability for the Mayor and the Council needs to be reestablished in Mt.Sterling. As Mayor, I will tackle the challenges of the office to bring solid leadership, trust and accountability. Economic Development; I will work alongside state, county and local economic development leaders to be influential in creating an even stronger community and business climate. Programs for our Youth, Senior citizens and Veterans; Madison Health and the Mount Sterling Community Center are valuable resources in our Village. As Mayor, I would like to work alongside these establishments to provide more programs for our Youth, Senior citizens and Veterans.
Informed communities are better able to participate, provide meaningful feedback on programs, and take part in meaningful conversations. I will be a shining beacon representing Mount Sterling so it continues to be the most productive, inclusive and sought...after place to live, work and play. Like you, I am proud to call Mount Sterling home.
Age 64
Education Bachelor of Arts, English, University of Southern Maine. Magna cum Laude
Experience Have worked professionally for various nonprofit organizations including the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the Columbus Metropolitan Library and the American Red Cross. Previously worked as a photojournalist for the U.S. Army from 1980-1984.
Family Married 30 years to Gerald Spradlin, Sr. One son, Gerald Spradlin, Jr., age 28. He is a 2014 graduate of Urbana Univ.
Religion Protestant. I am a member of St. John's Lutheran Church in London
As a 12-year veteran of village government--11 as a Council Member, from 2010 to present, and previously from 1993-1995, along with one year as Village Mayor, from 1995 to 1996--I have the longest sustained record of public service. Anyone who doesn't have this solid foundation of experience will be at a considerable disadvantage in meeting and overcoming the challenges Mt. Sterling will face in the future. I am proud that I was a community activist in Mt. Sterling before ever taking public office. Between 1989 and 1992, I headed a Citizens Action Committee that finally and successfully achieved the ending of draconian long distance calling rates to and from Mt. Sterling and dozens of communities in central Ohio. This saved residents and businesses hundreds of dollars annually. Encouraging community activism and participation in local government will continue to shape and define my political priorities.
Restoring and maintaining the public's trust and confidence in their local government will be an ongoing challenge in the aftermath of criminal convictions of our highest office holders. This will take time, utmost transparency and, most importantly, due diligence to duty and to law every step of the way. The public expects and deserves no less. A major challenge going forward will be increasing Sterling's revenue base with sound fiscal planning and management of our personnel and resources. We can and should leverage Mt. Sterling's prime geographical location to attract upscale housing and economic development at our borders. We can do this with strategic planning that is forward-thinking with achievable goals. With a new hospital going up quickly in our midst, we need to be ready and open to new housing development at the periphery of Mason Park and St. Rt. 62, where there is right now an expressed interest! These can be exciting times for Mt. Sterling. Our best days are still ahead.
As a community with a long and rich history, Mt. Sterling finds itself at a crossroads. We can continue on the road we are on, the road we have long traveled and which is most familiar, or we can boldly digress and take Frost's "road less traveled." We need to step up to challenges, not shirk from them. Instead of being naysayers, we can be yes-sayers. With passion, vision and conviction, along with a brand new Council that also embodies all three, I look forward to shaping Mt. Sterling's future of promise.
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