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Paris residents will choose among three candidates to fill two seats on village twonship.
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  • David Cook

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    Crista Miller Operations, Customer Care Advocate

  • Steve Westlake

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Education Bachelor of Science in Education, Summa cum Laude, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio
Experience Sr Customer Care Advocate at The Wendy's Company; Paris Township Trustee, Union Co, OH; Office Administrator at Underwood Funeral Home, Marysville, OH; Manager/Designer at family-owned business, Natural Accents Florist, Marysville, OH
Religion Member of the First English Lutheran Church, Marysville, OH
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I care deeply for the township and would enjoy many years of service to the township. I have had the honor of serving as Township Trustee for 4 years. I served as Chairman of the County Township Officials Association and was graduate of the Ohio Township Association Leadership Academy. I have concrete examples of how I impacted the township positively. Going above and beyond, I initiated a cemetery restoration project to improve cemetery safety. The restoration project provided much needed TLC for the gravestones. At the end of the project the gravestones once broken and/or leaning were standing tall and gleaming as a respectful tribute to the early settlers buried there. In response to actions that caused severe road damage, I testified in municipal court to recover repair costs. As trustee, I exhibited a cooperative spirit and proved my leadership skills. I have a willingness to develop my skills at educational conferences and apply knowledge to real township situations, as needed.
The management of the township is governed by 3 trustees. As trustee, we are responsible to residents to make the township a great place to live by providing safe roadways, fire and safety services, zoning code to manage growth and development and well-maintained cemeteries. Without question, I will continue to be a good steward of township funds. I respect that the funds come from residents. Dollars need to be spent wisely for the overall good of the township. During my second term, my goal is always working towards a balance…managing the current township infrastructure (repair and maintenance of roads and buildings) within the financial resources available. As trustee, it is imperative to work towards a management plan for improving the quality and safety of our township roads. The safety of the traveling public is my priority.
Township government is hands-on. Residents contact me directly. I have a record of being responsive and accountable to resident concerns. When notified, I take initiative to listen to the details of the concern, to record with photographs, and to cooperate with my fellow trustees to resolve the issue. I have made every effort to represent township residents honestly, conscientiously, and to the best of my ability. I attend all meetings, work hard for the township, and above all, I listen to the concerns of the citizens of the township. I am running for re-election. I hope that I have earned the trust of the township residents. Through my commitment to the community, I hope the Paris Township residents have seen that I care deeply for the township and enjoy being trustee. If reelected, I will represent township residents with conviction, integrity, and passion. I have served my community as MHS Alumni Assn President, Union Co Historical Society Museum Docent, and Union Co CVB Member.
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