Franklin County Municipal Court Judge, commencing Jan 3

In the race for Franklin County Municipal Court Judge, with a term beginning Jan. 3, 2017, two candidates will appear on the ballot.Read more:Candidates in Franklin County Municipal Court races tout their strengthsDispatch endorsement
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    Jarrod B. Skinner Senior Prosecutor

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    Glenn P. Willer Senior Prosecutor

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Age 38
Education Bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University and Juris Doctor from Capital University Law School.
Experience Senior Prosecutor for the City of Columbus and Staff Attorney to a Franklin County Common Pleas Judge.
Family Married with one child.
Religion Christian.
YouTube Video
Twitter @skinnerforjudge
I am uniquely qualified to serve as Municipal Court Judge because in my 10+ years in this position, I have prosecuted thousands of cases, all with the philosophy that I should achieve justice by doing the right thing and not consider my conviction rate. It’s this philosophy that is an integral quality to becoming an excellent judge. As a Sr. Prosecutor for the City of Columbus, I have prosecuted every type of case heard in Municipal Court, from minor traffic violations to more serious crimes such as domestic violence. Additionally, I had the distinct privilege of being the Environmental Prosecutor for the city, where I prosecuted animal abusers, slumlords and those who took advantage of vulnerable residents. Prior to becoming a prosecutor, I managed a civil docket in Common Pleas Court as a Staff Attorney. My extensive knowledge of Municipal Court and my experience managing a civil docket as well as my demeanor and temperament make me the best qualified candidate for this judgeship.
Municipal Court is sometimes known as “The People’s Court,” as regular, everyday citizens can find themselves standing before a judge in there. Whether it’s a traffic violation, being called for jury duty or being involved in a dispute with a landlord, I believe that by serving as a judge in Municipal Court, I can have the greatest effect on the lives of everyday citizens, whether offender, victim or innocent witness. I have dedicated my life to fighting for equal opportunities for all citizens, no matter their background. It is this proven, unbiased approach to justice that I will bring to the bench. A judge should not be beholden to a mentality of interpreting the Constitution strictly or loosely, but rather, should be able to analyze the facts of each case, the applicable law and do their best to make the right decision.
Franklin County Municipal Court is the largest and busiest court in Ohio. The citizens of Franklin County deserve judges who are knowledgeable in all aspects of Municipal Court, including civil, criminal and environmental issues. I am experienced in all three of these areas of law and I understand the right balance of holding defendants accountable to protect society while treating each person, regardless of accusations, fairly. In addition to experience, I have both the temperament and perspective to become a successful judge, and, if elected, I will continue to fairly interpret the laws of Ohio and will strive to protect all citizens of Franklin County.
Age 57
Education J.D., Capital University Law School; B.S., The Ohio State University.
Experience 19 years experience as an attorney, mostly as a prosecuting attorney; currently serving as Senior Prosecutor at the Columbus City Attorney’s Office. 28 years experience as a police officer. 9 years experience in the United States Army.
Family Wife, Kathy; Daughter, Molly; Son, Monde; Mother, Harriette.
Religion Lutheran.
Campaign email
I am a committed public servant with nineteen years of legal experience.

After graduating from Northland High School, I enlisted in the United States Army Reserve and entered the Military Police School. Nine years later, I became a police officer for Upper Arlington Police Department. I quickly received a promotion to sergeant and enjoyed supervisory and training roles.

After attending The Ohio State University, I enrolled in Capital University Law School in Columbus. I became a prosecuting attorney for municipalities throughout central Ohio while maintaining my role as a sergeant with Upper Arlington Police. Currently, I serve as a Senior Prosecutor for the Columbus City Attorney's Office, where I prosecute cases in Franklin County Municipal Court. I also mentor and train younger prosecutors, and serve as the coach of the mock trial team at Northland High School.

I live in Upper Arlington with my wife and son. My daughter married and recently gave birth to my first grandson.
My judicial philosophy is simple: be fair and impartial with the public and attorneys coming before me. I believe a judge should listen to all sides of an issue, hear from all parties, and make a well-reasoned and prudent decision.
I have dedicated my life to public service: as a veteran, police officer, and prosecutor. My experience and knowledge are unmatched. Further, there a few attorneys with as much experience in Franklin County Municipal Court as me. Therefore, I believe that my experience, fairness, and passion for public service make me the best candidate to serve as a judge for Franklin County Municipal Court. I respectfully request your vote.
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