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The race for two seats on the Madison Township Board of Trustees is shaping up to be a highly contested one, with seven candidates seeking election on Nov. 7.Only one of those seven -- Edward B. Dildine -- is an incumbent.Incumbent Victor Paini decided not to seek re-election.Others on the ballot are: Angela M. McDonald, Deborah K. Miller, John J. Pritchard, Maria Stewart, Kathleen Walsh and Sharon K. Whitten.Read more:Trustee candidates say roads, crime, finances are top issues
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    Edward B. Dildine Trustee

  • Angela M. McDonald

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    Deborah K. Miller Retired

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    John J. Pritchard Attorney

  • Maria Stewart

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    Kathleen Walsh Business Owner

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    Sharon H. Whitten Retired

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Do you believe the township is paying too much to build its third fire station, as incumbent John Kershner maintains? Why or why not?

What are the major issues you would face if elected, and what would you do about them?

Why are you the best-qualified candidate for this position?

What else would you like to say to voters?

Age 68
Education Various fire and emergency medical courses.
Experience Military, 39 as a firefighter and emergency medical technician. Trustee for Madison Township eight years.
Family Wife Mary Ann for 22 years. Two of our children live within Madison Township, proud grandparents 6 grandchildren.
Religion Methodist
We have been been going through the process of building the new station for about two years. We have looked at a variety of cost saving measures, taking into consideration the current and future needs of the community. The cost of the third station takes both of these factors into consideration. In the past, we have had to add on to both stations 181 and 182 because future needs were not taken into consideration. It is my point to avoid making the same mistake.
In a changing economic times, cost savings is very important. I will continue to keep to strive for cost-effectiveness and transparency. This is best done by keeping open lines of communications to the residents and our employees.
I have been a trustee for eight years. During my tenure as a trustee, we have seen increased staffing on the police department and the fire department. We have purchased new vehicles and equipment to provide better service to our residents. We have also broken ground on fire station 183 that the residents supported and approved. This will help improve response times and in the area to our residents. I will continue to be dedicated to the residents and will continue to strive for our community to be the best it can.
I have been very active in a variety of committees and organizations both inside and outside of the township, including the Cities of Canal Winchester and Groveport. This allows has given me the opportunity to meet many of you and hear your concerns and appreciation the. As a life-long resident, it is always my goal to make decisions that keep both the residents and employees safe, while being financially responsible. I appreciate your support in helping me continue my service as a life long member of the community.
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Age 67
Education Graduate from Central High School Graduate from Ohio State Schoolmof Cosmotofy Extended education Ohio Dominican
Experience 24 yrs as Executive Coordinator with The McGraw-Hill Companies Previous owner of several small businesses Resident of Blacklick Estates for 43 years
Family Widowed after 37 years of marriage to Robert Miller 8 children (4 from his previous marriage)
Religion Member of Fellowship Baptist Church on Noe Bixby
Yes. The cost is very close to $4m for just the building. We, the voters, voted for an EMS substation, which is needed in this area. This is what was presented at our Block Watch meeting by the Chief and what is stated in his 5 yr plan. It has grown into a full service fire station with two additional bays for fire engines, stating for future growth. However, they plan to collect statistics for a year to see if we need a fire engine and until then it will be used for storage. This is an elaborate building with a library, weight room, large kitchen, sleeping area, 4 showers, a mezzanine and a few offices, which will be used for storage for at least a year. From my experience, rarely does a project, especially one this size, come in under or at the quoted price. There are always unseen costs that come into play so this building alone could be, and most probably will be, over $4M when all is said and done.
In my opinion we have two major areas to work on, our roads and our police department. Crime is on the rise everywhere, we need to build our police force to have more presence of officers throughout Madison Township, but specifically in the unincorporated areas as the two cities sitting inside the township have their own police force and all the departments serve as backup to each other. Madison Township is vastly spread out and needs more officers on duty, all shifts to deter crime. The second major issue are our roads which are in desperate need of repair in areas such as Blacklick Estates, Edgewater Park and all the unincorporated areas of Madison Township. Repaving is needed, we cannot continue to use processes such as Duropatch to fix the problems. We must invest in our communities to give the taxpayers what they need and what they have been asking for. And lastly, I would work closely with the two cities inside our township so that all residents will benefit from shared info.
I live in an unincorporated part of the township (Blacklick Estates) and have for 43 yrs, this is my home. I attend the monthly meetings and all special meetings. I am part of the Block Watch, as well as, the Citizen Patrol. I have worked with the children and their parents of this area and surrounding areas through a youth program for 38 yrs. I have volunteered in our schools when needed. I have budgeting experience both from our small businesses, as well as, with the McGraw-Hill Companies where I helped work on budgets for all departments within 5 distribution centers. I plan to work with local businesses to offer events for the young and the elderly within our township. I am retired and now able to dedicate all my time to my township and my fellow residents, to ensure that Madison Township is a great place to raise a family as it was when our children were growing up.
We the voters, have the opportunity to make the changes we want to see but that can only be done by going to the voting polls and placing your vote. It is important that you know who you're voting for and their agenda, mine is to work hard for the taxpayers of Madison Township and make sure that our tax dollars are not wasted but put to good use for all residents to appreciate and to make sure that you and your families are safe at all times. I'm asking you to allow me to do by placing you vote on Nov. 7 for Deborah K Miller. We can make a difference together.
Age 47
Education The Capital University Law School, 2001 The Ohio State University, 1993 Canal Winchester High School, 1988
Experience Former trustee (2000-2003). Current legal practice focused on contract and fiscal law matters.
Madison Township is paying too much for its new Station 183. The voters approved a 5.25-mill operating levy to pay for fire department operations. The levy was marketed to the taxpayers as the way to help finance a new fire substation for an EMS vehicle at 3232 Noe Bixby Road. Seconds are important, and an EMS substation is needed. However, the board’s lack of understanding of the contract documents, and attention to detail during the approval process has permitted what was marketed to the voters as an EMS substation, to morph into a $3.5 million project. The new Station 183 will be over 14,000 sq. ft. with two bays, a large library, conference rooms, a work-out facility, and a kitchen facility. This type of facility was not what we voted to approve. It is wasteful, and an abuse of the taxpayer's generosity. Rarely are government projects under budget, and the $3.5 million price is surely going to be exceeded after change orders and delay claims are processed at completion.
Madison Township does not have any strategic planning, and this chaotic approach to governance is squandering YOUR tax dollars. Our township reacts rather than plans. This ad hoc approach has led to inefficient funding allocation across our departments, and denies our residents the best value for the $17.5 million in taxpayer money that the township receives for its annual budget. Secondly, the township needs to lower your property taxes and reallocate funding. I will reallocate the township’s funding and lower the property tax burden on our residents. Our residents deserve to have the best safety services, and drive on good roads. Madison Township’s spending practices lack the necessary oversight to ensure that the township is getting the best value for each dollar spent. Our residents work hard to pay taxes. I never forget when making funding decisions; it is YOUR money we are spending.
Leadership, Experience, Professionalism, Legal Background. I will bring leadership, experience, and professionalism to the board. As a practicing attorney, I have a detailed understanding of the Ohio Revised Code, specifically Title 5, which provides the foundation of township government in Ohio. My current legal practice focuses on contract and fiscal law matters, which are directly relevant and applicable to township governance, I am the only non-incumbent candidate in the race with experience as a trustee. Because of this, I can hit the ground running and immediately go to work on YOUR behalf. I promise you: 1) I will represent the interests of all areas of Madison Township (the unincorporated areas, Canal Winchester, and Groveport) with the same commitment and dedication to duty, 2) I will never lie to you or make promises I cannot keep, 3) I will not frivolously spend or waste you hard-earned tax dollars.
In November 1999, you elected me to serve as your trustee. Thank you! After our nation was attacked on 9/11, I couldn’t sit on the sidelines. I had to do something. I made the difficult decision to resign as your trustee to serve our country in the U.S. Army. I returned home to find our township facing many challenges, which require an experienced trustee with the right leadership skills, professionalism, and fiscal responsibility to hold Madison Township accountable to the taxpayers. I ask that you trust me again to represent you and put me to work on your behalf to ensure Madison Township works for YOU!
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Age 56
Education Bishop Hartley High School U.S. Army Columbus State Community College Ohio State University Extension
Experience 25+ years in the construction industry 14+ years business owner 4 years local farmer (goats)
Family Married 28 years to Mark Walsh 3 beautiful children: Danielle, April and Ryan 7 wonderful grandchildren
Religion Catholic
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I believe we are spending more than is necessary for Madison Township third fire station. Two factors contributed to overspend; design of the building and delays in the process. Unfortunately, due to the design and materials being used on this building, there will be future maintenance issues at the taxpayers' expense.
Lack of leadership! • Poor planning. Our township DOES NOT have a five year plan. The fire department does but not the township. You cannot run a successful business or government, without written obtainable goals and a plan to meet those goals. The results of no written plan; poor infrastructure; limited senior and youth options; mismanaged police department (Canal Winchester pays taxes to the department but does not want to use their services); losing economic development to Columbus; and more. • Poor management. Trustees are responsible for managing township employees. It is unacceptable to hire people into lead positions and then not manage those employees. This practice has created many issues for the township; fiscally irresponsible fire department; managerial issue of the police department; and citizen dissatisfaction with the administration, to name a few. • THE CITIZEN OF MADISON TOWNSHIP DESERVE BETTER.
Experience, Knowledge and Integrity • I have served in the US Army, own a commercial electrical contracting company and I'm a small beginning farmer. • I have 25+ years experience working on private and public work projects as a cost estimator and project manager. Skilled that have contributed to my successful work history include; communication, contract negotiation, risk management, operation analysis, cost management conflict resolution, and team management. • A few of the projects I have worked on include; Downtown Lazarus Renovation, Chambers P. Wylie VA Ambulatory Care Center, Nationwide Children's Hospital, OSU Ross Heart Hospital, and Columbus Zoo. • I would like to put these skills to work to improve our townships management, infrastructure and economic development.
Madison Townships is my past, present and future; and is very important to me and my family. I’ve had the pleasure of raising my children in the same farm-house my Grandma & Grandpa Otto raised their two daughters. I am the candidate who has experience team leading private and public works projects, owns a successful small business, is a local farmer and has a lifelong vested interest in our community. With your support, I will work hard to fix what’s broken, improve what’s working and make sure all Madison Township’s has a successful future.
Age 71
Education Eastmoor High School Some college Postal, Executive classes U.S Congressional staff training classes Research classes
Experience 23 years postal service 2 years U.S. Congress - staff assistant 18 years administrative assistant Small business owner Organizer for local events Chaired many groups in community Lobbied Ohio General Assembly Performed audits
Family Married 53 yrs 3 children - GM grads 6 grandchildren - 1 deceased Zach & Mandi Petty - CW grads 1 great-granddaughter
Religion Christian Member - Madison Christian Church Senior JOY group
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I believe our budget is one of the most important issues we have to face.

Most of our budget goes to the Police and Fire departments. These departments have their funds allocated by the levies that are passed and the money must be used for what they were intended for. The general fund must take care of all other aspects of the township. The Public Works departments is responsible for so much. Their budget is so small but they do a great job for what they have allocated to them. Some roads have not been resurfaced for decades. I would like to see our administrator or a representative from the township encourage businesses to locate in the unincorporated parts of the township. New businesses locate within the corporation limits of Canal Winchester, Groveport, Obetz and portions of other surrounding areas. We receive no money. This would give our township more revenue. Possibly pursue the cities in our township to share a portion of their revenues received to the township
I believe my experiences in working in the federal, state, county and local businesses will help the township tremendously. I have knowledge of resources available that are not currently being accessed. I have negotiated agreements with outside contractors, set up contracts ands founded a small business. I have worked with the schools in many capacities. I have been responsible for doing research for issues that have come up in our community. I have been fiscally responsible in my position in the U.S. Congress as an administrative staff assistant seeking the lowest possible costs for our office and complying with all Office, I had to balance my account on a daily basis. In my position as an executive assistant in private company, In private business assisted in auditing records and making certain everything was recorded and accounted for correctly. Turned a hobby into a successful catering business. I have been involved in many activities involving youth and seniors.
Has lived in township over 50 yrs. Began community service at Dunloe Elem. as PTA officer & worked on just about every levy for schools, fire, police and road issues since. 1977 co-founded citizen group formed to fight unfair water increase by Ohio Utilities and successfully achieved first rate reduction granted by PUCO. 1978, lobbied Ohio General Assembly to enact legislation allowing GM schools to reopen, helped pass 13.9 mi levy keeping GM from annexation to Columbus Schools. 1979, collaborated in year long effort to recover 300 hundred badly damaged township homes caused by the breach of Blacklick Creek levee following Hurricane Frederic. 1983, a major participant in GM's side to formulate WIN-WIN Agreement. Hazel's House of Hope, GS & Brownee leader, collect signatures for SE library branch.1st After Prom, Project 80's, Groveport July 4th parade, tutored CW & Groveport elem. students, Officer in Athletic boosters, GMYA. Attend council and trustee meetings. + More activities
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