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Whitehall residents will choose among between candidates to fill the Ward 2 seat on City Council.Read more:Whitehall council race: All four city wards offer ballot choice
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    Lee Stahley Councilman Ward 2

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Do you approve of the city's recent development decisions, including plans to replace the Commons at Royal Landing apartment complex with new apartments and retail space, and to allow Heartland Bank to build its headquarters on former Whitehall Community Park land?

Do you agree with the decision to require tickets to this year's July Fourth festivities in an effort to reduce crime and turmoil during the event?

Is the city doing enough to maintain its infrastructure?

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Age 24
Education Graduate of Whitehall Yearling High School Class of 2011, currently attending Southern New Hampshire University.
Experience I have served on council for the previous two years. I have worked with fellow council members and the administration to get things done for our city.
Family There is a rich history of the Stahley family in Whitehall dating back to my Great Grandparents.
Campaign website http://Stahley4Whitehall.com
Campaign email lee.stahley@usa.com
Heartland Bank will be located on Hamilton Road, which was formerly a part of the Whitehall Community Park. I believe this will be a welcomed addition to the city. That area of the park has been so underutilized in the previous years, with this new addition we are seeing a new life for the Whitehall Community Park. The Commons at Royal Landing have been a safety issue for the city for some time. There have been hundreds of calls to our police department from that area alone. I believe the revitalization of this part of the city is welcomed and will usher in new possibilities for the city and our citizens.
I have to admit, I was skeptical at first when I heard the administrations proposal to require tickets for the Fourth of July fireworks. As the chairman of the safety committee I know of the issues that faced our police department the past years with this annual celebration. This celebration had got to the point our park began to look more of a military compound rather than a fun environment for families to enjoy fireworks. This years new change went off with out a hick-up. There were no disturbances this year. With this change, it has made the celebration safer and more enjoyable for our community members, and I know I speak for everyone when I say we are looking forward to next years Fourth of July celebration.
There is a lot of work being done on the cities infrastructure currently, however, I know my constituents and I would like to see more being done. We have issues regarding infrastructure all around the city, not just Ward 2, and they need to be addressed. I know the constituents of Ward 2 would like to see more of our streets being redone. I know we have also had an issue with water main lines the past couple of years, I would like to work with the service department to develop a plan to stay ahead of this issue.
Two years ago I was unanimously voted in by city council to be the ward 2 representative, since, I have worked hard to represent my constituents at the table. When appointed I was placed as the chairman for the safety committee, this is a position I have taken very seriously. I introduced a text-to-tip line for our citizens to relay tips to our police department, I negotiated discounted home security networks for the city, as well as hosted a women's self defense class. In the past two years we have seen our police force grow with new school resource officers, three brand new K-9 units, and new programs to help make this city safer for all. These efforts lead to my endorsement by the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge #9. With your help and support, we can KEEP the trend going, we can KEEP making improvements to our safety forces, we can KEEP making improvements to our infrastructure, and together we can KEEP moving forward!
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