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Whitehall residents will choose between two candidates to fill the Ward 4 seat on City Council.Read more:Whitehall council race: All four city wards offer ballot choice
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    Lori J. Elmore Director of Organizing, Ohio Civil Services Employees Association

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    Leslie LaCorte Payment Solutions Specialist

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Do you approve of the city's recent development decisions, including plans to replace the Commons at Royal Landing apartment complex with new apartments and retail space, and to allow Heartland Bank to build its headquarters on former Whitehall Community Park land?

Do you agree with the decision to require tickets to this year's July Fourth festivities in an effort to reduce crime and turmoil during the event?

Is the city doing enough to maintain its infrastructure?

What else would you like to say to voters?

Age 53
Education Bachelors of Arts, Business Administration from the Ohio Dominican University (ODU), Columbus, Ohio
Experience Over 30 years of Public Service and Advocacy, over 7 yrs as Senior level decision maker, Past lobbyist for Public Employees, SB5 and Souls to the Polls, Bd member for Cols Area Integrated Hlth Svcs (CAIHS), & Whitehall Zoning & Bldg Appeals
Family Husband Clinton Elmore, children Marvin, Lauren, Lena and grandson Charles Burt
Religion The Church @ North Pointe, Lutheran Synod
I believe in the recent decision to replace the apartment complex because it was the best for the neighborhood and the citizens of Whitehall. The apartment complex had become a troublesome area that was high in crime and drugs. The environment had become unsafe, and areas like that fail to attract homeowners. Whitehall is moving forward. In order for a city to remain vibrant, relevant, and alive, it is imperative that we engage in partnerships with businesses, such as, The Heartland Bank while providing incentives for existing citizens. The change will help create revenue streams of income for our city and its citizens. When people see development happening in a city, they are more apt to make that city their home because that means growth and sustainability. Whitehall is on the cutting edge. We have a lot to offer, and opportunity is here.
My husband and I have attended the Whitehall July Fourth festivities when tickets were not required, and this past year when tickets were required.

I agree with the decision to require tickets to this year’s July Fourth festivities in an effort to reduce crime and turmoil during the event. If people are attending the event with good intentions, to have a good time, watch the fireworks, and enjoy the festivities, there shouldn’t be an issue with requiring tickets. Change is inevitable and we have to be flexible enough to change for the good of the community and the residents and citizens it serves. Unfortunately, we live in a day and age that calls for us to look for alternatives so that we keep people safe. The safety of families attending the July Fourth festivities should be paramount. If it means now we have to resort to having tickets for entry, it still doesn’t preclude Whitehall citizens from enjoying themselves and having a great time!
The city of Whitehall is doing as much as possible to maintain its infrastructure by looking for other means to generating revenue so that the tax burden is not transferred to the citizens of Whitehall. When the state budget is cut, there is a detrimental impact to local communities which means there is less money for infrastructure and needed services.
I would like the voters in Whitehall to know that Opportunity is here, not only for businesses, but for homeowners, and for those looking to buy homes. Whitehall partnered with the Huntington Bank to re-launch "The MyHome" program, which provides down payment assistance for new homeowners. It’s what helped us make the decision to make this city our home. Whitehall also offers a Reinvestment program that assist existing homeowners in making improvement to their homes. We’ve benefited from this program by receiving grant money to make improvement to our home. Lastly, we prosper when we grow together as a community, We R.I.S. E. – Residents, Involvement in, Supporting, Economic growth. I’m here and I’m running for Whitehall City Council Ward 4 because I believe in this city, its vision, and I want to be a part of Moving Whitehall Forward!
Age 55
Education Whitehall Yearling HS Graduate New Horizon Excel/Access class Cross trained within by Licensed Social Worker, promoted
Experience 8 Years Whitehall City Council 25 years Customer Service Experience
Family Daughter of John and Roberta LaCorte Son; Scott (Amanda) Wright Daughter; Chelsea (Mike) Stafford 4 amazing Grandchildre
Religion Baptized Catholic – Holy Spirit Church I also enjoy services at Westphal Avenue Baptist Church
Being on City Council and being the Economic Development chairperson from 2012 to 2016, it was an exciting start in bringing new businesses and the development forward in Whitehall. It is always sad to lose a city landmark such as “Fairport Apartments “, but I do believe 100% redeveloping this area was in the best interest for our citizens and the community with the crime and safety issues we were falling deeply into. Would I like to see it embracing new families also, yes!

As far as Whitehall Community Park with the new business of Heartland Bank, I was not sure I wanted to see this happen when it first started moving forward. Now, seeing the layout of the plan, it is allowing the Park and Recreation to bring forward activities for our families to embrace quality time together with staying within our community. I am looking forward to seeing the plan come together and it being enjoyed by our citizens and others.

Whitehall 4th of July celebration has always been known as the finest around Columbus! We have much pride in our firework display and the change was difficult for many this past year, not necessarily the ticket to enter. The safety of our citizens and guest must be top priority at this event. I embraced trying something new that ensured we had a successful event for the citizens, with no injuries, including our safety services. Unless the Administration is willing to invest the money to be at Bishop Park as they did at the High School, I believe the event at our High School is in the best interest for our citizens and community.
When it comes to the infrastructure of Whitehall, I believe we do need to get pro-active in the issues of our water main breaks that are costing us major tax dollars. We had emergency funds transferred a couple weeks ago at a Council meeting in paying Columbus for repairs. Remember, we had a tax increase several years back, with one focus of it being for our infrastructural needs. There are numerous of streets that need major attention in curbs crumbling and streets that have not been repaved in too many years. I know the City depends on grants in getting projects done, but sometimes these issues need to be made priority for the curb appeal for our Citizens. No Street in Whitehall should be without drainage. As we beautify our entrance to our city, we must assure we are taking care of the inner city also.
Citizens of Whitehall; It has been a true honor to serve you for 2 terms at the Council table. I take much pride in my community and know the citizens are my top priority. I ask you remember two things when you cast your vote on November 7th; when it comes to the development of Whitehall, no matter who is your Ward 4 representative the development of Whitehall will continue to move forward. Second, we are a non-partisan Community with our voices being focused on the citizens and what is best for our community. As we continue to move Whitehall forward, I promise to be a voice that meets the needs for our families in safety, recreational programs for our children and being a vibrant community for “quality of life” for you the Citizens. Whitehall, I ask for your continued support with your vote on November 7th. Thank you.
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