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In the township of Concord, three candidates are seeking two open trustee positions.
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  • Ron Dick

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    Joe Garrett Owner Garrett Direct LLC

  • Bart Johnson Owner and President of Agri Communicators Inc

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Age 49
Education Attended Buckeye Valley and Ohio State
Experience Concord Township Trustee, 8 years
Family 3 children - Brooke, Heath, Paige
Religion Christian
Experience and a proven record. With the approval of the other board members I created 5 and 10 year budget projections for the township. These are updated every year and allow us to see the future impact of financial decisions we make today. During my time as trustee we have built a community building that is free to use for residents, purchase 3 new dump trucks, purchase a new EMS truck, purchased over 20 additional acres for our park and built a new fire house that opened this year. We have accomplished all of this without borrowing money or asking residents for more of their hard earn dollars. In fact we also REDUCED the tax millage in the township, which improves home values.

Development will be a very large issue in the next 4 years. There are State of Ohio and Federal laws that can limited some of the things trustees can do when dealing with development and as a trustee you have to understand what those things are to avoid enacting rules that will be found unconstitutional in the courts. I do believe we can work with our zoning committee to make changes to the rules in our zoning code that will lead to smarter development and enhance our township instead of devaluing it. In fact those discussions are ongoing and I believe will be adopted in the near future.
It has been an honor to serve as your Trustee. As your trustee I will continue to work to make sure your tax dollars are spent wisely. I along with the other trustees understand that we are spending other peoples money and we take that very seriously. Concord Township was ranked by the website niche as a Top Ten place to live in Ohio for 2016. I will work tirelessly to make sure Concord Township is a place we are proud to call home.
Age 52
Education BS in Agricultural Economics from The Ohio State University Graduate of Buckeye Valley
Experience 12 years serving the residents of Concord Township as a trustee
Family Married to Sheryl for over 25 years 4 children Adam 23 Eric 21 Nate 18 Jenna 16
Religion Protestant
Campaign email
After 12 years of serving Concord Township I stand on my past performance and record of being fiscally conservative. Over the Past 12 years Concord Township has built a new township hall, a new fire station, and have replaced most of our equipment including 3 new dump trucks and a new fire rescue/medic truck all while never asking for more money from township residents. Concord township is in great shape financially because of wise spending. I watch every dime we spend in the township, not because we have to but because it is the right thing to do with taxpayer money.
Growth and development is the biggest issue facing the township. We are experiencing substantial growth in the township. Over the last year this growth has exposed some areas of our zoning code that need addressed. The board of trustee have asked the zoning board to address these issues. The biggest issue will be balancing the personal property rights of land owners verses the desire of residents to curtail the rapid expansion of housing developments in the township.
Over the past 12 years every decision I have made has been made with the interest of ALL the residents of the township. My cell phone number is posted on the township website because I expect people to call me if they have a question or issue. I am always straightforward and honest with residents even if it is not the answer they want to hear. I hope my record of being fiscally conservative while also being accessible to the residents has earned their trust in voting for me this year.
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