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Voters in November will either return two veteran leaders to Orange Township’s board of trustees or add a new voice to the township’s governing body.Incumbents Rob Quigley and Debbie Taranto on Nov. 7 will seek re-election against newcomer Ryan Rivers. Voters will be able to cast ballots for two of the three candidates.Read more:Incumbents cite success; newcomer looks to join
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    Robert Quigley Orange Township Trustee

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    Ryan Rivers Insurance Agency Owner

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    Debbie Taranto Restaurant Owner/Township Trustee

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What can Orange Township do to guide development and growth? And in light of Evans Farm, in what other creative directions do you see development heading in the township?

Recently completed or in-progress road projects abound in the township, including Old State Road and Orange Road. Where are other traffic trouble spots should leaders should focus on?

What can trustees do to promote harmony among board members?

What else would you like to say to voters?

Age 44
Education M.B.A. with a focus on leadership from Franklin University, B.A. from The Ohio State University
Experience Orange Township Trustee 8 years, VP Product Strategy, Marketing Manager, Strategic Business Development and a veteran of the U.S. Army as an Military Intelligence Analyst. Extensive experience working with government and corporate entities
Family Married to my wonderful wife Stacy Quigley with two children, Aidan (15) and Alayna (12)
Religion Christian
In order to develop a new vision for the township with input from residents, we are in the process of refreshing the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, which can then be used as a guide to update our township zoning code. Over the years we have heard from the residents and we know that there are many types of development they do not want to see. It’s time for us to update the code and work with the landowners to continue to ensure that Orange Township is on the right path. I’m proud of the success we’ve been able to achieve in the healthcare realm through the additions of Children’s Hospital and Mount Carmel. Residents now have closer and quicker access to high quality healthcare facilities. Evans Farm is a concept that residents have long waited for. It’s a community destination, a place to gather and a creative project that will help define Orange Township.
As some might have seen, we are taking an aggressive approach to resurface neighborhood streets. We have a 5 year plan that is constantly updated to fix those roads that are in need of repair. It is critical that we maintain our current infrastructure. To help alleviate congestion, we have been working with the county to enhance roadways that the Township owns. I originated and we executed on enhancing the US23/Orange Road intersection. After hearing concerns voiced by my constituents, I initiated the investigation into the possibility of an underpass under the railroad on Orange Rd. While South Old State, 23, Powell Rd, and Lewis Center Rd are not under the control of the township, we continue to work closely with the County Engineers Office and ODOT to find ways to move traffic better. Additionally, we are in communication with the county about extending Home Rd, putting an overpass over the railroad, and making major improvements by adding the Big Walnut interchange to I-71.
In order to foster harmony among board members, it's critical that we treat each other with respect and maintain open and honest lines of communication. There will be many issues that come before the board where we don't all agree - and in fact, I think that a lack of across the board consensus on contentious issues is better for the citizens of Orange Township because it leads us to thoughtfully consider and debate all sides. However, even in the midst of a heated discussion, we must take the time to listen to each other and be respectful of the way in which we advocate for the position we support. Furthermore, it's important that we are honest with our colleagues and our constituents when it comes to our position on a particular issue. If our opinion changes, then it's incumbent upon us to proactively communicate that before a vote takes place. This open communication will help to develop a productive working relationship between trustees to the benefit of Orange Township.
Orange Township is a great family-oriented community and we couldn’t be prouder to call it home. Our family has been surrounded by so many extraordinary people and has made many friends here. As a father, husband, and veteran, I have a commitment to service, leadership and community. From coaching sports to volunteering time to community events, I am passionate about investing in Orange Township and keeping it the strong community we love. This community is very important to me and I’m working hard to ensure its continued growth and stability. I am proud that we’ve been able to maintain a financially stable township with exceptional safety services and amenities. As your township trustee, I strive to be as efficient as possible with your tax dollars. I will continue to work closely with resident and bring new ideas to the table. I am committed to our community and I would be honored to continue to serve as your Township Trustee.
Age 40
Education Ohio University Bachelor of Science in Communication
Experience I'm a small business owner and have been very active in economic organizations and developing partnerships within our business community. In addition I have been deeply committed in organizing community events to bring residents together.
Family My wife, Karen, and I have 2 daughters, Molly (age 9) and Maddie (age 5).
Religion Christian. My wife and I both serve as volunteers at Adventure Church.
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Orange Township can guide development and growth by being a leader in building productive relationships with its partners, e.g. the county, the state, municipalities, and adjacent townships.  A strong and strategic plan is needed for Orange that is also part of a regional plan.  This includes attention to our infrastructure and working towards a more diversified tax base.  To decrease the current tax burden on property owners more commercial revenue is needed.  Current sites are being developed, but our economic leaders must know what types of business our residents want and don’t want.  Orange Township must seek input and determine the desires and needs of our community.   We must be able to attract the businesses that we target and provide a streamlined process for them.  This includes a clean, smooth, and effective zoning process along with utility ready sites.  We are all part of a team and must work together to achieve ultimate success.
Identifying the current traffic issues is not difficult.  The focus going forward should be to recognize trouble spots well in advance.  Population growth has placed many demands on our infrastructure. We should be proactive in working with our county engineer and ODOT to insure a sound infrastructure plan and traffic plan is in place. Zoning and development approval must demand a sound plan for traffic impact and adequate funding provided by the developer. We must move from being reactive to being proactive.
I am a team player, but an independent thinker.   Harmony does not have to mean that we all have to agree with one another all of the time.  Harmony means that we act with civility and respect towards each other.  It means that we listen when someone is speaking.  It means that we are receptive to new ideas with which we eventually may or may not agree.  Harmony means that a trustee puts the common good first.

As trustees, we are a board entrusted with the responsibility of serving the residents of Orange Township.  We do not finger-point or fix blame.  We are mature, responsible adults who work together to solve problems.  We are sincere and humble and our mission is to operate openly in the spirit of being positive, not negative.  We are polite.  We serve.  We do not tear down.  We build.  We do not demand.  We seek consensus.  We guide, facilitate, assist, and, ideally, we move forward as community leaders focusing on what is always in the best interest of Orange Township.
I have lived in Orange Township for 13 years. My wife and I have 2 children, Molly and Maddie. Both of my daughters attend school in the Olentangy School District at Freedom Trail Elementary.

As the owner of an insurance agency that I started in 2010, I am a small businessman. I have served with several non-profits and associations in the area. I am a graduate of the 2017 Leadership Delaware program. In supporting the community I have spearheaded the fundraising and organizing or our 4th of July events using zero tax dollars.

I would like to work with others in a respectful and civil atmosphere to implement a strategic, strong plan for growth. By connecting with residents, I can help bring our community together. Working more closely with other communities we can further strengthen our own.

It would be my honor to represent you as your next Orange Township Trustee.
Age 50
Education Graduate of The Ohio State University with a BA in communications and a minor in English
Experience Own local business,18 years, Founder and President Orange Twp Business Assoc, Founded Orange Parade and Fireworks Community service awards, 2013, 2015 Citizens Sheriff Academy 2017 Ohio Restaurant Assoc board 6 years Township Trustee 6 yrs
Family 3 Great kids! Jacob is a grad of Devry, Noah is a senior in electrical engineering at OSU and Sophie is at FIT in NYC
Religion Christian
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Orange Township was progressive many years ago in having a Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Not all townships have this plan. It is designed to guide the future actions of a community and it presents a vision for its future. However what was important 20 years ago, may not be important today, nor even desired.Therefore the township is currently updating our Comprehensive Land Use Plan in relationship with OSU. By having resident and business input, this can help direct the future growth plans for our community and set our long term goals. Another way we are guiding direction and growth is by updating our current zoning codes. Again, what worked twenty years ago, may not be useful in this time period. In order to stay current, improve efficiency, and keep costs under control for both applicants and the Township, we are utilizing "Lean Sigma Six". Staff and members of our zoning boards are becoming certified in this course, and I look forward to seeing how it improves our efficiency.
The township is currently working on a 5 year transportation plan. It includes resurfacing many of the township roads including cul de sacs, Bale Kenyon, Highfield and Green Meadows Drive intersections, Highfield and Meadow Park Drive intersections, North Road, Orange Road, Plumb Road and Shanahan Road.This plan includes resurfacing, and minor and major road widening. While Lewis Center Road and S. Old State are county roads, the residents of Orange Township are affected by these on a daily basis. S. Old State should be completed in 2018 and Lewis Center Road should hopefully begin in 2018. Another worthwhile discussion is an interchange at Big Walnut and 71. I believe this is a key factor in relieving traffic on Polaris, S. Old State, Powell, Lewis Center, and Worthington Road to name a few. I am in support of this interchange as it affects the residents of Orange Township directly.
As a township trustee, I appreciate that everyone on the board shares a passion for our community. While we sometimes disagree, my goal is to not make it personal. I focus on the issues of the township and look for ways to foster open communication, both between the board members and throughout the community. By being honest and bringing relevant and factual information to our residents, this encourages open, friendly, and honest discussion.
We have taken many steps to make this our hometown. We have great foundations to keep our community viable, attractive, and long lasting.Most importantly are the people who live here, who support our schools and our local businesses….the people who are at the little league games, line the roads during the parade, buy the fundraiser candy for the 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. and support our school programs.I believe in being a good steward of taxpayer dollars.You work hard for your money and deserve elected officials who are willing to show up and work just as hard with your taxes. This is just one reason why I have never missed a meeting. In 6 years I have attended every single regular, special, and administrative hearing for the trustees. I take this job very seriously and respect the fact that you elected me to the office. A township is an effective form of government and saves you money. My roots are here in Orange Township and I look forward to continuing to serve you.
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