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Lancaster residents will choose between two candidates to fill the seat of President of Council.
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    David A. Uhl (Rep) Business Development/Government Relations

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What are the main three things you believe Lancaster should have to make it a good city, and what will you do to implement them?

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Age 38
Education PhD in Organizational Management and Leadership, Masters in Education, Bachelors in Religion.
Experience Current senior level executive at governmental agency, former director of local non-profits, current at-large member of city council.
Family Wife, Perla. Children, Samantha and Ethan
Campaign email
Strong legislative leadership: The council president is responsible for ensuring that legislation efficiently and effectively moves through the process. In the past, we have seen needed legislation get held up because of personal agendas and a lack of leadership. We must not allow this to happen going forward.

Strong relationship with administration: The city council president serves as a bridge between council and the administration and must have a good working relationship with city council members and with city administration. Working with each group to broker compromise and keep things moving forward is a challenge, but it is one that must be overcome.

Strong fiscal leadership: We must continue to work within our means and ensure that we continue to allocate our limited dollars where they will have the most impact. That means focusing on safety, infrastructure, and quality of life.
The opiate and drug issues that are impacting so many cities like Lancaster: We must ensure that we have a multi-faceted approach to this issue, including education, prevention, treatment, and enforcement. Funding will also require a multi-faceted approach of public and private dollars.

Burdensome and outdated legislation: There is currently legislation on the books that has not had the intended outcomes, or it is outdated, leading to results that are less than ideal. Such legislation should be repealed or replaced with common sense legislation that creates an atmosphere conducive to growth.

The stigma that elected officials in Lancaster all have their own agendas: We need to ensure that we are electing people of character who are interested in what is best for Lancaster. Public perception and trust are low due to recent events. This must be addressed and the public trust must be restored.
I understand the role of city council president and how to serve effectively in the position. The president of city council is a leader and facilitator, ensuring the efficient and effective flow of the legislative process. The city council president also serves as a bridge between city council and the administration. I have been serving in leadership positions throughout my career, including as an at-large city council member. These experiences will allow me to lead effectively as council president.
I appreciate the trust you put in me 2 years ago when I was elected an at-large council member. I humbly ask for your vote on November 7th and ask for your help as we work together to make Lancaster strong now and stronger for the future.
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