Newark City Council - Ward 6

Newark residents will choose among two candidates to fill the 6th ward seat for city council.
Choose two candidates from below to compare.
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    Seth Michael Dobbelaer (Dem) Farmer/Small Business Owner

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    Douglas Marmie (Rep) Owner, State Farm Insurance Agency

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Age 21
Religion Christianity.
Experience 12 service trips to Nicaragua, 1 service trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, life time volunteer for ARC summer camp for special needs children and adults, on sight camp director for Amesville New-England Parish Camp.
Family Youngest of 4. 2 sisters, 1 brother. Raised by my mother and father, Dan & Nancy!
YouTube Video
Twitter @seth4thesixth
Education High School.
My work ethic, commitment to Newark, and my dedication to improving lives for every resident are reasons i believe i’m the best candidate for the job!

I was raised here in Newark, as the youngest of 4 children. I began working in the construction field for my family’s small business. Working hard at a young age has given me a perspective from the eyes of a working class family, and because of that i can truly relate to the real, everyday struggles of Newark residents.

Now, as a farmer, and part owner in my family’s small business, I’m ready to put my energy, excitement, and determination to work for every single resident of Newark!
The challenge’s of our city will not be solved in one 1 year or 1 term. I believe my biggest struggle as a council member will be our continued task of making ends meet with our City budget. I am well aware that times are tight for municipalities like Newark all around the State, but we have to make sure we’re not cutting our safety forces and infrastructure short and creating a unsolvable long term problems. So my challenge then, is to be creative and relentless about ways we can streamline, re-allocate, and make our budgeting as efficient as possible. It’s also time that we start giving more back to residents of Newark. One way we can do this is by paying closer attention to care of our side streets and neighborhood roads, with repairs and snow-plowing. It sounds simple, but looking out for the people in the city is the entire purpose of being a public servant.
I would like to thank the voters of Newark for the incredible amount of support they’ve shown throughout this campaign. That type of encouragement does a lot to keep me motivated and energized. I’m asking for your vote this election!

I encourage you to come out and vote Early beginning October 11th at the Licking County Board Of Elections at 20 S 2nd Street Downtown Newark, and on Election day, November 7th at C-Tec, 150 Price Rd in Newark!

Thank you for your consideration.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out!

Email: Web: Phone: 740-706-0788
Campaign Phone (740) 366-4318
Campaign email
Age 53
Religion Roman Catholic
Experience 15+ years as a City Councilman Chairman of the Finance Committee Military Veteran 13 year business owner 14 years with Fortune 500 Company - Management Experience
Family Wife of 32 years - Kim Daughter - Madison Son - Tanner
Education MBA - Ohio Dominican University BS - Valdosta State University HS - Newark Catholic High School
I have the most experience of any council member and bring my business experience to the table to assist in providing solutions for Newark. My business experience allows me to provide financial insight to help in balancing the budget while maintaining priorities. My proven Leadership gives the citizens what they are looking for in a council representative. My life experience allows me to give insight and guidance to move Newark forward.
Balancing the budget will be difficult with all the changes that have occurred from last year’s budget. There will be a 3.5% difference in payroll from the budget passed for year 2017 and the one we will be passing in 2018. That is near a quarter of a million dollar difference. The State is mandating that they are collecting taxes for all municipalities and they do not need to distribute it for 60 days (which causes a cash flow issue). We have had 2 mild winters in a row which has resulted in minimal salt usage for our roads, but 2018 could be significantly different. Insuring paving is a priority along with our safety forces is crucial. Living within our means emphasizing safety and infrastructure. The citizens of Newark, in their vote against the increased taxes, has indicated that the city does not deserve additional funds for Streets and Safety. We need to deliver on our promise of providing excellent safety and improved roads. Our safety forces are top notch. Our roads??
The administration asked voters for increased money for paving, but they cut paving dollars in 2016 to balance the budget. I fought to keep paving in the budget in 2016 and lost, but in 2017 I fought and won. The voters have said we need to provide safety and infrastructure with the money they already pay by voting down the last attempt for a tax increase. I agree with them. If the city truly needs additional funds, why did they cut one of the top priorities like paving. The Safety increase of 1/2% back during the Stare administration shows us what could happen. It passed, but then they cut Capital improvements for the safety forces, thus just increasing revenue for other than safety forces. It was changed when Mayor Bain and a republican majority was voted in. The same thing occurred when the increase in license place permissive tax was implemented. It did not increase paving. I can see through these things for voters and HELP them.
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