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Marysville residents will choose among five candidates to fill three at-large seats on the Marysville City Council.
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    Henk Berbee Business Owner

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    Donald Boerger

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    Jermaine C. Ferguson Business Owner

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    J.R. Rausch Marysville City Council

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    Mark Reams Marysville City Council

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Age 68
Experience City council Member At Large since 2010 Serving on City Finance Committee Small Business Owner since 1974 Member of Marysville Exempted School Finance Committee Memorial Hospital Foundation Board Member 32 year member of Marysville Kiwanis
Family My wife Marianne and I have two children Marjolein (Dave Dzmura) and Bob (Mattie) and two granddaughters
I am a proud Marysville resident who wants the best for our community. My eight years of experience on city council has helped to move the city forward. As a semi-retired business owner I can dedicate time and talent to our community. As our community continues to grow I strive to make it the best place for my children and grand children to live.
Public Safety: We need to maintain strong Police, Fire and EMS services not only do they need to be properly staffed but also the resources to keep citizens safe.

Debt Management: Over the past years, Marysville has seriously reduced its debt obligation and improved its bond rating. I would like to continue to work down the debt.

Infrastructure: Marysville Division of Streets is responsible for almost 100 miles of streets, alleys etc. Life expectancy for streets ranges from 20 to 25 years, we need to maintain an aggressive resurfacing program to keep up with the maintenance of the Marysville streets as the community continues to grow.

Parks and Recreation: Ensure the growth of the parks and trails system keeps pace with the needs of the community, but does not outpace the financial or organizational resources of the city.

It has been an honor to be elected for two terms and I look forward to earning your trust for a third term.
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Age 28
Religion Christian
Experience Graduate of The Ohio State University, Marysville Planning Commission member, Uptown Historic Assets Chair for Team Marysville, Marysville Tour Guide, Event Planner & Speaker, Historical Marker Committee
Family I have great parents, Deborah and Donald Boerger, and two beautiful sisters, Emily and Nora Boerger.
Education I am a proud graduate of The Ohio State University. I received a degree in City and Regional Planning.
My family has roots in Marysville, and I am a local high school graduate. I have been serving the Marysville community since the age of twelve, when I first appeared at a City Council meeting. That experience triggered my passion for community development. I have volunteered in this community for years, and I went to school for City Planning with the intention of coming back to Marysville to help our community grow and develop.

I believe Marysville is only as strong as our residents. I am determined to give everyone a voice by providing the resources needed to become publicly engaged in policy. I have been advocating for this community for years; it is time to give the residents of Marysville an opportunity to get to know me, and how I can be an asset for the people.
I believe the biggest task of being a public servant is getting people engaged. We cannot move forward until we are all more informed, and willing to participate in improving our quality of life. One of my greatest passions is saving Marysville's identity. Our identity is our historical buildings, our churches, our scenery, our farmland...these are the attributes that make us unique. We need to stand firm so that this identity is not lost, but only enhanced.

Another issue of great concern is the partnership between City Council, the School Board, and the Police Department. It is time we all worked as a team to protect our youth and give them the resources they need to become good citizens.

The third issue I would like to address is property values. Economically, we need to focus on where we are going in the future by protecting our property values, investing in our schools, and focusing on employment growth. We want people to live and work in our community.
As your representative, I will passionately stand for providing a secure quality of life to all residents, while providing meaningful and sustainable planning for our community, and bring attention to Marysville's heritage. I want to protect the small town feel that is so special to Marysville. I am a leader with conviction and integrity. I cannot promise I will be able to change public policy, but I can promise I will advocate and take time to speak to residents, and encourage them to be involved on boards and commissions. I am running to show others that one person really can make a difference. My name is Donald Boerger, and I am asking for your trust.
Age 27
Religion Christian
Experience Served 4 years in the United Marine Corps, Court Appointed Special Advocate for Union County, Created initiatives to mentor and empower foster youth, National Foster Youth Institute Leader Corps member
Family My wife Anita and I have 2 children named Judah (1 year old ) and Julianna (1 month old).
I am a family oriented man with hard working values. My heart is set on serving God, my family, and the people of my community. I am committed to serving my community by being a genuine listener, an advocate for the family unit, and by working with the members of city council, city staff, and community leaders to ensure a bright and prosperous future.
Commuter tax reform! Families who work outside of city limits pay more in taxes than their counterparts. I will work with the cities finance committee to find the best way to lessen this tax burden without causing harm to our city revenue. Also, I will submit a proposal that will educate our residents about the commuter tax so that it will not be a surprise tax bill at the end of the year.

The result of local elections bring the most impact to our day-to-day lives. Our city council must represent who we are as a people. We are honest, hardworking, compassionate, loving, and filled with pride for our community and country. Together we will work out issues that are important to us. Together we will continue to build a community where our families can thrive!
Campaign Phone (937) 645-9094
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Age 53
Religion Lutheran
Experience I have been on City Council for 6 years, serving as President of Council/Mayor for the last 2 years.
Family Wife of 30 years, Ann 2 grown daughters, Ashley & Emily Son-in-law Ryan and 2 year old grandson, Nathan
Education Marysville High School, 1982 Ohio University, Bachelor's of Business Administrations, 1987
I have served on Marysvile City Council for six years, the last two years as President of Council/Mayor. I am a 1982 Marysville High School graduate and received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree from Ohio University in 1987, where I majored in Finance. I worked in the banking industry for the first seven years of my career and have spent the last 23 years in the health and life insurance industry, both as an agent and as an insurance company representative. I have always been active in the community holding leadership roles in many different organizations over the last 30 years. I believe my past service on Marysville City Council, proven leadership, work experience, education, and community involvement makes me uniquely qualified to be re-elected to City Council.
The majority of our challenges are related to the commercial and residential growth we are experiencing. This is a pivotal time for the future of Marysville and the decisions that are made now will have a profound impact on our city, both visually and economically, for generations to come. Some of our deliberations will include land use, zoning, infrastructure, utilities, public safety, economic and work force development. We also need to enhance the vitality of our uptown and improve our park and trail system. We implemented a strategic plan two years ago that addresses these issues and many other items. We need to continue to monitor the implementation of this plan and make modifications as necessary in order to manage future growth.
I am a third generation Marysville resident that is passionate about serving our community and believe this is an excellent place to live, work, and raise a family. I have been married to my wife Ann, teacher at Creekview Intermediate School, for 30 years. We have two grown daughters, Ashley and Emily, a son-in-law Ryan, a 2 year old grandson Nathan, and another grandchild on the way in January. I am proud of the accomplishments we have achieved on Council in the last six years, but there is still more work to be done. I would appreciate your vote on November 7th so that I can continue my service..
Campaign Phone (937) 594-3257
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Age 52
Religion Catholic
Experience Marysville City Council, Marysville Planning Commission, Marysville Parks & Recreation Commission, Marysville Finance Committee, Experience in Industrial Engineering & Safety with manufacturing companies.
Family My wife Leslie and I have two sons -- Chet and Quentin.
Education Master's Degree and Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering.
Marysville is a great place for families and businesses. It’s my goal to keep it that way. In my time on City Council, I’ve worked to do that with proper planning for growth and conservative fiscal policy. As a former chairman of the Marysville Planning Commission, I have the experience to manage our growth to ensure that it's done right. Our growth must pay for itself and not become a burden on the existing residents.

I chaired the Marysville Public Safety Committee, and I am proud of the progress we have made in this area. We have greatly enhanced public safety with the addition of a much-needed fire station and increased police staffing. Financially, I have worked to improve our city's bottom line by managing our budget and keeping it balanced. We have grown our economic base and made many improvements to our parks. All of this has been accomplished while reducing our debt. We must continue our progress.
Job growth must remain a priority so that Marysville can remain a great place to work and live. We began work this year on our 33 Innovation Business Park. I will work to finish this project so that we can bring good jobs to the city.

This year, we surveyed residents and held meetings to gain input for our parks needs. From that, we created our Parks Master Plan. That plan cannot gather dust. We must follow through to complete these projects to provide recreational opportunities for our youth and adults. I will work with our Parks & Recreation Commission to turn the Master Plan into an action plan.

I am proud of the progress that we have made in street maintenance. We must start preparing for the next phase however – solving traffic problems, not just repaving streets. Projects such as the Route 33 interchange with State Route 31 will require strong partnership with the State. This is a priority for the residents of Marysville and for me.
I believe it’s important to give back to the community and this is a big reason why Marysville is such a great place to live. I appreciate seeing so many people involved in different organizations, giving their time and talent to make our community stronger. That is why I have worked with Habitat for Humanity to build affordable housing in Marysville. My wife and I also volunteer with the Humane Society to provide foster care for animals with special needs. Working together, we can all build a stronger community.

It has been an honor to serve you on City Council, and I would appreciate your continued support.
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