Issue 1: Ohio Crime Victims Bill of Rights (Marsy's Law)

The proposed amendment would expand the rights of victims under the current Section 10a and require that the rights of victims be protected as vigorously as the rights of the accused. More specifically, for the purpose of ensuring due process, respect, fairness, and justice for crime victims and their families in the criminal and juvenile justice systems, the amendment would provide victims with:• the right to privacy and to be treated with respect, fairness, and dignity; • the right to information about the rights and services available to crime victims; • the right to notification in a timely manner of all proceedings in the case; • the right to be present and heard at all court proceedings, including the right to petition the court to protect the victim’s rights; • the right to a prompt conclusion of the case; • to refuse discovery requests made by the accused, except as authorized by Article I,Section 10 of the Ohio constitution; • the right to reasonable protection from the accused; • the right to notice of the release or escape of the accused; and • the right to restitution.The proposed amendment would not establish a cause of action for damages or compensation against the state or any political subdivision.Read moreIssue 1, Ohio crime-victims amendment, has its criticsLaw enforcement officials endorse Marsy’s Law
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