Issue 2: Ohio Drug Price Relief Act

Ohio’s Issue 2, known as the Drug Price Relief Act, is an initiated statute. If approved by voters, it would require Medicaid — the state-run program for low-income and disabled people — and state retirement systems, state employees, prisons and other state programs to pay no more for prescription drugs than is paid by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which receives a discount of at least 24 percent. It is estimated that the requirement would affect about 4 million Ohioans, including 164,000 children, and proponents say it would save taxpayers between $164 million and $536 million annually. Opponents vigorously dispute the savings estimates. Read more:Outside experts assess Ohio’s ballot issue on prescription-drug pricesIssue 2 savings ‘plausible, but uncertain,’ new state analysis findsConfused about Issue 2? You're not aloneDispatch's position on Issue 2
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