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What changes, if any, would you favor to the U.S. tax code? How would you build a coalition to enact those reforms?

Medicare’s finances still face serious problems, and the reckoning date is getting closer. What should Congress do to solidify the system’s funding?

Beyond Medicare, what changes would you recommend as a way to deal with the federal debt? Please be specific about the programs you would like to cut, reform or eliminate.

What approach should the U.S. take toward Afghanistan going forward?

What foreign policy challenge do you see as the next big international issue? And how would you recommend the U.S. deal with it?

Should Congress take a piecemeal or comprehensive approach to overhauling immigration laws? What is your solution to address the flood of unaccompanied Central American minors who came across the border this summer?

Should the Affordable Care Act be repealed? If so, what would you put in its place? If not, how would you improve it?

Congress has tried but never succeeded in reforming the No Child Left Behind Act. What would you like Washington to do with this bipartisan law?

What role should the federal government play in promoting alternative sources of energy?

Do you favor regulations to control carbon emissions? If so, what kind of regulations? If not, what approach would you favor?

What role should the federal government play in promoting alternative sources of energy?

City/Town Ennis, Texas 75119
Age 68
Campaign Phone Number (972) 875-8688
Fax Number 972.875.8777
Email Address
30+ years
US Representative
BS Texas A&M 1972 Industrial Engineering MS Purdue University 1973 Industrial Administration
I currently serve as the Chairman Emeritus on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. I continue to lead the fight against ObamaCare, work toward a balanced budget, advance a rational energy policy that lowers costs for consumers, and promote legislation that will protect the private information of online consumers.
White House Fellow 1981-1982
< 1,000,000
Federal law sets a maximum limit for contributions. More than three contributors to my campaign are at this level, and lists of all contributors are available through the Federal Election Commission and other public websites.
While I was Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee I was known for bipartisan, results oriented leadership.

We were able to pass the Energy Policy Act of 2005 - legislation that promotes high supply, low demand, consumer-friendly prices, while ensuring environmental protection. It is the last national energy policy that was signed into law.

I also led an effort which resulted in the reform of the National Institutes of Health and the Federal Drug Administration. I remain committed to improving the way medical research is conducted at the federal level and ensuring adequate funding is provided.

I serve as head of the Congressional Task Force on Biomedical Research and Innovation, which is a bipartisan group of senior Members from the House Committees on Energy and Commerce and Appropriations. We are committed to finding ways to improve and enhance the productivity of biomedical research and innovation leading to better treatment options for patients in the United States. Any recommendations the Task Force develops will be forwarded to the Majority and Minority Leaders’ offices and the Chairmen and Ranking Members of the Energy and Commerce and Appropriations Committees.

I am also founding co-chairman of the Congressional Privacy Caucus, and continue to work to preserve the financial and medical privacy of Americans and have promoted safety and privacy in the ever-expanding Internet universe and government surveillance.
Senator Phil Gramm (TX) is a personal friend who was able to explain complex issues in simple terms; Speaker Newt Gingrich (GA) could inspire others to do more than they themselves thought they could do and Speaker Sam Rayburn (TX) was known for his personal integrity and ability to work across partisan lines.
I don’t think my work is done. The decisions made in Congress over the next few years will have a profound effect on the future of the country. I think I have the conservative credentials and the leadership ability to make sure the views of the people in the 6th District are properly represented in Washington.
I’m a consistent conservative voice for Texas and the Nation in Congress. I have a proven record of achievement and responsible representation for the district. I have called the 6th District home nearly my entire adult life. I understand the values of the people who live here and we share many of the same core conservative beliefs.

I’ve been a leader on free market based health care reform and energy policy. As Chairman and now senior member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, I turned my conservative ideals into legislation, while at the same time building bipartisan support.

My lifetime voting record is over 90% on all conservative scorecards and my commitment to hands-on, face to face constituent service is unquestioned.
The Speaker has the very difficult job of leading a conservative Republican majority in the House, while the Senate and the Presidency are in the hands of liberal Democrats. I always encourage the Speaker take and maintain a conservative position in negotiations with Senate leaders and President Obama.
I’m open to changing the way we do business. I would consider a flat tax or the elimination of the income tax in exchange for a consumption tax.

However, if we keep the current system - a personal income tax with itemization - then I would support a home mortgage interest deduction and charitable deductions. When we repeal and replace ObamaCare, I would support some sort of deduction for health care costs.

We need to keep American companies from going overseas by creating a fairer, business friendly tax policy. To achieve that goal I want to reduce to corporate tax rate, which is one of the highest in the world, and lower the capital gains rate. In fact, I would set the capital gains rate at zero for two years - just so we can get the economy going.
It isn’t “should” we; we “have” to reform Medicare. It is in worse fiscal shape than Social Security and is facing unprecedented challenges. Bureaucratic price controls and rising health care costs are not only jeopardizing seniors’ access to care, they are threatening to bankrupt the country.

I support the plan for Medicare in the Path to Prosperity budget laid out by Republicans in the House.

We need to stabilize things for current retirees and those over the age of 55 and then give younger workers more choices. They will have guaranteed coverage options, but Medicare would provide a payment to subsidize the cost of the plan. Forcing plans to compete with each other would keep prices low and affordable. We need reform that empowers individuals.
We need to implement budget caps on entitlement and discretionary spending with mandatory enforcement that results in a balanced budget in 4 years.
By far the greatest hurdle in Afghanistan is the reliability and long term viability of the civilian government, which operates much differently from our own. We cannot allow the country to once again be overrun by the Taliban or savage groups like ISIS and be a safe haven for terrorists.
I don’t think it is going to be a new one, I think it is going to be an evolution of where we are today.

We need to demand total transparency on the investigation into the terrorist attack in Benghazi and then implement reforms to prevent a repeat. However, I believe the tension in the Middle East and North Africa between freedom and totalitarianism is going to continue.

The Chinese are going to become more belligerent as their economic power grows. The Indians are going to exert themselves as their economy expands. The Europeans are going to try to maintain the status quo to protect the influence they have that is really not based on their military or economic strength anymore.

If we want to be a determining voice in foreign policy 10 years from now – whatever the issue is – we have to get our financial house or it will erode our international influence.
I have always been a supporter of legal entry into the United States. Our country was founded on opportunity and freedom. Providing people from across the world an opportunity to legally become hard-working American citizens is a fundamental principle of our great nation.

In my mind, what needs reforming is the federal government's attitude toward enforcement of our current immigration laws and securing the border. I believe it is in our nation's best interest to have a reasonable immigration policy that allows us to know who is entering our country and why they are here. I would increase enforcement at the border and make sure we are doing everything possible to stop illegal immigrants, illegal drugs, and terrorists from coming into the country. I have released a draft of a comprehensive immigration bill that I hope will advance the conversation about this issue.

I have visited the border and it was eye opening. The crisis is real, but it is also fixable.

In the McAllen area alone they have apprehended illegal immigrants from 143 different countries. Federal Customs and Border agents, as well as state and local law enforcement agencies, are working hard, but it was clear there are things Washington can do to help.

I was able to ride with agents as they patrolled the Rio Grande and see the conditions they face on a daily basis. I also visited the Hidalgo International Bridge, and then toured a processing center and a detainment center in McAllen. I witnessed the kids being cared for compassionately and I was encouraged after being told the number of unaccompanied minors crossing the border is decreasing.

However, after speaking with officials it was blatantly clear that loopholes in our nation’s immigration laws are still being abused and our surveillance capabilities are being stretched thin. Agents need better equipment to keep an eye on our vast Southern Border.

I think the legislation passed by the House recently will help on these fronts. It will pay for the deployment of the Texas National Guard and authorities told me their help is necessary and appreciated. The bill will also stop the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (known as DACA) program and change the 2008 law so that illegal immigrants from Central America are treated no different than those from Mexico and Canada. The goal should be to reunite unaccompanied minors with their loved ones back home as quickly and safely as possible.
Yes and I have backed up that belief by voting dozens of different times to repeal all or part of this disastrous law.

The mandates in ObamaCare need to be replaced with market based solutions. Needed reforms include expanding health savings accounts, allowing people to purchase health insurance across state lines, expanding state high-risk pools so that people with pre-existing conditions get the coverage they deserve, and much needed medical liability reform (something that is already helping Texans). One of the primary goals of my plan will be to lower health care cost for all Americans.

I don’t want to move toward a government operated single payer system and that is what ObamaCare does over time. It destroys the private insurance market.

The reforms I support take the power away from bureaucrats in Washington and put it back in the people’s hands.

I am an original co-sponsor of the American Health Care Reform Act (HR 3121), which I believe would accomplish many of the goals I stated above.
I don’t think we have seen any added value from No Child Left behind. I just see increased federal bureaucracy.

It was a noble experiment and I voted for it, but I don’t see a need to reauthorize No Child Left Behind. I think education is a state and local issue. The federal government should provide financial assistance to school districts when necessary, but I believe communities should run their own public education system. Diversity is a good thing in education so I also strongly support home schooling and private schools.
It should fund basic research, but the commercialization of new technology should be left to the private sector.
CO2 is a greenhouse gas, but it is not a pollutant. Therefore, I do not support government regulation of carbon emissions.
It should fund basic research, but the commercialization of new technology should be left to the private sector.
City/Town Mansfield, Texas
Campaign Phone Number (682) 553-1053
Email Address
15 years
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
3 years college
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
U.S. House of Representatives district 6 in Texas in 2012
Not enough
The Dallas Morning News did not receive a response from the candidate prior to the deadline.
Never declared bankruptcy.
Worked in oil field construction and maintenance for over 5 years leading the construction effort on several large, international refinery and power plant projects. Took over construction effort on a large NGL project in JuAymah, Saudi Arabia that was over budget and one year behind schedule. This critical part of a $4 billion plant was completed under my leadership in 10 months and in line with the revised budget.
Harry Truman. He was the most honest politician we've had since the start of the 19th century, in my opinion. He had the courage of his convictions, believed in America and left office nearly broke.
I believe the incumbent has been in office too long. His major claim to fame is the Energy Act of 2005 which, among other things, paved the way for making 40 and 75 watt light bulbs illegal and handing over $5 billion to Ford Motor Company to produce tooling for 13 models of so called fuel efficient cars for which there is a struggling market.

The incumbent, Mr. Barton, has been in office for nearly 30 years.
I'm not a career politician, I have over 30 years of international management experience, mostly in the Middle East. I am a Vietnam era veteran, having served in the U.S. Air Force and honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant in 1972.

I believe our government is out of control and needs to have a major turnover in Congress to accomplish tax reform, immigration reform and regain our respect as a world power.

In addition, if elected, I will donate 50% of my annual congressional salary to charities in the 6th Texas district to benefit citizens in need. This will begin with my first paycheck!
On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the high mark, I would rate him firmly as a negative 5.
A complete overhaul of the tax system with a flat tax on all entities. Reducing the power and number of employees in the IRS and Treasury Department, streamlining the tax collection system and reining in the Federal Reserve. In the 101 years since the creation of the FED, there have been 30 recessions and 2 depressions, none of which they have been able to predict or prevent.
The government should never have gotten involved in healthcare. Billions of dollars go into the system and 25 to 30% disappears through the government filter before it actually pays for patients. This needs an apolitical group to study the problem, eliminate duplication and waste and install professional managers to run the programs who are not politically motivated.
Cut or eliminate foreign aid. Reduce the size and influence of the EPA, Dept of Education, Treasury, Federal Reserve, Department of Homeland Security, which has become a standing joke and HHS.

The State Department and other entities have no clue that Islam is both a religion and a political system. Trying to force democracy on countries that are predominately Muslim is an exercise in futility. Having spent over 30 years living and working in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait, I have first hand knowledge of the religion and mindset. Historically, Afghanistan has been a feudal, non-industrial state with numerous tribes separated by ethnic identity, language and religious philosophy. They have a high rate of illiteracy and no industrial base.

They have a system called "loya jirgha" of tribal councils that should be given a chance to work. Tribal leaders should be allowed to hammer out whatever system of government works for them. They have a history going back to Alexander the Great that, rightly or wrongly in the eyes of westerners, seemed to work for them. The reasons we took military action was due to foreign terrorists taking over an in place government we disagreed with over ideology.
The ISIS terrorist state is the big international issue. They have taken over Syria and most of Iraq. Anyone who has any knowledge of the history of the Middle East should be deeply concerned that a new Caliphate might actually come to power in the entire region.

We have had strong alliances with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates for decades. They need to be telling us what their concerns are and how we may be able to stem this tsunami of terrorism without the perception of a 21st Century Crusade.

The Europeans, notably Pope Urban II in 1099 started the mess in which we are currently involved. Anyone who thinks this is a new problem is ill informed. We need to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Israel's continued struggle with Hamas is also a major area that needs to be addressed. If the U.S. continues to ignore Israel's plight, we may see ISIS moving in to carry out Iran's threat to destroy that nation.
The real problem is that no administration since Eisenhower was president has effectually enforced our immigration laws. They have been selectively enforced or not enforced at all. The current tsunami of immigrants arriving, apparently have expectations that they will receive some sort of amnesty and be allowed to stay and work in the United States and bring other family members here under the so called "chain migration" policies. The U.S. allows more legal immigrants and refugees into this country than any other in the world.

Our government must address this issue with countries like Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala that are slowly being depopulated by cutting foreign aid to corrupt governments in Central America and diverting it to direct humanitarian aid in a similar manner to that being carried out in Iraq for the Yazidis. Pressure on these governments to assist in stemming the tide would be a good start.

Personally, I cannot imagine a set of circumstances that would cause a parent to put a child on top of a freight train to travel 1200 miles without food, water, money or meaningful adult supervision to another country. It seems that these parents have more regard for their own chain migration as a result of the children getting here than they do for their own offspring. The message needs to be sent that parents who have so little concern for minor children would not be allowed to immigrate, legally or otherwise.

We have 47 million U.S. citizens either on food stamps, unemployed or living in poverty that should come first.
Yes, the ACA should be repealed. Our healthcare system has been mess since the 1960's when Medicare and Medicaid were first implemented. I do not think that the government should be involved in writing or implementing healthcare rules or legislation.

The current situation in VA hospitals, along with the disastrous roll out of the ACA should be a clear signal as to what a mess government run healthcare would be. A group of apolitical citizens and healthcare professionals would be a better choice to suggest changes to our healthcare system that would be beneficial, well managed, cost effective and caring.

The entire notion that Congress had to pass the ACA without reading it is obscene.
There is too much duplication of effort and wasted tax dollars with Head Start, No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, Common Core, etc. No new programs should be started without a complete review of existing programs to ensure no we're not overlapping and wasting resources.
None. Free market should guide alternative sources of energy.
Yes, however killing the coal industry and mandating that all cars and light trucks will get 55 MPG by a certain date is not the answer.

There is century old technology that allows the direct use of coal gas in gas turbine engines without taking the coal out of the ground. We have operational power plants in the U.S. that have been producing cleaner energy than direct coal burning plants for over 40 years.

South Africa has produced gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and lubricating oil from coal for over 70 years. The U.S. has more coal than the entire Middle East has in oil reserves. The intelligent, non-political use of our own energy resources can result in energy independence. There are too many special interest groups lobbying Congress instead of taking the longer view of what is actually beneficial for America for the next years and beyond.
None. We need the free market to develop all forms of energy.
City/Town Arlington
Age 70
Campaign Phone Number (817) 909-2360
I have lived at 4104 Coronet Lane for 32 years. I am not sure when my house became in the 6th District, probably 20 or 30 years ago.
Social Security. I am paid by the same people as my opponent, the US Treasury.
BA in Physics and Math BS in Computer Science with minor in Accounting Working on MS in Computer Science when GI bill ran out Certification as high school math teacher Certification as online stock broker - Series 7 & 63 licenses bunch of software engineering stuff related to jobs.
Started a non-profit corporation to promote the production of solar energy for electric transportation systems for all levels of society. Currently working on engineering plans to generate enough solar electricity to power the City of Arlington and all of the oil to electric converted cars and trucks in Arlington. The next step is to provide the same electric power to the Metroplex including Ellis and Navarro Counties. One level of electric transportation would be a public transportation for the middle class, working poor, disabled, and the elderly. This system would be self funding and self operating. It would not require tax supported subsidies unless capital funding sources cannot keep up with the need to build the system faster.
Worked in the Optimist Club of Arlington programs. Chairman of Junior Olympics (Not Special Olympics) for 4 years. Grade Administrator, Commissioner, Head and Assistant Coach in the Peewee Football Project for 19 years.
Ran for US Congress TX 6 in 2010 Ran for US Congress TX 33 in 2012
The Campaign Treasurer reports $6,151.59 barring any last minute contributions.
Naren Jackson, Don Jaqess, and Fedrick Steven
No. Could not have passed the FBI background check for being a high school teacher if I had.
I was the project leader that put paging, text messaging, and voice mail on a cell phone for the first time and deplored in six major markets around the world. The project had two software Motorola teams, Fort Worth and Arlington Heights in Illinois. There was an associated RF team in Arlington Heights. It had two vendor teams; software in Lincoln NE. and firmware/hardware in New Jersey. My job was to integrate the teams, the technology represented by each team into a totally new product that was supposedly not possible on an analog RF cellular system. The team built the prototype in 5 months. I demonstrated the working prototype to a CTIA conference in New Orleans one month later. Then we installed a pre-production system in Las Vegas 4 months later. After the successful install and operation in Las Vegas, we went world wide. We were told that our successful development, test, and deployment of a new product line saved the Cellular Infrastructure Sector from the scrap pile.
I admire President Obama the most of current political leaders. It is my form belief that he will be ranked up there with Lincoln. Why, he has had to fight another Civil War with all US Constitutional rights and constraints intact and functional. I don't have to listen to his speeches because he and I think the same way on policy. The biggest difference between him and I is that he is a whole lot nicer than I am. Obama is more like a matador with the Tea Party bull. I would be like a muleskinner with a 2x4.
It is best summed up in my diary on Daily Kos called "Has Big Oil Already Killed Us All?" , This diary is trying to inform people that we are running at full speed to an Energy Crisis of the first order. President Obama knows it, but I don't think his people have told him how close the light in the tunnel is. It is not a steam locomotive that tells you by the noise it is making how close it is. It is an electric locomotive that tells how close it is when you feel the pressure wave just before it hits you.

As President of Keep America Moving, I have been researching the problem and the solutions. But these solutions are being blocked by politics at the local, regional, and state levels. I figure that if I can get to the federal level and win that political fight, then we might have a chance to change the outcome.

In the end, I am running so I can see my grandchildren graduate from high school and college. If I win, I believe that I can bend the will of Congress to releasing the potential of this country to save itself from the idiocy of the radical fringes.
My opponent has been captured by those who are taking us over the energy cliff. I have the vision, knowledge, and skills to see the cliff and avoid it. My opponent does not know it is there and if he did would not have a clue about what to do to avoid it.

On another level , my opponent's embrace of austerity and brinkmanship of default has scared every rational person in the District. I will denounce austerity until we need it to break the next bubble of Wall Street. I will bring home the "bacon" to rebuild the middle class by jump starting the economy of prosperity for the middle class and the working poor. Bring the tax code in line with building a prosperous economy. Kill the policies of trickle down economics.

I would change the corporate tax code to a top rate of 27% but eliminate all tax breaks, exemptions, carve outs, etc.
I rate the Speaker as very poor in leadership. He has let the radical right gain control of the US House with the slavish adherence to the modified Hastert Rule. The Speaker is so afraid of 38 Tea Party people that he has been willing to put at risk the nation and possibly the entire world. I, personally, don't know of a worst Speaker than John Boehner.
That is a very big and complex question. I don't know if I have the time or space to answer it completely.

Personal income taxes: I would handle capital gains the same as personal taxes minus 10%. I think to get rid of a number of special tax breaks for Wall Street, such as carried interest. Also, any money leaving the US by citizens or non-citizens would be taxed at the highest rate possible, for example 50%. I would not allow any kind of tax haven or secret accounts to exist anywhere in the world. Those are my starting points.

BTW, a growing number of 1% or the 1% are realizing the current tax code that is creating all this income inequality and wealth inequality is hollowing out the economic power of this nation. They are realizing the economic policies starting with the Reagan administration has weaken our economy, our military defense capability, and the very structure of our society.

Corporate income taxes: As long as the US is the world's policeman/guardian, everyone including corporations should be paying for those services. Whether that is in the form of taxes or invoices for services rendered, if you do business in the US, US territories, or states under US protection, you pay. This nation cannot afford to be the unpaid world babysitter. This means in the short run no more tax inversions, tax havens, etc. In the same vein, talk about territorial tax system is ludicrous and irrational. All it is, is another tax dodge/evasion.

The only coalition possible is a majority of real Democrats, not Blue Democrats, etc. You can't build coalitions with someone who is trying to cut off your head as the starting conditions. If somehow, the Republicans maintain control of the House, a coalition is only possible if the new Speaker gets rid of the modified Hastert Rule.
The problem is we pay too much for healthcare and get too little in results. Medicare suffers from the same financial problems as non-Medicare does. Fix the healthcare system and Medicare's financial situation is fixed, also.

First, get rid of the fee for services method of accounting for healthcare in general. Second, institute all of the AMA recommendations for healthcare improvements. These recommendations have reduced costs by reducing errors in surgery by using checklists, administration of drugs, increased follow up of released patients, etc. Third, it is a bad idea to reduce cost by tricks like Paul Ryan's voucher program. It would only increase the death rate of the poor and/or serious ill. It would reduce cost by reducing the number of people in the program by death and eliminating the most expensive patients from the program by reducing the healthcare resulting in quicker deaths.
First, shift taxes to where the most discretionary money is. This worked very well in the 1950s. The ideas of trickle down economics, Laffer's Curve, and massive tax cuts for the wealth have been shown to be massive failures. Second, take the increased tax revenues to pay for repairs to our current infrastructure of schools, roads, bridges, rail, water, electricity, etc. Third, take the increased tax revenues to build the new infrastructure of transportation based on electricity and energy based on renewable energy supplies. This alone can generate about 10,000,000 jobs, most of which will be medium to high paying. Fourth, stop austerity programs during a depression. Austerity is when the next bubble is in full swing. It is taking the punchbowl away and the action is getting to high.

By the way, you should ask question for Democrats, too.
We should remove every American except embassy personnel and its security unit from Afghanistan as the current plans says. We should tell the Afghanistan leadership including the Taliban that if there is any attack on the US or our allies originating from Afghanistan, we will come back and destroy the country. They seem to understand that kind of language.

Until we finish converting our own military over to renewable energy sources, we will be asking for a disaster. Each of the military services are working on getting that done as fast as possible. I just read the US Navy has a project to produce jet fuel from CO2 and water. They even had pictures of the machine and diagrams on how it works. But it is a prototype that is not ready for prime time. The Air Force is working on bio-jet-fuel. They have already flown a jet using bio-fuels.

This is the reason Obama is not willing to make a major commitment in Iraq against ISIS. We don't have enough oil to waste on another major military misadventure in Iraq, Syria, or Iran.
As the global failure of sustainable levels of oil production starts to drive the price of oil above $120 pb WTI and $130 pb Brent, food and fuel riots will become the permanent news item. Things will come to the critical tipping point as shortages of food and water starts to kill tens of millions.

The US needs to start a renewable power building program to reach the production of 1 GWh of solar power per week. The US is only producing about 2.5 GWh per year at this time. This means we have to save ourselves before we start worrying about the rest of the world. Once we get our house in order, we can then go save the rest of the world.
Comprehensive is the only way it will happen, if it happens at all. Piecemeal is simply a stalling tactic by placing an impossible task first like securing the border. Even the Berlin Wall had a 5% penetration rate.

What to do about the minors and sometimes their mothers/guardians is we obey the laws that are on the books. Congress must appropriate enough money to get the job done. Obama says the executive branch will need $3.7 billion and considering what is required it sounds about right.

Considering these kids are the survivors of one of the most dangerous and demanding journeys in recent times, I think we should keep them like we did all the people who crossed the Atlantic Ocean. We are getting the smartest, toughest, and probably the most honest people coming out of Central America. Besides, we are going to need.

I have made a number of statements on what could be improved.

First, the Public Option has to be put back in the bill.

Second, transparency must be enforced on drug prescriptions by revealing the relative effectiveness of the top five drugs for a given treatment. And then require every drug delivery service to reveal their pricing to the public for price comparison.

Third, encourage the conversion from fee for each and every item or service method to a comprehensive treatment outcome payment method.

Fourth, encourage the practice of salaried doctors and staff in doctor offices, clinics, and hospitals. Require overtime pay for staff.
Fund it properly. After my short stint as a high school math teacher, I felt the NCLBA's sole purpose was to punish teachers, schools, and destroy teachers' unions. By not funding the lower grades properly and fully and by starting testing at the 11th grade, the Act became an attack on teachers. The testing should have started with the 3rd grade and worked it way up. And the testing should have been on an individual student basis and not on a school basis.

The Act had the beginnings of a Federal minimum education standard. But the attacks by certain political powers effectively destroyed any hope this Act had in building a real public education system for the whole country.
Everything! The government at all levels should give renewable energy sources that same breaks as fossil fuels got when they first started and are still getting. If you haven't read my Daily Kos diary, "Has Big Oil Already Killed Us All", you need to in order to understand my position.

For example: If the Ebola virus managed to break into the US and was spreading like a Texas wildfire, do you shutdown or cut back on funding of the CDC? Because that is exactly what we are doing to the development of renewable energy. We are starving it to death at the behest of the Fossil Fuel industry.
I wouldn't bother to control carbon emissions. The Energy Information Administration of the US Dept of Energy, Wall Street, and academia makes a very convincing argument that oil production will peak in 2019 and begin it permanent decline. Coal and natural gas will follow suit in the 2025 to 2030 time period. By the time you pass the bill and set it up, carbon emissions will be declining because of EROEI Ratio. Read my Daily Kos diary.
This is a repeat question, see above.